Daylight Savings, Covid-19, and Face Masks Are All The Same

Some nonsensical people claiming moral authority gave government new, seemingly permanent control over an area of life.

That describes Covid.

That describes face masks.

That describes Daylight Savings.

I will not even bring up the Covid shot as part of that category. The shot is barely fits. The shot takes ten seconds of weakness to take. If you took the shot you are just a fool, or at least you were a fool for those ten seconds it took to take it. Taking the shot is just another example of a lack of healthy personal boundaries in our promiscuous culture. 

Taking the shot is like sleeping with whatever barfly you let into your bed. The decision making process is about the same, the consent process is about the same, and the extreme self-loathing required to do so is about the same. Some may argue naïveté in both situations being a possible explanation as well. Not usually.

Deep seated self-loathing is far more likely to be the reason you get yourself into such situations. That can look an awful lot like naïveté in some people, but not pausing and asking “Wait, is what I am doing good for me?” comes out of self-loathing. For many things, “I didn’t know any better!” is no longer an excuse after the age of 8, and for some big things it is no longer an excuse some years after that. Contemporary American society seeks to cover up self-loathing by calling it naïveté for as long as possible, and to convince the actor that everything is okay. This is one of the tools for extending childhood infinitely.

One of the tools to counter the trend of perpetual adulthood in one’s own life is to refuse the cloak of naïveté, and to accept responsibility as often and as fully as one can.

Some may think it is harsh to call a person a fool for taking the shot. In reality, it opens the door for liberation and refuses quarter to the lie society wants to tell that person to infinitely extend childhood. By the time you are 77, 37, and probably 17, there is not much legitimacy behind saying “I just didn’t know any better.” That is a cop out, and any friend of yours who allows that is letting you lay a path to say that many more times in your life.

Accepting the shot lasts an instant, like your dalliance with a lounge lizard who you swear you thought was a really good person. In contrast to that, the above list — Covid-19, face masks, and daylight saving — take day after day to endure.

It is day after day of saying “Yes, master!” That is some next level self-loathing.

What Do I Mean By “Covid?” 

By Covid, I mean not the illness, I mean the phenomena of corona communism, in which on or about the Ides of March 2020, the American public overwhelmingly asked for and allowed government to dramatically alter life as it had been known in response to a variant of the common cold, a coronavirus.

What Do I Mean By “Face Masks?”

By face masks, I refer to the mandatory masking policies implemented on or about April 3, 2020 when the CDC announced face mask guidance and Americans overwhelmingly bowed down to this agency with no authority and gave them all the authority they needed. To this day, I know of no legitimate authority deeming this policy appropriate. People just obey. Day after day.

No One I Know Will Wear A Face Mask In Front Of Me

No one I know will wear a face mask in front of me. Unfortunately, some of those people, will be seen obediently in a mask, less than a block away immediately after being with me maskless. That is not the ideal situation, but at least my sense of moral opprobrium on the issue echoes out loudly enough for no one to wear the filthy things in my presence. The face mask is a lie and the face mask is cowardice. It is good for people to recognize that you will not welcome their lies and cowardice in front of you.

What Do I Mean By Daylight Savings? Well, That Story Goes Back To 1793 

While it is likely well understood by those reading this what corona communism is, and it is well understood what face mask mandates are — though I am sure some era soon will seek to memory hole this nonsense — it is probably not well understood what I mean by Daylight Savings.

Let me begin in 1793. The French Republic had been founded the year prior, on September 22, 1792. A great terror had swept the land. A fervor from those who considered themselves the cultural elite ran amok and left blood in its path as it sought to tear down everything it could.

The Foundations Of The Modern Day Technocrat 

This cultural elite are the foundations of the modern day technocrat — the cultural elite who are always running through life trying to fix everything, especially things that common folk know are not broken. They do this, often with catastrophic consequences that are far worse than whatever minor issue they sought to fix with their tinkering. Seldom does a technocrat have 1.) skin in the game or 2.) any real world experience with his subject matter.

For more on the mindset of the technocrat, see one of my personal favorite pieces of writing I did in 2020 — “Why Technocrats Believe In Face Masks”.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, A One Time Enemy Of The Technocrat, Turned Obedient Servant 

Nassim Nicholas Taleb has done some excellent peace time anti-technocratic writing on the importance of skin in the game. Apply pressure though and the tough facade of Taleb crumbled. He revealed himself as a phony as soon as the technocrats with no skin in the game invented corona communism and the author of The Black Swan began wearing heavy duty respiratory equipment in public (think scuba gear) and upholding the narrative.

