Virus Dangers vs. Vaccine Dangers - Fact Sheet

Virus dangers

1. Blood Clots— causing organ damage

2. Inflammation— causing organ damage

Vaccine dangers

1. Blood clots— causing organ damage

2. Inflammation— causing organ damage

3. Bell’s Palsy, Guillain barre syndrome, paralysis, neuropathy, Parkinson’s, death, myocarditis, pericarditis, etc.

4. Shedding— FDA knew about it in 2015

5. No long-term studies

6. No short-term studies either —control group was vaccinated

7. CDC Vaers data shows 750,000 adverse reactions to date and is undercounted by their own admission

8. Cominarty was approved without proper FDA procedures and is not even available in U.S.

Vaccine efficacy

1. Only 15% effectiveat preventing transmission or hospitalization after 7 months

2. Booster is the same medication

3. Fully vaccinated people still spread and catch Covid

4.     Vaccine seems to interfere with natural immunity after recovery from covid virus and could be dangerous