Sins of Omission and the COVID Bottom Line

As I’ve noted before, I’m a market kinda guy. None-the-less, as business guru Peter Drucker put it, “Markets aren’t perfect, they’re not even very good, they’re just better than anything else.

Keeping that in mind, they’re at their worst when they’re teamed-up with with government force to interfere with things at the behest of Big Business for fun and profit.

The most disgusting — and the most common — mating ritual is the arranged marriage between business and government, sometimes referred to these days as public-private partnership, but previously — and accurately — called “fascism.” That unholy matrimony is typically locked in place by the rubric of “regulation.

Contrary to the propaganda, “regulation” isn’t to protect us from big business, it’s to protect big business from markets’ invisible hands. That means our hands as consumers. If you find that hard to believe, well, check this out.

Probably the most disgusting coupling to date is the shotgun wedding among Big Pharma, the modern reincarnation of the defunct Club of Rome and the world’s elected liars and their cherry-picked bureaucrats, as they gang-bang vulnerable humans with the COVID-19 Narrative Pandemic.

As you may know by now, to get this scam on, they’ve been lying to us about nearly every aspect of the so-called “pandemic.” You can find a few examples HERE.

One of the favorite tricks of the cherry-picked bureaucrats is lying by omission. These three key lies-by-omission for example – – –

  1. Young folks, those under the age of about 20 down to infants need to be jabbed. Out and out lie-by-omission. The omission is that folks in this age bracket almost never get COVID-19, almost none of those who do get it die from it — and they don’t pass it on to grandpa. This is true in spades for children under the age 13.
  2. Folks who’ve recovered from the mild flu known as “COVID-19” — nearly all of them do — have acquired natural immunity as a result, proven to be at least 13 times more effective than an mRNA jab. Clearly they don’t need the risk of an mRNA jab. Fauci and the other cherry-picked bureaucrats obviously know this fact but cover it up, usually by omission.
  3. Most significantly for our discussion, there are thoroughly proven and safe treatments for the COVID flu, even for the more vulnerable and older folks. If there are alternatives, that makes vaccinations, — especially dangerous experimental ones like the mRNA jabs — illegal by F.D.A.s own rules. By omission, the elected liars and their cherry-picked bureaucrats have, up till now, been studiously avoiding this well-known fact.

So it’s clear, while figures don’t lie, cherry-picked bureaucrats do. Here’s one example of how they scam the statistics – – –

Dr. Peter McCullough said analyses of VAERS data concluded 50% of deaths occur within 48 hours of the jab & 80% of deaths occur within the week. CDC says you’re NOT ‘fully vaccinated’ until 2 weeks after injection, so any deaths BEFORE then are recorded as ‘unvaccinated.’ Check in if you’re not getting the COVID “vaccine.”

In other words, if you die from the vaxx — which is of course most likely to happen soon after you get jabbed — the bureaucrats count that as an unvaxxed death instead of a vaccine-caused death. Nifty, huh?

In a previous article I asked, “Are They Trying to Kill You or Are They Just Corrupt, Avaricious and Stupid?” Several readers suggested “all of the above.

Not to rule out the others, but lately “Corrupt and Avaricious” have stepped forward, are jumping up and down, madly waving their arms, and otherwise demanding attention.

That’s mostly because Big Pharma — and their elected fools, dupes and toadies are hitting stormy seas. Many European countries have finally thrown in the towel. The UK has dropped all COVID restrictions as has Sweden and Norway.

They can no longer afford the COVID nonsense — or to continue to bamboozle their citizen/victims into going along with the COVID and vaccine con. There are violent anti lockdown anti-vaxx demonstrations in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and particularly in France. Also Peru and several other South American countries.

Even hard-core lockdown-vax-loving Michigan Governor Whitmer has banned both masks and vaxx mandates in a desperate bid for re-election.

So, looking at things from the Big Pharma viewpoint — excuse me while I hunt up a dramamine — makes “avaricious” impossible to ignore.

And the co-operation between Big Pharma, the elected liars and their cherry-picked bureaucrats also make “corruption” difficult to ignore. Killing you, The Club of Rome, and “stupid” may fit in there somewhere too.

  1. The rule is, you can’t give a drug or treatment Emergeny Authorization if there are alternative treatments that have already been proven safe and effective.
  2. Despite the truly despicable lies, manipulations, disinformation, misinformation, and lies-by-omission, ivermectin has been proven safe for decades and now, extremely effective at treating the mild-for-most flu labeled COVID-19.
  3. It’s true that ivermectin is also used to treat horses and other animals, but then so is penicillin, ampicillin, amoxicillin, vancomycin, etc. Should we stop using them on us humans because they’re also used on animals?
  4. The effectiveness of ivermectin was proven on approximately 230 million humans in a W.H.O. endorsed study, tracked by C.D.C. and FDA but the fact it was ivermectin being tested was knowingly blacked-out — another lie-by-omission — by those sterling world health bureaucracies we were conned into respecting.
  5. That means the mRNA, so-called vaccines — with huge numbers of deaths and vaccine injuries to their credit — can no longer be legitmately given emergency status and their manufacturers enjoy protection from liability regardless of FDA shenanigans.
  6. As a result, the Big Pharma vaccine gravy train is just about to be derailed.
  7. Not an industry given to giving up on unconscionable profits — and seeing the end of the vaccine gravy-train in plain sight — at least two of Big Pharma mainstays — MERCK and Pfizer — have created ivermectin understudies.
  8. In particulr, MERCK plans on marketing it’s COVID-pill for $712, 40 times it’s $17.74 cost of production — to Uncle Scam of course. Uncle can afford it because He passes the cost on to the kids, grand kids and the yet unborn as the so-called “national debt.
  9. To put this in perspective, in that 230 million person ivermectin test in India, the Indian Government distributed a whole kit, including 10 12mg ivermectin tablets for $2.65 per person.

From the 1960’s: “You don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind is blow’n.

So, what excuse did the uninvited Big Pharma propagandists — otherwise known as “fact checkers” — come up with for excusing these amazingly over-priced and untested ivermectin understudies? It seems they fixated on that they are different compounds from ivermectin. That may or may not be true — most Big Pharma big money makers are knock-offs from nature. Asprin, one of the first, is from Willow bark — and that little blue pill was likely inspired by Yohimbe.

All that is of course, completely irrelevant except that it means these ridiculously overpriced ivermectin wannabes haven’t been around long enough to be thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness and so with ivermectin proven and available, these Big Pharma entrants can’t legitimately be given emergency status.

Another disinformation trap for the unwary used by the “fact checkers” is the fact that ivermectin is indeed used on farm animals, particularly horses. So is chloramphenicol. Penicillin is used to treat conditions in many animals. Vancomycin and other aminoglycosides are used to treat intestinal infections in chickens. They’re also used to treat infections in humans.

Do the “fact checkers” think we should forego the use of penicillin etc. in humans because they’re also used to treat animals? Or is it because their Big Pharma sponsors are avaricious and have become addicted to peddling unsafe untested products to Uncle and his cherry-picked bureaucrats?

The bottom line: The still experimental mRNA jabs are neither safe nor effective, nor, since there are safe and effective treatments, can they legitimately be given “Emergency” status. Ditto MERCK’s and Pfizer’s ivermectin understudies.

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