“Yes, master!” could be heard from his self-righteous social media posts on the topic.

Taleb, once the avowed enemy of the technocrat, changed his tune once he saw himself in the midst of the technocrat’s game. In the midst of that, he chose to not bravely exclude himself from the nonsense, but to turn to the technocrats for help. Taleb is not unique in this regard. Many who once presented themselves as innovative and brave thinkers turned into cowards in the midst of corona communism, begging the state for salvation.

Technocrats Came To Power During The French Revolution, An Honor America Refused Them Until March 2020 

The foundation of the tinkering technocrat of the present day is in the French Revolution. These dejected nerds finally came to power — a situation that American culture denied them for many more decades, effectively keeping them out of power until the Ides of March 2020.

These technocrats came to power in every field, but most palpably in 2020 in the fields of public health and technology.

Tech Titans — The Crazy Uncle That Previous Generations Kept Hidden In The Basement 

If you have ever spoken to Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg, you recognize you are speaking to someone that a previous generation would have kept in the attic or basement, a crazy uncle that was made to stay away from the kids and not always invited to come out when company came by.

The sense of sociopathy in many tech titans and their employees is palpable and encouraged by things as disparate as the moral decline of society, the increase in autism seem by vaccines and other environmental toxins, and the prevalence of screens as interfaces to interact with other humans rather than the actual interface given to us — our faces.

The Technocrats Of Public Health — Control Freaks And Killjoys That Americans Wisely Kept Out Of Power For More Than A Century 

As for technocrats in the field of public health, the people have long existed as control freaks in a largely irrelevant field for more than a century, slowly and quietly grabbing for themselves more and more power. They were always killjoys claiming to operate in the interests of health and safety. The data doesn’t support their measures actually being beneficial for society, though. They were mostly just killjoys and control freaks.

The Foundation Of The Contemporary Radical Left Is Also In The French Revolution

The foundation of the contemporary radical left is also in the French Revolution. If you think anything of the present day is all that crazy, that is probably just because you are snowflake-influenced, out of touch with history, and overly centered on yourself. The present day is crazy in its magnitude and the totality of control that society has succumbed to, but it is comparatively minor in its moral incursion. The blood in the streets and the tumult caused by the radical left of the French Revolution or their radical left descendants such as the Nazis the Stalinists or the Maoists is far more extreme. Again, though, the totality of the present day is what is so very jarring.

The French Revolution is a very hard to define period of many political views and factions, so much so that this article contains some oversimplification, which is warranted for such an oversimplified era as this in which we live. Perhaps the only reason mass bloodshed has not yet occurred on the street of America has been because of the totality of control that presently exists that makes so many American minds so easy to control.

There Has Been No Blood Spilled In The Streets Of The US, But There Has Been Much Death 

However, while there is not blood in the streets, as numerous insurance executives, actuaries, and investors have been quietly pointing out, a mass casualty event has taken place in America. All signs point to the vaccine.

Edward Dowd has become the most recent among this group of data driven spokespeople calling out these mass casualties. Dowd, formerly of Black Rock, has made the rounds on popular alternative media shows in late winter 2022. Dowd cites extrapolated CDC data claiming that the murder of Americans over the past year has been significant.

The harm caused by the vaccine has been downplayed, and excess deaths are along the lines of 61,000 among milenials (84% increase in excess mortality) and 306,000 among baby boomers. Dowd contextualizes this by comparing it to all Vietnam War deaths among Americans (approximately 58,000 deaths from 1955 to 1975), only experienced in one year by millennials, and a World War Two level event (approximately 292,000 American deaths in battle from 1941 to 1945) only experienced in one year by baby boomers. Dowd references this as the latest examples of democide, “death by government,” and says “The government, through the mandates, has killed people.”

Though there has been no blood spilled on the streets of America, for the purposes of this article, such an aside is needed to indicate that death tolls have occurred in this era as well. 2021 has been a murderous year in the United States.

