Behold The Expert Class

Credentialed class great pretenders will lead the way in our new Dark Ages.

Lia Thomas tucks his penis into her swimsuit as he takes to the starting block in the NCAA women’s 500 Yard Freestyle finals which allow men to participate as long as they take some level of hormone suppressors to sufficiently pacify some body of “experts” on some committee at the NCAA assigned to arbitrate such things.

Presumably this testosterone suppression doesn’t involve reading Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, drinking extra soy and being a moderator of a subreddit devoted to rare editions of magic cards. Though none of these things are necessary anymore as the average male testosterone levels have declined by two thirds over the past forty years without taking anything at all so we can safely assume that there’s hardly a need for such an arbitrating body to oversee this process at all.

Both the fact that such a body exists in our world, and that environmental conditions have lowered men’s testosterone levels don’t just portend our coming dark ages, they may well signal their full arrival. Men who cannot be protectors and guardians of a civilization, will soon find themselves without one. Perhaps this too is by design. With all that has happened the past two years alone, the endless biological crimes against humanity you’d think there’d be some men out there willing to rain hellfire down on those we know are responsible hiding in plain sight, and yet, apparently there are no more lions left to roar for our pride. More on all that soon. Back to the nuts.

With his nuts safely tucked into her swimsuit, Lia Thomas hits the water and he is off to steal some women’s trophies. In the stands a debate is under way between a masked beta subreddit moderator of magic cards with much lower T than any of the women in the entire swimming complex and a British lady (?) who is filming the event for historical posterity, if not physical anteriority. They have a difference of opinion on Lia being allowed in the pool and to stand on the podiums of women’s competitive swimming events. (Note to readers: when she swam as a man in the same events, against other men, he was ranked between 440th and 720th. As a “woman” he won this event and came in the top five in others)

Their argument goes back and forth until the beta soy arrives at the essence of all cultural and civilizational debates taking place these days on completely fabricated concepts that originate in various university departments which exist solely for the purpose of destroying western civilization as quickly as possible.

Before we tackle that essence, some that come to mind: toxic masculinity, most LGBTQWERTY studies and concepts, gender studies, women’s studies, ‘insert race here’ studies, race privilege, all the “identity studies”, grievance studies, safety-ism, paternalism, climate change and all the rituals like veganism feeding the cult of green psychopathologies that are all interconnected in some way to the idea of ‘relativism’ where objective truth and science once existed and are now replaced by neo-Marxist intersectional cult orthodoxies. The absence and death of religion across the west was always going to need filling with other substitutes, and here we are with obscurity in science, reverence for grievance, victimhood, skin color, pee pee parts, historical revisionism, and a heavy thirst for climate doomsday Kool aid.

On a recent Joe Rogan episode Majid Nawaz explained this shift from a concrete shared reality where most can agree on basic facts in society to the desire to make ‘social constructs’ out of foundational topics like race, gender, sex and so forth. All of it designed to divide populations, and make the connective tissue of society and its cultural foundations obsolete so concepts like borders, nationalism or patriotism become racist. Masculinity becomes toxic. Science becomes ideologically flexible. Make it into a religion or cult, with adherents baptized at Universities who then go on to poison governments and corporate HR departments and you have a nice horrid stew of civilizational destruction for the benefit of a technocratic global elite.

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