Michael Savage: Biden ‘Worst’ President in My Lifetime, Administration Unrivaled in ‘Evil, Corruption’

Reflecting on the country’s last 15 presidencies, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Joe Biden, conservative radio legend Michael Savage argued that Biden is the “worst” president to lead the country during his lifetime, claiming a “criminal enterprise [is] running the country,” while highlighting the current border crisis, the recent Afghanistan withdrawal, the return to energy dependence, and the “authoritarian” COVID-19 mandate.

Detailing “the good, the bad, and the ugly” aspects of the presidents who ruled America over the last several decades, Savage weighed in on today’s issues during his latest podcast.

Having been born in 1942, when Roosevelt was president, Savage claimed “we are now living under another Democrat President called Joseph Biden, who is not really a president in any sense of the word.”

Arguing the way to objectively judge a president is by his “domestic and worldly successes and failures,” Savage explained why it was up to the individual to decide if the president met these standards.

“With a very small cadre of extreme far-left or Marxist-light so-called presidential historians as the only source to answer our question, we really have to rely upon our own observed realities,” he said.

“We can’t rely upon so-called presidential historians — they’re all part and parcel of the same machine that’s destroying this country,” he added. “They’re of the far-left variety, the socialist variety, the Marxist variety.”

For example, he noted, “almost all Americans would say they respect and love” John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.

“Is this a product of a sort of mass hypnosis? Media propaganda? Or his actualities?” he asked. “Likewise, in reverse, most knowledgeable Americans know that Jimmy Carter was an abject failure.”

“Both domestically and on the international stage, Carter was a disaster for this country,” he added.

Open Borders

According to Savage, we are currently “living with a presidency that seems to be a foreign power dominating this country rather than an actual presidency in a party of the United States of America,” especially considering this administration has “welcomed 4 million illegal aliens” from South and Central America, Africa, and the Middle East, “almost all of whom have not been vetted for terrorist ties, for diseases… nor for plain old criminal activities such as smuggling drugs.”

As a result, he added, one can conclude “that when they’re bringing in a population larger than that of some states, we have a criminal enterprise running the country.”

Though Savage admitted there have been other presidents “who were weak, like Jimmy Carter,” or “whose loyalties were questionable, such as Barack Obama,” and yet others “who may have been as corrupt as Joseph Biden,” the country has never “had a package of such evil and corruption as we currently have.”

Savage accused Biden of creating “the worst border crisis in American history.”

“He has literally melted down our border with Mexico,” he said. “Four million illegal aliens have not only come in, but have been invited in.”

“That’s larger than some states,” he added, as he pointed to the fact that many are “diseased,” “criminals,” or “drug carriers,” often appearing as “gang members.”

Noting the problem “isn’t abating,” Savage accused the media of turning US Border Patrol agents into “dummies.”

“They’re made into the enemy of America instead of the guardians of America,” he lamented.

Afghanistan Withdrawal

He called attention to Biden’s actions in Afghanistan, which he urged Americans to “never forget.”

“A shamble of a withdrawal from Afghanistan, [it is] one of the low points of his presidency and one of the lowest points of American foreign policy since the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War,” he said. “He left $175 billion of military equipment picked up by Islamic radicals.”

In addition, Savage stated, the Biden administration “assured the country that the withdrawal would be orderly and the Afghanistan government was stable upon America’s departure.”

Calling it a “massive failure of intelligence” after the Afghan government collapsed and the radical Taliban took over the country in just weeks, Savage also detailed how Biden “abandoned our Afghani partners,” and armed terrorists.

“He gave equipment to the Taliban and other Islamic radicals — American equipment — they’re now wearing American uniforms and driving around in American Humvees,” he said.

Energy Dependence

Savage also accused Biden of “taking us back to energy dependence.”

Though during the Trump presidency, the US “became a net exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years,” according to Savage, the “psychos in the Biden administration took away this strategy.”

“Instead, these sickos encourage an increase in green energy at the expense of fossil fuels and good clean nuclear energy,” he said.

“These renewable energy zealots are a long way from meeting global energy needs, and Biden put more regulatory burdens on the oil and natural gas industry slowing its production considerably,” he added.

Most importantly, Savage argued, “the nutcases in the Biden administration shut down the Keystone XL pipeline project to move oil from Canada to the United States while effectively greenlighting the financing of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to carry natural gas to Germany.”

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