The US Largely Kept Radical Leftists Out Of Power Until The Ides Of March 2020 

For decades, radical leftists promised a “long march through the institutions.” This was the effort to join the professional class and undermine the trusted institutions that provided stability to society. In the United States, this long march achieved a new height in the 2008 election of Barack Obama. With the Obama Administration, Marxists, Maoists, openly divisive race-baiters, and racists found their way into positions of power at the highest level of government, but were repeatedly fired when their tendencies were publicly revealed and pressure was applied.

Mainstream America had not yet softened enough to have such policies implemented with full public support. By 2020, the urban Democrat Party machines that were once old boys networks of corruption (Chicago being an example) had given way to radical leftists running those cities, open racists preaching tolerance running those cities, and stooges of globalists like George Soros running those cities.

Much like America kept the technocratic descendants of the French Revolution out of power until the Ides of March 2020, America kept the murderous radical left descendants of the French Revolution out of power until the Ides of March 2020.

The United States Had Softened By 2020 

America had, by 2020 been softened enough for a takeover and the radical leftists had completed their long march through the institutions from top to bottom. This was so thorough as to remain shocking to this day. Hardly a single institution in American society was untouched by either the technocratic or radical leftist influence that allowed for a coup to occur — churches, non-partisan groups, organizations on the political right, conservative and libertarian media, medicine, alternative health practitioners. research bodies, professional societies, community groups. They had almost universally been co-opted.

All that was needed was to install a figurehead for the third term of the Obama Administration and that become Joe Biden, who hid in his basement for much of autumn 2020 and allowed the radical leftists, the democrats and their bipartisan allies to illegitimately escort him into office.

Some call corona communism a color revolution, after a model of regime change developed and implemented internationally by the CIA, US State Department, and civil society groups. This bears some resemblance. The theft at the ballot box laid out by Time writer Molly ball in February 2021 would be one example of the resemblance to a color revolution as would the George Floyd riots of spring and summer 2020. Color revolutions work on unstable backwaters. They are harder to pull off in stable societies. A much harder attack had to be fought in the United States.

This Was No Color Revolution, The French Revolution Had Finally Come To The US 

The similarities to the French Revolution are striking. In fact, it is fair to say that America has finally had its French Revolution. The coup of corona communism took place quietly and without bloodshed, but in the Ides of March 2020, a group of people seeking to destroy everything in their path came to power and many Americans could not summon the will or the rationale by which to oppose. They were happier sitting on their couches and downloading their daily programming.

The tearing down of statues, the closing of churches, the silencing of speech, the destruction of businesses, the jailing of political opponents, so much of 2020 and beyond has been a playbook out of the French Revolution.

As such, the next, increasingly radical steps in the technocratic and radical leftist playbook borrowed from the French Revolution are predictable — level everything, tear out the foundations, leave the earth scorched, and sow salt to leave even the bare soil unusable for the next century. Such total destruction is what that playbook calls for. Some feeble rebuilding of alternate structures may follow, but let’s face it, the people in question are not the most capable builders. Building requires a deep willingness to understand the needs of another and to build for another according to those needs. The people in question are more fitting as proverbial janitors, saboteurs, and arsonists.

To illustrate this example — As I walk by my closed down church in left coast lockdown land, a sprawling cathedral, I see it run by glorified janitors, lacking the vision it took to build such a congregation and the vision and leadership it took for such a congregation to build such an edifice. Another generation replaced the visionaries, and then another. They cared for it for a time as the glorified janitors that they were. But then, when given enough trust, they tore down everything they could that matters. The facade of a cathedral remains.

Destruction is the most evident drive of this era.

This Makes It Strange To Encounter The Latest News On Daylight Savings 

This makes it strange to encounter the latest news about Daylight Savings being harmful to people.

Anyone who has had kids during Daylight Savings knows the torture it is on them. Anyone with a sense of individual autonomy has chaffed under the idea that anyone gets to dictate your waking time or to manipulate your clocks. Many Americans naturally just complied with Daylight Savings, saying it was normal for government to control clocks or to have a say on time. Two states have determined that will no longer be the case in those places — Arizona and Hawaii as well as Puerto Rico, the Northern Marina Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam.

It is not unfamiliar to anyone paying attention that Daylight Savings has negative effects on people. It has recently attracted more media attention that this harm needs to drive policy to end the twice annual time changes in the United States.

