The Mandates, Restrictions and Propaganda: The Death Knell of Universities?

Dr. Maximilian C. Forte gets to the heart of the matter. We must face honestly that unscrupulous bankers, corporate hucksters, media hacks, and corrupt politicians have succeeded in pushing bogus science on the mostly compliant leadership of our universities. This exercise of power over a weak and servile academia is pretty much the death knell for what once could be credibly described as institutions of higher learning.

Now we have institutions of compliance with lethal and injurious emergency measures. These measures have been imposed on us without imposing on the ascendant authorities any real requirement to prove with credible evidence that a genuine emergency actually exists. Courts have failed, the media has failed, the medical profession has failed and now the universities have failed on a gargantuan scale to provide reasonable checks that might balance against the utter failure of our so-called parliamentary democracy to provide honest and conscientious governance.

Prof. Forte points to the absurdity of  “a university that effectively bans free speech?” If only that was the problem. Unfortunately it goes much deeper. Why have there been so few faculty voices speaking with the clarity of Prof. Bryam Bridle and Prof. Denis Rancourt to identify the mounting travesties that have been obvious from the inception of the manufactured COVID crisis? Mostly our faculty associations have been compliant right up to this advanced stage of the crisis when all constitutional protections for our inalienable rights and freedoms are being bulldozed under in ways that might become permanent and irreversible.

As for protecting the principles of academic freedom, I accuse our own Canadian Association of University Teachers of playing fast and loose on that score. Our association of faculty associations has not lived up to the heavy responsibilities it bears to defend academic freedom. Instead, CAUT is well in line with the betrayal of social democracy by the trade union movement and the NDP. As I see it, CAUT is more than willing to host the woke perspectives whose proponents seem to want more masking, more lockdowns, and more submission to cradle-to-grave regimes of mandatory vaccines no matter how unsafe nor how ineffective.


From Dr. Maximilian C. Forte

Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, QC, Canada, H3G-1M8

October 5

It is because of situations such as these, that I wonder why some colleagues–who are opposed to the mandates, the restrictions, and all the propaganda that goes with them–are fighting so hard to get exemptions. Who would want to preserve their place in such an institution? A university, that effectively bans free speech? It defeats the purpose of wanting to be an academic, and certainly wanting to remain. One might want to keep their job in a university…but when there is no university any longer as such, all you are keeping is “a job”. Sorry, but I would rather maintain the right to say what I think, and be folding sheets at the local Days Inn.

Imagine the inversion we have achieved here: a professor has to live in fear of what students might say.

The original source of this article is Global Research.