Why You Can Stop Whining About Censorship

Below is the script for a talk I gave on Thursday, May 19, 2022, at a rally against censorship at Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, California alongside local and national freedom fighters such as Robert Kennedy Jr., Naomi Wolf, Kevin Jenkins, Dr. Brian Hooker, Reinette Senum, Neil Mammen, Pastor Rob McCoy, Brianne Dressen, Denise Aguilar, and Tara Thornton. Hundreds attended. It was a powerful and inspiring event. 


Listen to me. 


No more whining. 


I don’t want to hear anyone whining about censorship. 


We are standing in a special place and there is a lesson to learn from where we are at. 


And that lesson gives you, gives me, gives every one of us an advantage. 


Come on in closer. Gather round. I have a story to tell. Come on, gather in. 




Everywhere around you used to be farmland. 


Who’s heard of Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory? 


Anyone? Okay, a few people. 


Who has heard of Fairchild Semiconductor?


A few more. 


Who has heard of Intel ?


Okay everyone. 


In the 1950s it wasn’t cool to leave your job. The way Silicon Valley started was by some guys saying they wouldn’t put up with any more of their boss’s garbage, and instead running off and starting their own company. 


They were deemed “the traitorous eight.” That was the first Silicon Valley startup. 


That happened time and time again, and now we are here. 


That’s a special history to keep in mind. 


I want you to ask yourself:


How can I be more like those guys? 

How can I be the hacker? 

How can I use their system against them? 

How can I not wait for Washington, D.C. or Sacramento to free me? 

How can I act now and act as an individual? 




Do me a favor, if I say something that applies to you, put your hand up and leave it up. 


Who has taken Quercetin?


Who has taken Hydroxychloroquine?


Who has taken Ivermectin?


Who has taken Vitamin D?


Who has taken Vitamin C?


Who has taken some other thing your doctor wouldn’t give you? 


Listen to me. 


You guys with your hands up are hackers. 


You see point A. You see point B. Someone is telling you to go the long way around to 26 other points in order to get from point A to point B and you say “No, thank you. I’m just going to go in a straight line between A and B.” 




Now you saw what I just did. You saw how I showed you that you were a hacker: looking at the contorted world and instead of following some confused leader, or worse — following the whole confused herd — instead of that, saying to yourself “I’m just going to go in a straight line from point A to point B.” 


That is a hacker. 


Now do me a favor again, if what I say applies to you, put your hand up and leave it up. 


Who has used Naomi Wolf’s DailyClout.io? 


Who has used Gab?


Who has used Gettr? 


Who has used Signal or Telegram? 


Who is on some other social media platform in which you won’t get banned for using dangerous words from the dictionary like vaccine, or shot, or jab, or toxiclethaldeadlybe careful ?




Again, you guys with your hands up are hackers. 




Do you want to beat censorship? 


I’m going to show you how to beat censorship. 


I’m going to practice what I’m preaching. 


Do me a favor and take your phone out. 




Take your phone out. 


I’m going to show you something. 


I once lost a small fortune by relying on Google. I did the easy thing and relied on Google. I didn’t have to do that. You don’t have to do that. There are more important things than life being easy. 


Who wants to know how to never rely on Google again? 


Who wants to know which search engines do not suck? 


If you want to know that, I want you to send me a text message right now. 


I’m going to make it so none of you will ever need Google again to find me. 


Send the word TRUTH to the number 33777. 


When the lockdowns started, I realized I was being lied to. 


My team and I spent days through the early part of the lockdown testing every search engine we could find, to try to figure out which search engine was not helping them lie to us. 


They, almost exclusively, were awful and censored results. 


The worst search engine — worse than Google, worse than Yahoo, worse than Bing — The worst search engine in our tests was Duck Duck Go. 




So, if you want that information on how we tested search engines and my list of search engines that do not suck, text the word TRUTH to the number 33777. 


But I won’t stop there. 


I am going to write you encouraging messages and ways to get more involved. 


I am going to do that every day. 


And it won’t matter what Google thinks of me or what Google thinks of you. I will write you for as long as you want to hear what I have to say. 


There are all kinds of ways to beat these Big Tech oligarchs. The best is to do better than them, to be the best Silicon Valley Hacker you can, and to support the other good guys doing better than them. 


(Thank you.)



We live in a special time. 


We live in a special place. 


We have a special set of technology at our disposal. 


We don’t need to be afraid. We don’t need to whine. We need to push ever more boldly ahead. 


That is the mission before you dear warrior. 


Will you accept it? 


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