A piece from Becker’s Hospital Review entitled “The tie between medical errors, daylight saving — and why Congress may end the time change” points to some harm done by Daylight Savings:

“In the days following the switch to daylight saving time, human mistakes tied to patient safety-related incidents increased by almost 20 percent, according to a study published in 2020 by the Journal of General Internal Medicine.”

The same piece in Becker’s speaks about the US Congress taking up the matter:

“On March 9, 2022, a congressional panel discussed whether to end the policy, citing health effects related to changing the clock twice each year, as reported by The Washington Post.”

The Becker’s piece cites American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommendations on the topic:

“‘There is clear evidence that going back and forth not only affects adults with [more] heart attacks and strokes but also affects our kids, particularly with teen sleep deprivation,’ said Beth Ann Malow, MD, neurologist and director of Nashville, Tenn.-based Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s sleep division.”

An AccuWeather article on the topic points to the horrors of an early sunrise:

“According to a calculator provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, if standard time were to become permanent, late June and early July in the city would have an incredibly early sunrise of 4:24 a.m.”

The same article points to permanent Daylight Savings being harmful for the infirm while permanent standard time would be harmful for vitamin D levels across a population. Criminal activity, health considerations, the vehicle safety, workforce impact, economic impact are all mentioned.

However, the idea that the individual can make his own decision is omitted from the article. It is a standard article written by a philosophically impoverished author focussed on the erroneous view of how manipulation of one lever or dial in the “machine” of society impacts another. Writing and thinking like this — that man is but a complex machine — is part of the corruption caused by technocratic influence. In fact, we are each humans with free will and society has no levers and dials.

Why This News Will Not Last Long In The Mainstream, Or… Perhaps, This Could Be An Opportunity 

This news will not last long in the mainstream I suspect, as soon as more people in the media understand the consequence of this news.

The data has never mattered to those seeking control. For all their talk of “follow the science,” science is the furthest thing away from anything they actually care about. The ability to control is what matters to such a person. That’s it.

If you can control a one’s understanding of time and space, you can exert a great deal of psychological influence over that person that goes far beyond a mere shift in time.

Public health researchers get that. They have a whole subfield called motivation theory, in which they focus on manipulating people to do that which is specifically opposed to their intent for their lives. With such people in control of the reigns of society, along with their tech industry and radical leftist pals, I can hardly imagine this staying in the news. Unless…

Alternatively, it may last a very long time as more regular Americans demand this consequence be dealt with.

You Have Heard A Million Times About The French Revolution, But Curiously, You Have Never Heard About The Calendar Reforms 

The French Republican Calendrical Reform of 1793 is a horror story that many leftist teachers and textbook publishers refuse to mention. The French Revolution is a love story for American academics. If you do not take a class specifically on the American Revolution, you will likely hear of it only mentioned in American academia as a passing reference. Most academics prefer to just ignore it.

This makes sense seeing that it was in many ways a libertarian revolt against stilted and bloated government, as well as a revolt from the establishment that both fed from government and supported it. It is hard to imagine most academics wanting to talk about something so contrary to their ideas, since they do not see themselves in the business of illuminating truth, but instead see themselves in the business of pitching their awful dogma and inaccurately calling that truth. Since students know no better, it is the students they so focus on.

Mystifyingly, parents entrust their pride and joy with such people. These are the people who parents allow to spend vastly more time with their children than the parents themselves spend with their children. Out of all the ugliness of this era, I am certain that parents allowing demonstrably untrustworthy strangers to raise their kids will be seen as one of the greatest failures of this era.

While imperfect as a libertarian revolt, the American Revolution is far from a footnote and one of the more important events in western culture.

In contrast to the non-mention of the American Revolution by American academics, it is not out of the ordinary for the French revolution to be fawned over by academics in EVERY humanities class and even in some science and math classes. That being the case, the calendrical reforms are almost never mentioned.

Such a big fat failure by the technocrats and their radical leftists allies is best left unsaid seems to be an unspoken compact among American academics.

During the French Revolution, in an effort to destroy EVERYTHING, not even the calendar was left untouched.

Numerology And The Zodiac — Foundational Elements Promoted By Those Murderous Tyrants Who Demanded People “Follow The Science” During The French Revolution   

During the French Revolution, technocrats of the day who paraded themselves around as scientists had a special obsession with the number 10. They called their numerology “science.” It was no such thing.

