Spontaneously Combusting Narratives

Instigating mental wild fires around weather events for political agendas.

We live in such magical times that fires now start themselves. Fires used to require an instigator. Historically a lightning strike was the most common instigator of wildfires and forest fires. These fires were nature’s way of cleansing and replenishing the forests in regular cycles that could take centuries to return to their former state. These natural wildfires commonly occurred in the summer months after a significant dry period, which seems self-evident, but apparently can’t be repeated often enough these days.

In the early 20th century before forest management studies settled into higher education, North American forests would burn in the tens of millions of acres each year. This hasn’t happened in any single year since 1952. In the past decade, there have been two years that barely reached the 10 million acre threshold, after nearly six decades of stable and historically very low burn acreage. Average burn acreage per year is still below the ten-year average and 90% less than 90 years ago. In the preindustrial period of 1500-1800, it’s estimated that the continental United States saw 145 million acres burned annually. You wouldn’t believe any of this of course based on recent media hysteria around fires, heat, and anything generally associated with what we used to call the season of summer.

Today wildfires don’t require a lighting bolt or a significant drought, only complete forest mismanagement and neglect and some psychological groundwork by the corporate state and its mind virus injectors in the media to create hysteria around warmer than usual weather. Though it does help to have the zippo of some crazed climate nut with a political agenda posing as a college professor.

Fear can spontaneously combust any mind to believe any narrative that will be used to spread more fear throughout a social body, including the narrative that fires just start themselves if things get too warm in summer. The heatwave that just swept through western Europe was the perfect opportunity to throw kindling on the decades-long psychological operation known as “climate change”. Apparently, homes in parts of England just burned down due to one afternoon of 1-degree Celsius above record high temperatures, yet with no extended drought or hot and dry period like they had in the record summer of 1976. Compare that summer in England to this latest heat wave.


  • 63 days of consecutive sunshine
  • Every day over 26C (79F)
  • 15 days 35C+ (95F) and 9 days 32C+
  • 45 days NO rain
  • Standpipes got continuous water (public water)
  • No red weather warning


  • 7 days sunshine
  • 3 days 35C+
  • Red weather warning: “You’re all going to die!”

Fires that are started by arsonists and burn hundreds of thousands of acres start out as “climate fires” and later get buried by the media. These are fires that the media blames on global warming and summer weather until fire investigators determine it was started by arson, and then like hard-working firefighters on the front lines vigorously digging trench lines, the media will dig their own holes and bury their own false narratives without any corrections or retractions. Anything that can be blamed on global warming is amplified and never corrected.

California is often the poster state for “global warming” wildfire fear-mongering. However, a 2018 report by the state concluded that poor forest management has led to deteriorating conditions that have exacerbated wildfires in the state. The terms climate change and global warming are mentioned nowhere in this report on forest health which concluded:

A combination of factors has resulted in poor conditions across these forests, including excessive vegetation density and an overabundance of small trees and brush. Such conditions have contributed to more prevalent and severe wildfires and unprecedented tree mortality in recent years, and experts are concerned these trends will continue if steps are not taken to significantly improve the health of the state’s forests.

The wildfire and blazing heat narratives are just a part of the bundle of psychological operations around climate terror that are being intentionally kicked into overdrive for the 2030 Agenda. You can see the “drive the news” timetable transitions as they happen in real-time, moving the masses to amplify whatever hysteria is being engineered for malicious political and economic goals. An employee at the CIA News Network recently admitted that climate change would soon be their new full-time focus in an undercover video captured by Project Veritas.

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