Fears Mount for Robby Mook after Exposing Hillary Clinton's Russia Hoax

Former Clinton campaign manager gave bombshell testimony last week

Fears are starting to mount for the safety of Robby Mook after the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign manager gave a bombshell testimony exposing his former boss last week.

On Friday, Mook testified under oath that Hillary Clinton approved the Russia Hoax and ordered her team to spread it in the media.

Mook said that Clinton wanted the hoax, which falsely linked President Donald Trump to Russia’s Alfa Bank, to be pushed to the media even though her campaign doubted the information.

The news comes after years of claims from the Left that Russia was working with President Trump to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

On Friday, one of Clinton’s inner circle finally went on the record to confirm Hillary was behind the hoax.

However, many are now warning that Mook may be in danger after his explosive testimony.

Over the weekend, people have been taking to social media to express their concerns for Mook after throwing Hillary under the bus.

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