The GOP Wants To Lose The Mid-Terms

The GOP establishment sold out its own voters once again before the 2022 elections!

When did the GOP cease to be a functioning party? When was the exact moment that you knew the GOP establishment stands for nothing and stands against nothing?

This week brought yet another example of the GOP’s complete ideological collapse. The Senate just passed an unconstitutional “red flag” gun control bill last night with the help of 14 GOP senators — and they did so while Democrat activists were still illegally harassing Supreme Court Justices at their private homes. They did so one week after a Democrat activist tried to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his private residence. They did so while the GOP’s chief pansy Mitch McConnell was still complaining that Democrats refused to pass legislation for extra security to protect Supreme Court justices! What greater signal could the GOP establishment send that it has no interest in defending the lives of its own judges — let alone its own voters?

Texas Senator John Cornyn was the lead GOP negotiator on this gun control bill, and he pushed the legislation against the wishes of his own party and his own constituents — as he discovered at the Texas GOP convention last week.

Senator Cornyn pushed the bill anyway. He also dismissed the Texas GOP as “a mob” in private conversation — which is proof that Cornyn has become (for all intents and purposes) a Democrat.

The corrupt corporate media hailed the gun control bill as a “bipartisan” effort, and that’s exactly what Republicans passing Democrat legislation always call their capitulations. Cornyn was joined in his treachery by the GOP’s usual gang of losers: Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Bill Cassidy, Thom Tillis as well as more recent failures like Todd Young, Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, Shelley Moore-Capito, and Joni Ernst.

Ask yourself: why would 14 Republican senators sell out the Second Amendment rights of their own voters just before a widely-predicted “red wave” arrives this November? Why would the GOP establishment surrender to Democrats over the single most important issue for their own party right before a mid-term election that could put them back in control of the House and the Senate?

The answer is obvious: the GOP establishment has no interest in being the ruling party.

Think about it. The GOP establishment pushed for the Second Impeachment of Donald Trump even though Trump was no longer the President and the impeachment was illegal. Perhaps you still recall that moronic theater piece? The entire pointless exercise seemed to be designed by Mitch McConnell to enrage GOP voters.

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