Hottest Medical Crimes No One Else Will Cover

Plus New Monkeypox Revelations

This one is a very deep dive.

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Over the years, I’ve laid out and exposed many medical crimes. There are perhaps a dozen which almost no one else has dared to repost.

These crimes aren’t one-time events. They’re reverberating RIGHT NOW—and will in the future.

There are reasons why other people from both the mainstream and alternative press won’t touch these crimes. Very important reasons. I explore this subject in the podcast.

I lay out 3 incredible specific medical crimes I’ve exposed, their destructive ripples RIGHT NOW, and why almost no one else will acknowledge them.

What can I compare that silence to? Think of a war that kills millions of people. You know why it really started and who started it, and you publish the truth—and no one else will respond or say a word.

Well, these medical crimes—when you really add up the implications—are worse.

And they affect every human being across the planet. No one is immune. This isn’t something abstract. This isn’t about “other people.” This is about everybody.

And then in the podcast, I give you more information about the developing monkeypox con and scandal. Details no one else is seeing or adding up, in terms of what they really mean.

I’ve been exposing medical crimes for 35 years. Early on, I realized two things. I was going down a very deep rabbit hole, and therefore, I needed to go all the way. There was no point in stopping. I saw other people stop and I waved goodbye to them.

I also realized, 35 years ago, that the Nazi villains I was uncovering needed to be exposed. Not just their names, and not just what they were doing—but their character—because their character determined what they would do next, on into the future.

That future is now, and tomorrow, and the next day.

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Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport.