Medicare Data Shows 48,465 Deaths Over 80 Within 14 Days Of Shots: Scrubbed As Non Vaccinated: Renz

Over 1/4 of Remdesivir Treated Died Within 14 Days, Mostly Kidney Failure

This below was submitted as a comment by Edmond Paré. It is of critical importance, as a follow up to the Pfizer smoking gun documents, which Gate funded “fact checkers” are busy denying. [Their essential “Correction” is this: 1. People die, ok? 2. Anyone can file a VAERS report. (Displaying elite contempt for ordinary people.)

At 3:53 of the Thomas Renz video linked below, he reveals raw data from the Medicare servers, “CMS servers.” 18.1% of Americans are on Medicare, or 59.4 million people.

48,465 people over the age of 80 died within 14 days or their first or second dose. “This is raw data,” says Renz. “Raw. There’s no analysis.” He goes on the remind us of the insult-to-injury fact that the system rigged it such that if a person dies within 2 weeks of a a ‘vaccine,’ they are counted as unvaccinated.

Have you ever heard anything like this in your life?

More raw data: Of those patients given Remdesivir, 25.9 % died. More than a quarter. Of those, 46% died within 14 days of treatment. This is what Fauci considers a “life-saving treatment.”
Remdesivir causes kidney failure. This is true of most of the “vir” drugs that emerged from Fauci’s post-AZT, post David Ho “drugs-into bodies” HIV medication boom. More on this another time. Here’s Mr. Paré:

“With regard to these Pfizer documents, Dr Bryan Ardis of Texas uncovered a list of possible serious Covid-19 vaccine-induced adverse outcomes that the FDA has been withholding/hiding from the medical community, from authorized dispensers, and from all potential Covid-19 “vaccine” recipients. The FDA has had this CBER list since at least October 22, 2020, two months prior to the Covid-19 “vaccine” roll-out here in the U.S. At the same meeting, the CDC presented a similar list of possible adverse events they would be tracking. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, the Table 7 adverse events recorded by Pfizer are what were fully expected by the FDA and CDC to start being reported to them once the vaccinations started.

After watching/listening to several hospital healthcare personnel whistleblowers stating that it is primarily vaccinated individuals presenting to hospital, not with Covid-19 symptoms, but with what appear to be Covid-19 vaccine-induced injuries; and, then encountering vaccine-injury attorney Aaron Siri’s substack, I wrote the following article to assist in disseminating this info. At one point, GlobalResearch changed the URL, deleting all of the stats to that point, but that’s another story.

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