A Prophetic Voice From 1976

I may have sent this very short video (access below) out previously, but, still, I think it good to refresh ourselves about these prophetic words of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, spoken at a gigantic Mass (over 20,000 faithful) in Lille, France, back in 1976. Here are a few video highlights, and the questions His Grace asks still reverberate. Was he not justified in asking them? Indeed, was he not a prophetic and saintly voice who, like St. Athanasius, stood up against the overwhelming currents which have since then in so many ways destroyed the visible Catholic Church? As we survey around us, can we not see that?

Pope Benedict XVI lifted any and all canonical penalties supposedly levied on the archbishop and his clerical society. And today with hundreds of priests in countries around the world, seminaries in five countries filled with eager candidates for the priesthood, with missions in the wilds of Africa and Asia, with hundreds of thousands of communicants, this then is evidence of the rightness and holiness of Arch. Lefebvre’s work.

Please watch and listen to these very short excerpts.