Far from being science, what it could actually be described as was an obedience to authority, also known as scientism. This is the very opposite of the scientific method. Questioning the accepted narrative presented by these preposterous technocrats was called “superstition,” and was said to oppose reason and evidence.

You can perhaps hear echoes of our day in such behavior.

Along with the obsessive numerology around the number 10, the zodiac was an important part of how science then functioned. Opposing this was preposterously said to be the equivalent of opposing reason and could earn one all manner of opprobrium, perhaps even a trip to the guillotine.

Let me repeat that — opposing the mystical powers of the zodiac was anti-science and could land you in serious trouble.

One day (perhaps today) people (perhaps me) will equate this nonsense to the mystical healing powers ascribed to a mask (that actually makes the wearer sick) and to the injection of big pharma’s toxic slurry Covid vaccine into the body (that also makes one sick).

The concept of the meter was developed and came into popularity in this time of the French Revolution. It could not be the yard, about the size of an adult human’s pace, it had to be totally new. This really is enough guilt by association for anyone to forever dislike the idea of the meter — it was created and promoted by anti-social killjoys who wanted to destroy everything around them.

The decimal system had increased popularity as well. This is, of course no surprise, given the numerological obsession with the number ten.

The Awful Details Of The Calendar Reform 

Seven day weeks were moved to ten day weeks. Every month had 30 days,

The birth of Christ was no longer the most important thing to have happened in the history of the western world, the founding of the French Republic was, so all time was to henceforth start with the year 1792.

New Years Day was now September 22, the day the French Republic was established.

The twelve months were named for nature and agriculture.

The days were named for numbers.

Every month had 30 days.

At the end of the year there were 5 days which were not contained in any month. A sixth day was added every four years, but not during the same fourth year as the Gregorian calendar.

By starting on September 22, the months corresponded nicely with the zodiac, a detail recognized by the technocrats of the day as an indication of perfection, as the zodiac was an important topic to the scientifically minded man of the day who claimed to lived by reason and evidence.

The day of rest was mandated for the tenth day. Workers who followed that schedule got sick more easily, animals worked on that schedule died. Something about six days of work and rest every seven days seemed to fit man and beast alike.

Those who did not follow the 10 day calendar were said to have an unfair advantage in trade and were tattled on by the bootlickers of the day. In some places armed forces were called in to enforce the tenth day as a day of rest. The tenth day was to be a day of rest spent in celebrating the worship of civil power, to sing hymns to the state, and to gather around the local statue of liberty.

People were now paid every ten days. The church kept to its 7 day calendar as did many others. Sundays were now often workdays. You could imagine this created some difficulty for those who wished to go to church.

François Victor Alphonse Aulard, a pioneering French historian referred to the calendar reform as the most anti-Christian of inventions of the entire French Revolution. This is a big claim considering how many Christians died at the guillotine.

Government was forced to follow the ten day calendar, some big businesses obediently followed the trend. The new months were confusing to remember, as was the order.

Calendars were published wrong with spelling and order of months being a problem.

Military plans suffered by an inability to have agreement on calendar.

To deal with the confusion, some periodicals needed to continue using the Gregorian date as well.

France fell into greater isolation by having a hard to convert calendar.

The French Calendar — Sort Of Like Esperanto: An Effort To Impose Utopia On People Who Just Wanted To Be Left Alone 

Much like the concept of Esperanto being an attempted artificial imposition of language from above by the technocratic class, this imposition of a calendar system came with problems.

George Soros, by the way, the technocrat-friendly leftist who has caused such harm in our day was raised as a native speaker of Esperanto.

But back to France after the Revolution…

They Didn’t Stop With The Calendar — They Went After The Clock Too! 

The technocrats did not stop there in their obsession with tearing down everything and their obsession with the number ten.

Twenty-four hours in a day was troublingly out of fashion. Ten hour days replaced it. Each of the 10 hours had 100 minutes. Each of the 100 minutes had 100 seconds.

Clock faces, sundials, and other time keeping devices numbered 1 to 12 were replaced by clock faces numbered 1 to 5.

As hard as this all is to believe, this actually took place.

Did every one of your 18 or so years of teachers neglect to mention any of this utter boneheaded failure by leftists and technocrats that was so awful that it should have left them in a permanent state of disrepute? My guess is that your teachers did neglect to mention that. One day, the stories from “the new normal” of corona communism will also be quietly swept under the rug.

