Steve Kirsch Says Whistleblower Revealed Never-Before-Seen All-Cause Mortality Medicare Data After COVID-19 Jab Rollout

Reiner Fuellmich interviewed tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch on Session 107: “Cancel Unculture” of the Corona Investigative Committee.

Kirsch said the government isn’t showing us the most reliable data they have after the COVID-19 jab rollout.

The Medicare data.

“Have you ever wondered why they need liability protection if the vaccines are so safe?” Kirsch asked.

“I’m about to show you. This is for the first time, nobody has seen this before.”

Kirsch explained you can’t get the Medicare data since it’s not publicly available.

“I have a whistleblower that said the Medicare system that gave me this information. This is the most reliable database,” he said.

How can you explain a 50% rise in all-cause mortality after the vaccines and boosters rolled out? That’s the problem. They can’t explain it.”


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