John Mearsheimer, Ukraine, and the Global Deep State

I pass on links to two significant presentations that Dr. John Mearsheimer (Prof., University of Chicago, and author of a number of scholarly studies) has offered concerning the origin, history and responsibility for the Ukraine crisis and the ensuing conflict.

The first of these occurred as the war has grown in intensity and was given on March 11, 2022.  It appeared in THE ECONOMIST (UK) and is a comparatively brief (1500 words) but also a balanced and comprehensive summary of his assessment. Here is the access link.

The second lecture dates from February 15, just nine days before the Russian invasion, and in a very real sense, he accurately predicted what would happen due to the belligerent and continual pressures and outright interference of the neocons in the US State Department and the Biden administration in that part of Eastern Europe. His lecture was given via Zoom to students in King’s College, Cambridge University.

Despite the unwillingness of many in the United States to understand the critical significance of this history and background, the diagnosis and comprehension–the history of how this situation came to be–remain extremely important if we are to in any way disentangle it.

And this understanding, I would suggest, is vital if we are to also understand how this particular conflict will be used to cement the control of the managerial Deep State over the United States and eventually, the world.

Both the GOP and Democrats, dominated by the neoconservatives, now work in close tandem and collaboration, fomenting the whipped up frenzied Russophobia which now boils over and extends into nearly everything, including the canceling and banning of Russian artists and Russian music, great works of Russian literature (e.g., Dostoevsky in an Italian university), Russian chess players, even Russian cats.  The Ukraine conflict offers an opportunity to advance their programmatic designs which openly and boldly proclaim the establishment of a new world order, what Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum terms “the Great Reset.”  Joe Biden, himself, admitted this goal, openly and boldly, recently at  the meeting of the Business Rountable CEOs when he proclaimed: “We’re going to — there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it.  And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

The totality of broadcast media, from MSNBC to Fox continually offer lurid accounts of massacres and terror inflicted on the poor Ukrainian civilians by the Russian military, without the slightest skepticism as to accuracy or origin of the brutal images we see day after day. Then, the omnipresent Brian Kilmeade offers canonization speeches via Fox Nation for St. Volodymyr Zelensky, while pronouncing the formal damnation of Vladimir Putin as a new Hitler.

Yet, interestingly, as I watched Fox News recently practically all the horrific images were courtesy of the Azov Battalion, especially in Mariupol (notice the captions in the upper right corner of your television screen). The Azov Battalion and other Ukrainian militia groups have been specifically called out in the past for their use of terror against civilians, use of human shields, false flag operations, and faked war crimes. But it does not seem to bother the gung ho reporters at all, who then convey those images to American viewers without the slightest question as completely genuine.

The domestic aspect in this process involves not only the coordinated canceling of dissent on the issue of Ukraine, but by extension the aggrandizement and assumption of additional powers by the Federal government. Was it not Rahm Emmanuel who once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”?  Indeed, have we not just seen how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada utilized the truckers’ protest crisis north of the border to arrogate to himself and his government broad new powers and authority?

In the United States the managers in the Democratic Party fully understand the unpopularity of the Biden/Harris administration. But how then, they ask themselves, to prevent being turned out of office in November 2022?  One method now being employed is to link various GOP congressional representatives such as Madison Cawthorn (NC) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) to the January 6, 2021 “insurrection.” Suffice it that since they had even slight contact with any of the participants–participants on any level whatever–in that protest, for Democrat operatives and front groups that is sufficient to charge them before state election boards and judges as being in violation of the 14th Amendment’s clause enacted to prevent former Confederate officers who had engaged in “treason” from being elected to Congress.

But it doesn’t stop there, not by any means. Now the entirety of corporate America, including this nation’s tech monopolies, have almost totally canceled any opposition to the official position on Ukraine. There is a stunning unanimity here, and an unnatural and bizarre haste for not just politicians of both parties and corporate America to virtue signal, but almost compete with each other to see just how far they can go in doing so. And in this unseemly race, Republicans outdo the Democrats in their use of that last refuge of scoundrels: an unhinged and intolerant patriotism that ventures into the worst kind of blind jingoism and angry persecution.

This over-the-top frenzy has casualties, the first being any real search for truth and justice. Those who do attempt to dissent or express doubts and skepticism, are denounced, in addition to the unanimity of the Democrats, also by a Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse or Mitch McConnell of the pliant and pusillanimous GOP. And increasingly those who venture even the mildest doubts are charged with “treason” (e.g., as Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson have been) and demands that they be cancelled or even prosecuted.

As the conflict is ramped up by American intransigence and prodding of the regime in Kiev, can such action be long in coming? Has not Merrick Garland’s Justice Department already signaled that “domestic terrorism” is the chief threat to America and his number one priority?

You would think that after the incessant Russophobia of the Trump years, all of which was demonstrably fake and politically-motivated, that conservatives and Republicans would have some skepticism about embracing this latest and far more dangerous episode of Russia and Putin hatred. You would think that after the verified reports of the immensely lucrative and longstanding Biden connections to Ukraine, by father and son, were suppressed by Mainstream Media before the 2020 election, serious and probing questions would arise now with the narrative and news from Ukraine.

But, no. Rather, we have witnessed the actual amalgamation and virtual union of both political parties in foreign policy, with hardly a dissenting voice.

Certainly, the national parties continue to express pro forma public disagreement over various questions—a Supreme Court nominee, green energy and climate change, perhaps our southern border. But who indeed is writing the campaign checks and really determining policy in Washington? In our vaunted “democracy,” not the citizens.

And we want to impose this on all the other nations of the world?

Thus, the importance of comprehending the conflict which is really going on in Ukraine and the reasons why, and that it is not really about the poor Ukrainian people and their inviolate borders and their “democracy” (which doesn’t really exist), but rather it represents the next step after the COVID episode and its disastrous effects on our liberties and our election system…the next step in the ongoing globalist process which began with the conclusion of World War II.

Professor Mearsheimer assists us to see a slice of this history, and that should unsettle any American genuinely concerned about our future and, indeed, the future of our world.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.