Paul McGuire: Marxist and Communist Revolutionaries Are Bankrolled by International Banking Families

The Marxist and communist revolutionaries are bankrolled by international banking families, according to author and speaker Paul McGuire.

“The Marxist and communist revolutionaries are totally financed by the super capitalist class. They’re totally financed by the globalist elite. They’re totally bankrolled by the wealthiest and richest international banking families in the world,” McGuire said during the June 20 episode of “The Paul McGuire Report.”

“So when the day is done, you can go to any communist revolution and you will discover that the people that are really behind these violent communist revolutions are the wealthiest and richest international banking families in the world.” (Related: Planet Lockdown Director James Patrick: COVID-19 pandemic is being run by central bankers.)

The internationally recognized prophecy expert added that the super-elite international banking families, or super capitalists, have been financing capitalism, which he said is the secret agent of super-capitalism.

McGuire also said this is a way of seizing all the money, assets, labor and property and disguising it as a communist revolution, which in reality is really a bloodthirsty heist by the globalists using their Marxist and communist armies to steal all the wealth of the middle class and working class of every nation in the world.

“The wealthiest families in the world like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have been bankrolling communism and Marxism since the beginning and they are ruthless,” McGuire said. He pointed out that all the communist revolutions and Marxist revolutions have been financed by the super-wealthy capitalists for the purpose of increasing their wealth and power further.

The Bible prophecy professor cited that this is what happened in Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela. He said the masses of people there don’t have a middle class – people are either starving and or very wealthy.

“Only the very ignorant will actually believe that communism or socialism is about wealth redistribution and utopia for the worker or the common man,” he said. “Communists and Marxists are like the members of a bizarre religious cult who believe that communism or socialism is a means to help the common man. That is a big lie.”

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