A 'Highly Effective' Hoodwink: 3 Years Later, There Remains no Functional Cure for a Coronavirus

There is no functional vaccine for a coronavirus and there never has been one.

There are many difficult technological and medical problems that have yet to be resolved and conquered by the best and brightest minds in science. Despite claims to the contrary, with almost three years since the first reported COVID-19 case, a cure for a coronavirus remains undiscovered.

At the onset of COVID Mania, doctors and scientists were very forthcoming about the reality that there had never been a cure for a coronavirus, and that it wouldn’t be wise to expect one anytime soon. Moreover, the idea that one would be developed in a matter of months, or even years, was largely a pipe dream, we were told.

Then suddenly, in a moment’s notice, the “breakthrough” happened. The “mRNA miracle” was found, thanks to this innovative technology (at least, according to the English language version of the cure story. China, Russia, and other major powers never used mRNA, but they also told their citizens that what amounted to a cure was discovered).

A matter of mere weeks into the first designated COVID-19 death, Pfizer (through BioNTech) and Moderna declared that they were in possession of a functional vaccine, which, according to the understanding of the average American, amounted to a sterilizing cure. It sure seemed strange that these pharma outfits, according to their own company timelines, solved a once unsolvable problem in a matter of days and weeks (both Moderna and Pfizer claimed to have developed their COVID vaccines in January of 2020). Even more strange was the reality that both BioNTech and Moderna had never rolled out a single product to market. So the language had to be transformed to resolve these issues.

The carefully crafted messaging campaign informed us that the global scientific community brought its best minds together to conquer this problem. It was, according to this herculean persistence story, a collective breakthrough that amounted to a scientific miracle.

It was all a heaping serving of nonsense, but the sales pitch worked.

The miracle breakthrough was here. Now, all we had to do was stay locked in our homes indefinitely like compliant sheep and stay away from our fellow human beings until the cure could be rolled out to the masses. Enter: Operation Warp Speed.

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