Biden’s World, and How it Ends

The much hullabaloo’d launch of Artemis by NASA has been in the news.  The CNN reporter on scene prior to a soon-to-be-rescheduled launch could not get over how slowly the launch transporter traveled as it moved the giant rocket into place.  No one understands what NASA is doing, including NASA, and CNN was no help.  She just kept repeating “That’s .8 – point 8 – miles per hour!”

The rocket is called “Mega!” And the world portrayed in the 2006 movie Idiocracy is happening 500 years too soon.

Culture is reflected in politics and government – governments don’t survive if they fail in this regard – it’s why controlling and shaping the culture is Job #1 for the US government and its many agencies.  Idiocracy’s cultural presumptions and predictions have insulted and angered many who saw it for the first time over the past 16 years– and that audience was most of the shrinking middle class – not those involved in leading our great nation to the moon and beyond.

If the middle class was insulted, can you imagine the reaction of the Ivy Leaguers to the movie and its themes? The hard-working Dr. Fauci, for example, in retirement may finally get a chance to watch Idiocracy!  We can only hope he doesn’t feel the need to correct some of the details.

Perhaps we can get the Pentagon brass to host a movie party, and see if the National Security Council will do a sleepover, and watch it!  Pray they don’t see Idiocracy as a roadmap.

As I freely ridicule Ivy League conformity and arrogance, I had to be sure that I wasn’t also insulting Mike Judge, who directed Idiocracy.  Judge, who also directed/created Beavis and Butthead and Office Space, was a physics grad out of UC San Diego.  Trust the science, I always say.

This may be the dividing issue, of which we may not speak.  There are realists/science-minded people who seek to understand the natural world and the humanity in it, and there are fantasists, who imagine a world of their own making, and one that bends to their will, down to the final strand of RNA.  Biden’s spokesperson (she/her) and Biden himself (grandpa/uncle) lead the charge of the fantasists. They/them recently mislabeled the “semi-fascistsin the room.  Projection, anyone?

Corporate fascism, idiot-led fascism, and the US as a fascist state may all be discussed and debated.  Not actually, but we can still joke about it.

Like when I saw that the Solomon Islands refused (ignored really, which is even better) a US Coast Guard request to come to port, to buy fuel, like with real American dollars, y’all!  Why was the US Coast Guard floating around the South Pacific – were they lost?  After getting a fuller picture – they were looking for lawbreaking fishermen and that’s where their mission took them – the USCG Cutter Oliver Henry seemed to be playing the role of the Idiocracy john who pays the hooker in full, in advance, several times, on a vague promise of being screwed later.

The US security state – that horny pathetic punter and wannabe client – has come up with a Mike Judge worthy “response.”  It is redoubling its efforts to become [ir]relevant, and putting a new embassy in the Solomon Islands (that’ll fix it!), along with a new five year engagement plan in the Pacific.  It’s what plants crave, I’m sure.

Biden’s World is certainly watchable, but for all the wrong reasons.  Terry Crews as President Camacho played it better; now Crews is busy with “America’s Got Talent,” a phenomenon that actually works, and has a far better security and vote counting process than the one Biden presides over.

Ukraine – a place no American understands, but we do need to talk.  Try this analogy: Baha California – that northernmost Mexican state that gets a lot of US tourism, a state that considers itself the “Free and Sovereign State of Baha California.”  Sooooooooo…. if the US decided to arm and influence electoral politics in Baha, and a US-aligned government of Baha started shelling the more pro-Mexico part of the territory, and then we started talking about including Baha in a grand US border protection project (eye roll), and then Mexican government troops and probably cartel armies came in to ensure all that business was stopped – well, if all that happened, we the people might be able to determine the actual US interests and decide on an appropriate US response, right?

Even that close to home, Americans would have absolutely interest in preserving the “pure and honest” democracy in Baha, and there would be no social media flag waving.  How then may we explain the Bidenworld Ukraine devastation project?  We can only conclude one of the following:

1) Ukraine must be destroyed, evicerated, and possibly contaminated with radiation, because it holds serious evidence against the US deep state and its many actors (fraud, arms running, oil and gas back room dealings, biolab corruption, embarrassing regime change and kickbacks to US politicians and their families, etc), or;

2) The US as a functioning government and/or nation must be destroyed completely and/or engaged in a global war – before its pending financial collapse hits the news and the people realize that everything they have now, and all expectations of what they would have had in their retirement years, will be confiscated to pay off the utterly unpayable US government debt – or otherwise sacrificed when this monstrous debt is abrogated.  They/them will need martial law to protect they/them, who will and should be blamed for the lawlessness, corruption, fraud and treason.

It could be both. Along the lines of idiocratic reasoning, if one Starbucks is good, two is better.

A better solution for Biden’s World and the US we find ourselves in, circa 2022, might be alarmingly simple. Idiocracy showcased the answer – stop putting salt in your own fields.  Is that possible? Well, the problems of 2500 AD, which are indeed the problems of 2022 AD, were solved by a regular guy who looked with his own eyes and thought as hard as he could– not about the stupidity that drove everything, or the motives of the idiots – but fundamentally just trying to understand what the problem was in one fundamental area.

If I could channel Bob Ross for a minute, here’s a happy thought. The disastrous leadership and corrupt self-serving politics that the US suffers and has suffered for decades is planning its own suicide, probably by cop.

If a US suicide by cop occurs, there are a couple of ways it can happen. The armed populace may simply and confidently stop taking DC’s calls and its worthless money, much like the Solomons did last week.  No willing and obedient people, no government.  Mass civil disobedience would constitute a suicide by constitutional citizen.

Alternatively, some other kind of “law enforcement” – primed by China, Russia and the new multi-polar world order, already in play and unstoppable – steps in to constrain DC, with or without shots fired.

While threats of suicide are often cries for help, no one seems to wants to save the US crony government.  Americans want it to go away, whether it is Biden’s World, or Trump’s World before it – together 98% of the US population hates their government. Think about it.  If the mentally-unwell, dangerous and sometimes threatening inhabitants of our big city sidewalks, bridge overhangs and other public spaces were to suddenly disappear, move along, or even die in place over a period of a week or a month, most residents wouldn’t ask too many questions about “what happened.” Instead, they will go about their business and their lives, feeling safer and freer that they have in decades.  The same applies to Biden’s World and DC.

The US government – Biden’s World today – has become the old Soviet Union, with five year plans, perpetuation of numerous agencies of government, each creating fake statistics for forced consumption, all obsessing over centralization and surveillance.  No one likes it, at home or abroad.  It makes us unsafe in our homes, our work, our travel; forces us to self-censor, criticizes our common sense, impoverishes all of us, and defecates everywhere, because no one can stop it.  At least the homeless in our major cities have an excuse.

The opening scene of Idiocracy is a magnificent city of garbage, hill optional.  Idiocracy deserves a place in dystopian predictive art and literature beside Brave New World and 1984.  It’s instructive, hilarious and vulgar and sweet at the same time.  It’s a great tool for understanding Biden’s World, and maybe even fixing it.