Putin’s May 9th Speech – The Full Review

The West keeps getting Putin wrong mainly because they have taken the Blue Pill and just repeat the propaganda put out by primarily the United States government. They told all journalists that Putin would formally declare war on Ukraine, institute a draft, and call up all reservists. The Western Press continually denies the existence of any Ukrainian Nazis despite the fact that they are well documented and claims Zelensky could not be a neo-Nazi because he is Jewish and omits the fact that (1) his children were baptized and he is a non-practicing Jew, and (2) the Ukrainian Nazis were exterminating not just Jews, but Polish and Russians. No doubt, Zelensky became Christian because of the prejudice against Jews in Ukraine. But the US never prosecuted any Ukrainian Nazis because they were also ethnically cleansing Russians. Only the German Nazis were put on trial for killing the Jews — Ukrainian Nazis got a free pass.

Of course, Putin did nothing of the kind. But the stories in the Western press are continually pushing for World War III. They are always painting the picture that Russia is being defeated in order to pretend that the West can crush Russia. Nancy Pelosi declared a virtual war in Kyiv, making it clear that there would be no peace talks, and she will not accept anything but victory against Russia. Nowhere do we find the Western Press even acknowledging the existence of the Minsk Agreement that was also to allow the Donbas to secede if they held a free election since they objected to the revolution carried out by the West.

While the West reports that Russia is losing, they hide the stories that show the failure inside the Ukrainian Army. The elite Candian Sharpshooter who made headlines that he was going to Ukraine to support freedom against tyranny, has turned around and returned to Canada. He returned to Quebec, telling local media that his experience there was a “terrible disappointment.” He claimed there was poor training and heavy losses among the Ukrainians, but there was profiteering and desertion in the ranks.

Walli, as he was known, was described by Spanish media as “the best sniper in the world” and praised by the New York Post for “grabbing anti-tank missiles in a warehouse to kill real people.”  But he told La Presse that his Ukrainian commanders initially “didn’t know what to do” with foreign fighters like himself. He grew tired of waiting for an opportunity to fight, so he joined the ‘Norman Brigade,’ which was a private unit led by another former soldier from Quebec. He said that the weapons and armor promised never showed up. He reported that about 60 members of the brigade have since deserted. Others told La Presse that some soldiers “schemed” to steal a $500,000 shipment of American-supplied weapons and form their own unit. The speculation is that the American weapons going to Ukraine may find themselves on the black market as was the case in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

When Zelensky was elected, he promised to reduce the tensions with Russia, for even CNN said back in 2019 that “Ukraine has been locked in a proxy war with Russia for five years, and the conflict has claimed around 13,000 lives in the country’s east.” Of course, now nobody will report the truth that the United States has been fueling this civil war in Ukraine all to stab Russia in the gut – the hated enemies of the Neocons who see all Russians as Stalin.

Interestingly, the Kremlin was hopeful that Zelensky would end the proxy war of the United States against Russia. His predecessor, Poroshenko, was seen as pro-war. In fact, CNN also reported that Russia was optimistic. They wrote:

“There are chances to improve Ukraine’s interaction with our country,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Facebook. “What is needed for this? Honesty. And we need a pragmatic and responsible approach.

CNN further reported that Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had suggested Kyiv could actually change the direction of the country. CNN quoted her saying“With all the understanding of how the world works behind the scenes, I’ll still say: Ukraine can go for a reset.” The hope in Russia that Zelensky would carry out his campaign promise to seek peace and end the civil war died very quickly.

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