One Chart Smashes Critics of "DeathSantis"

From the Tom Woods Letter:

I think I can say this without fear of contradiction:

Most of my readers do not watch The View.

Neither do I, dear reader. Neither do I.

But as a daily chronicler of mass imbecility, I come across clips from time to time.

The panelists were recently discussing who might be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024. Sunny Hostin spoke briefly about “DeathSantis.” “I think he handled COVID miserably,” she said. “I think he’s a fascist and a bigot…Those are his good points.”

She added, “I like Gavin Newsom because he’s really pretty to look at.”

So it’s all right to be imprisoned from your home or cut off from normal social life if the person doing it is “pretty to look at” and insists that doing so is “scientific.”

As for “DeathSantis” and handling COVID “miserably,” I’ll say this: opinions regarding how DeSantis governed these past two years have become an IQ test, and people like “Sunny Hostin” haven’t scored too well.

DeSantis minimized all the death and suffering caused by lockdowns — death and suffering never acknowledged by Sunny Hostin — while at the same time his state had an age-adjusted COVID mortality well below the national average (the orange line in the graph below is Florida):

See all those states above Florida? Do you suppose Sunny Hostin is going to say all those places handled COVID “miserably”? I won’t hold my breath.

There’s no need to bother addressing the claim of “fascism,” because something tells me Sunny Hostin doesn’t have the faintest idea what that word means.

Meanwhile, we have a president of the United States who’s equally in la-la land, but on the economy.

This is such a strong economy, Biden tells us. We’ve been hearing that in private he’s been expressing frustration at people’s failure to realize just how strong it is.

Of course, people are getting killed in this economy because of the rapid price increases, and they’re watching what investments they have take a massive hit.

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