Dr Robert Malone: Time to Flush Out All WEF Members from Our Governments

Robert Malone sat down with the Epoch Times’ Roman Balmakov to expose the WEF’s agenda of total control through the WHO and their plan to take over countries under the premise of a health crisis, which of course they can fabricate anytime to suit their NWO goals.


There’s a bill in the United Nations right now asserting that, in the case of a public health emergency, a new constitution that the UN would create would circumvent – be placed over – all of the Western Democracy constitutions.

They want to create a system, in which they can use a public health emergency, which is whatever they decide it is – just like the definition of mis- and disinformation – they want to be able to use a public health emergency to justify suspending the Constitutions of all the Western democracies and implementing the things that they want, which includes the Digital ID, QR codes, tracking on your cellphone and the PRC-branded social credit system – which, we’ve now learned, in Justin Trudeau’s guidance will destroy the banking system.

That’s what brought those policies in Canada down, it was high net worth individuals and average people realizing that the banking system had been weaponized in…Canada, there was no longer a safe harbor and they pulled their money out of TD Bank and the other Canadian banks.

And that started to crash the entire economic system of Canada. That’s why Justin Trudeau backed down and that’s the system that they World Economic Forum wants to foist on all of us.

In my opinion, it’s time to wake up and stand your ground and flush out these WEF people that have been placed all through our government – Gavin Newsom, Inslee in Washington, Pete Buttigieg – it goes on and on and on. They’re throughout our government, at the state level and the national level.

They are in tech, they are in banking. It’s been a 30-year campaign by the World Economic Forum to place their trainees throughout the Western democracies and in positions of leadership.

And here’s my point, in closing on that: is your [Epoch Times] public, are you willing to let the same people that have totally bungled the management of this outbreak control your life?

Are you willing to give up your freedom to let these people control you?

Speaking for myself, the answer is, “Hell, no!”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.