Twelve Long Years 

The bulk of this nonsense with the calendar reform continued for 12 years. Can you imagine living under this nonsense for 12 years?

Yes, They Tried To Kill The Fool Who Designed This 

Within 3 years of its implementation, Charles Gilbert Romme, the architect of the calendar reform, a man who worshiped the Republic, would be sentenced by the Republic to death by guillotine. This was for an entirely separate matter.

Romme committed suicide before that sentence was able to be carried out.

Accounts differ on how those last moments went for him. Faced with a death sentence from his beloved Republic, I suppose that he, at least for a moment, reflected on the fact that the state was not the ultimate vehicle for goodness and individual liberty.

On January 1, 1806, Napoleon returned France to the Gregorian calendar.

They Called It “The Calendar Of Tyrants,” And For Good Reason 

Though the calendar that came out of the reforms of 1793 has gone by many names (The Revolutionary Calendar, Romme’s Calendar, calendrier républicaincalendrier française), most notable among them is calendrier des tyrans or “The Calendar of Tyrants.”

The symbolic and realistic impact of the changing of someone’s temporal view of the world is almost impossible to duplicate. Simply try this with someone you don’t like — say “good evening” or “good night,” to them as they walk down the street, first thing in the morning, whistling, ready to conquer the day ahead. If they notice what you just said to them, it will almost certainly cause them internal discomfort so significant that their body will even react to the words. To break a person down, torturers attempt to disorient a person in time or to otherwise control time. Such psychological impact of controlling someone’s sense of time is virtually impossible to duplicate any other way.

Enter daylight savings. A group of technocrats, seeking to tweak things for the better and exert control, came up with a seemingly morally superior argument for that. They got funders, got traction in the media, got political sponsors, and made that a reality. Nearly three generations of Americans have now known nothing else.

It Is Hard To Imagine Daylight Savings Being Brought Down By The US Congress 

No matter how good the reason for it to come down, it is now almost impossible to imagine it would actually come down. Data and evidenece of course means nothing to such people claiming to be on the side of science. It meant nothing to them during the French Revolution, it means nothing to them today. They merely seek to control. For that daylight savings is impactful.

It’s very psychologically powerful for a government to be able to control time. I can not imagine the big dirties on the planet allowing that imposition to be reversed.

But that does not mean you can not change that in your own life.

You Control Your Life, No One Else — Why That Is So Important 

I speak about the importance of face masks for one reason more than any other — they are a low hanging fruit to help you begin to exercise your individual autonomy and to stand against nonsense in the world around you.

When the time changes protect yourself and your family. If you would not take meetings before 8 a.m. previously, refuse to take meetings before 9 a.m. after the time change. If your child started school at 7:30 a.m. previously, inform the principal that he will now be coming in at 8:30 a.m. Do not comply with psychos.

Fight and you may win.

Comply and you will not.

Saying “Yes master!” to a psycho is a sure-fire way to ensure that you lose.

Stand firm with good boundaries and you give yourself a fighting chance. But often it is far more that which you give yourself. Mark Twain wrote that it takes but one brave man to shout down a lynch mob of 10,000. You can be that brave man.

And you may just inspire others. Because courage is contagious.

And it is upon that courage that a new America will be built.

Let the wreckage of the American establishment happen. You may not be able to personally prevent that.

You can do one better than to save a sinking ship. You can ensure the well-being of the future and the continuation best of the culture had to offer.

You can do that by standing firm, by building your courage, by being the rock that those around you can turn to. All of this will make you a reliable foundation for what comes next.

That requires you to say “No!” to the psychos.

Courageous lions don’t wear face masks. Not for any reason. If you don’t know how to do that, read this — the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson.” (Any purchase you make through that link or this next link, contributes monetarily to the running of 

Courageous lions don’t let their children wear face masks, not for any reason. If you don’t understand how unsafe and ineffective face masks are, have a look at the recently-released “Face Masks Hurt Kids.” No book like it exists in the marketplace. It is a creative, passionate, delivery of decades of the best science that illustrates the harm done by the foolish and trendy masking policies implemented since Spring 2020. Face masks don’t just hurt kids. They hurt everyone, and they hurt our most vulnerable in society the most — children, the elderly, and the sick. None of those people should be masked against a respiratory virus, in fact, no one should. 

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