C.S. Lewis Predicted Medical Tyranny in This Exquisite Sci-Fi Trilogy

The third installation presents a scenario most analogous to today’s world. In it we find a global conspiracy largely led by academics and scientists, who are hell-bent (literally) on ushering in a world that is overtly sanitary and free of any intellectual or biological germs.

The term “Orwellian” has been rightly applied over the past “two weeks to slow the spread.” In many ways, we have seen the sort of society that George Orwell warned against come into existence.

Double speak, the re-writing of history, and increasing surveillance by the proverbial “Party” have become commonplace. It seems every day there is another reason to say that such and such is Orwellian, or that this or that even is straight out of 1984.

The current madness emanating from the World Health Organization (WHO) in the form of a so-called pandemic treaty seems very Orwellian indeed – though we should note that the sort of ideas coming from the WHO are commonplace to all tyrants in our age of health tyranny. Fauci, Schwab, Tedros, and Tam are all cut from the same sulphuric cloth.

Attorney Thomas Renz recently gave an interview to the Gateway Pundit, wherein he outlined the potential consequences of what could happen if the WHO gets its way.

Carte blanche for the WHO – a pseudo-governmental organization – to operate in sovereign nations without needing permission, globalist collaboration by elites from all over, and a scientistic materialist worldview obsessed with viruses will no doubt have commentators saying, “Orwell was right!”

But, it was not in fact Orwell – or Huxley with his Brave New World, for that matter – who predicted how the ideals of a medical tyranny would infiltrate into normal life. To find the real prophet who described how a health-dictatorship would take root in society, we need to look to C.S. Lewis.

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