Death of a Nightmare: The Last Gasps of Poseur Politics

According to psychiatrist Seth D. Norrholm, dictators see themselves “as ‘very special’ people, deserving of admiration, and, consequently, [they] have difficulty empathizing with the feelings and needs of others; they also tend to behave with a vindictiveness often observed in narcissistic personality disorder.”

In other words, they are nuts. And dangerous. And in power.

Norrholm, who is currently scientific director, NeuroCAST, at Wayne State University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Dr. Sam Hunley, now a program analyst with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, wrote in 2016 that highly narcissistic individuals require excessive admiration to remain happy and are more likely to try to punish those individuals who negatively evaluated their work.” [emphasis added]

The dictatorial nature of climate extremists (who repeat the mantra that the Earth has only X number of years — or weeks — left to take super drastic actions or we are all doomed) is evidenced by both their falsification (manipulation) of historical records and their apocalyptic demands, which have been quite successful. Fear is a powerful weapon. Resistance, they insist, is futile — and those who resist are worse than murderers. They are planet killers.

Despite the outrageous rhetoric, most Americans, gulled by a complicit media and education establishment, did not see just how serious they were about wrecking the nation. Nor did anyone expect that a doddering old fool would become the mouthpiece of their wrath or the architect of their assault on America and the West (because nobody condemns China for being the world’s largest consumer of coal). 

That is, nobody noticed, until the same governors, mayors, federal officials, and even “news” anchors and commentators who want us to believe in a coming climate catastrophe also forced people to shut their businesses, stay in their homes, lose their jobs, keep their children out of school, and not even walk outside or move around in their own homes without wearing a muzzle.

Then the poll numbers began coming in. And the would-be dictators and their yes-persons began to realize they had only a brief window to seize full control of American (and Western) society. Then came the complications of a shooting war and other international “distractions,” which to their dismay did not turn them into heroes.

They knew they must, like Putin in Ukraine, secure total victory before the feared tsunami drowns some (but hardly all) of the rats who are feasting on our bones in the nation’s capital.

So they tighten the screws with a ridiculous Securities and Exchange Commission proposal to require companies to evaluate the [completely hypothetical] climate risk in nearly every business decision. Then there is the California bill, ostensibly about social media transparency, that includes provisions that make government the sole determinant of what is acceptable and unacceptable as medical research and reporting. So doctors whose methods actually heal people would go to prison, as would their patients. Or something like that.

People now see the correlation: The same government and social media long claimed that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation and punished anyone who provided evidence to the contrary. They also excoriated anyone who denied that the now-discredited Steele dossier was factual. or who demonstrated using evidence that all the scary climate models are incorrect.

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