'Taking Responsibility', Yes, It Is Time We as People Take Full Responsibility for Our Lives And Health

Big institutions that should be safe guarding us like CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, Health Canada etc. are now captured by corporate interests; the FDA gets money from the same entities it regulates????

All of them, all of our governments, all the scientists, all the doctors, the CDC, NIH, FDA, all, they know who I mean, all vaccine makers like Pfizer and Moderna, CEO’s like Bourla and Bancel, who said the vaccines were safe and for over one year now…lying to us and deceiving us to take it, they ALL lied and knew they were lying for they had ZERO proper data to show it was safe. They did not do the proper safety tests and used the proper lengthy duration of follow-up to definitively declare that the vaccines were safe. They knew this too, they were not stupid, but engaged in deception, from top down and I pray that one day, once we take them into proper legal inquiries, public inquiries, that we have to examine all of their actions and policies and where it is shown it was reckless and caused deaths, then we take their money and put them in jail! Only after proper legal inquiries. We are good governance and we follow proper procedure. But we GET accountability for this last 2 years. Start examining Bourla, Fauci, and Francis Collins. Then continue after that. Too many people and children died due to their polices and vaccines that would be alive today.

They have all failed and badly hurt us as a society! It is time! It is time now (way past time) that we take responsibility for ourselves and not depend on the governments and institutions that have shown us how inept and corrupt they are and how disastrously they have failed in COVID. Controlled by interests other than ours! These alphabet agencies failed, all of them, due to arrogance, irrationality, ineptness, brute incompetence, hubris, duplicity, and political bias. The failures also include the medical establishment, the academic scientists who chose their research grant money over telling the truth, and the clinical doctors who failed to treat COVID early and who helped deny the rigor of natural immunity. Who pushed vaccines on the public and children knowing full well they were ineffective and harmful.

I guess they will now run and hide behind their State licensing boards and Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons saying ‘oh, they told us so and so we followed as we were told will lose our license if we did not”…these doctors who deceived the public with the establishment by actual corrupt statements and their silence, in protection of their salaries and appointments and grants. Its that simple. And personal biases. And the medical journals and editors must be revamped (fired, taken down to the studs) for they have emerged as some of the worst purveyors of junk science and political bias. Utter garbage now is the academic publishing domain. Junk. Politics. Lost all credibility and they along with Evidence-based medicine (EBM) have committed suicide…we can say they killed themselves over COVID. As ludicrous as it sounds.

Two years (and more) of our lives, of our children’s lives, they have taken with nothing to show but disaster. Lockdowns, school closures, masks…all of it failed, all of it. Nowhere can any of these irrational absurd and specious scientists, nonsensical dimwits and the public health officials, and the television, ‘forever preening’ doctors point to success. All they did FAILED!

COVID has taught me clearly that governments do not have our best interests at heart. They have zero interest in our care and well-being. In our health. None. I am not saying do not discuss with your doctor, but the system is now so very corrupt and it is now up to us to do what is best for us.

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