An American Expat in Austria

Dear Mr. “x” in Austria,

It is time to part ways.

Thus, some clarification in our parting of ways.

I did not call you a “Hitler,” but was only pointing out that by reducing people to “categories” and thinking of “other” “categories” of people as “inferior” simply because they belong to some category that is explicitly or implicitly un-approved by you, is something that comes right out of the Hitler playbook (the whole world now knows that this is what Hitler advocated regarding his ideas on the “superiority” of the Aryan “race”).

One of the things that I was saying was that many of the views that you have expressed over the time that I have known you about “other” “ethnicities” came to have in my mind a distinctly Hitler type flavor vis-à-vis ideas about “inferior” categories of people. With the main difference being that you have also included some of your own fellow Austrians in the “Untermenschen” point-of-view (i.e., all those “Cretins” [according to you] living in little villages like “x”).

However, . . . when I mentioned last night my thought that this notion of “other” categories of people as “inferior” as something that leads straight to the “concentration camp,” which in turn points in the direction of extermination, I was absolutely not referring to you as wishing on any people what for me is this “logical progression” from “idea” to “reality” (i.e., the progression from designating certain groups of people as “inferior” or defective in some way to rounding these people up and putting them in camps positioning them for extinction).

What I was inferring and what I do believe is the following.

When Hitler came to power and for some years after he came to power, he had the overwhelming support of many, many German (and Austrian) people, from all sectors of the populace (this included attorneys, academics from the top universities, much of the MEDICAL PROFESSION, etc.)

And it was this widespread and across-the-board support that permitted Hitler to move forward with his crazy ideas and plans. WITHOUT THE WIDESPREAD SUPPORT OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE, HITLER WOULD HAVE BEEN FROZEN-IN-HIS-TRACKS, which is to say that without the widespread support of the German people, Hitler could most certainly not have moved forward and accomplished what he did.

Many of Hitler’s supporters had a pretty on-target idea of and knowledge about what Hitler was actually up to. Many more (??) probably had a “misdirected” (badly informed) idea of what Hitler was really up to, but bought in 100% to the German government/mass media propaganda machine.

But in the end it did not matter who among Hitler supporters knew the truth or who were the clueless that did not know the truth but via “lazy thinking” (badly informed thinking) were simply buying into the government/mass media propaganda. In the end it was basically and really only a matter of widespread support for Hitler and his policies among the German population. Not Hitler himself as the primary blame, but rather, the power that the German (and Austrian) people gave to him.


And because I am by training and by my very nature a historian, I am always viewing much of what I experience, see and hear in the present within the context of the past.

I also hold myself accountable in an important way for what happens now, in the present. Because large groups of people are always in the final analysis groups of individuals, so that each and every individual has an important role to play. (One or two clever and persevering individuals can completely change the direction of a group at any moment.)

One of the reasons that I have to speak out is that I have come to the realisation that in my silence, by my not voicing very strong objections to what I have heard you say about certain groups of people, I am quite literally offering to you and to the world my consent for what you are saying. And that, I realise, is putting me into the category of those who are or who should be held accountable for the kinds of human atrocities that are often the result of this kind of thinking.

I had to cut the invisible, but now visible “chain” that was binding me to “wrong” thinking, as I am not a part of this “chain,” nor do I ever want to be implicated in support of it because I do not support any part of it. I want to actively and VOCALLY put my support on the side of goodness, righteousness and justice.

You have recently accused me in regard to my views of  “PC” (“politically correct”) thinking, but no, it most definitely is not that.

My thinking is 100% anchored in what has been laid down in Judeo-Christian teachings and writings. My thinking is based on things like the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ, which focus on such things as “humility,” “charity,” “love and respect for one’s fellow human beings” and “good deeds”. This to be sure is anything but “PC,” which in case you have not yet noticed, is full-blown Marxism (and also communist), hence completely anti-Judeo-Christian thinking in regard to how to live properly and in regard to what is “right” and what is “wrong”.

The second and equally important reason that I have finally spoken out is because of the current “crisis” in which we find ourselves today. I am speaking here about the criminally orchestrated “Fauci Virus” that is being used for the “Fauci Trojan horse” (i.e., the bio-weapon masquerading as “vaccine”).

Another realisation that I have come to have about you is that your thinking and consequent behaviour on just about everything is completely driven by the government/mass media propaganda machine. As I have not known you for a very long time, I do not know when your own independent “thinking” stopped or whether you ever had any, but at some point in your life you clearly turned over the task of “thinking” to the mass media/government propaganda machine. The gigantic TV screens prominently located on the walls of your living room in both your Vienna apartment and your “x” apartment clearly speak to this reality.

I have yet to figure out whether your support of the “Fauci Virus” debacle is active or passive in nature, but at the very minimum you give your support and your consent by way of doing absolutely nothing in the following ways:

(1) All of your thinking on the orchestrated Fauci Virus and its bio-weapon Trojan horse is straight out of the government/mass media propaganda machine — letting the government/mass media do your thinking for you.

(2) Each and every time I have presented you with a link to some important information offering counter-narrative to the official story (counter-narrative that is often backed up with official data and which is consistently presented by people who have zero conflict-of-interest), you have come back to me with the most inane comments not even worthy of a twelve year old with a functioning brain. In most cases, it is 100% clear that in the case of articles, you have not read beyond the first paragraph (if even that) and in the case of videos, it is clear that you have not listened beyond the first three minutes. A perfect example of a mind fully overtaken by the “idiot box,” with the kind of attention span that comes from the constant switching from one “idiot box” channel to another. In today’s medical terminology, “Attention Deficit Disorder.”

(3) If you had the capacity to read through a full array of the articles I have gathered since March, 2020 and to watch in their entirety an array of videos I have downloaded since then and had you the capacity to get beyond your child-like emotions and your “idiot-box”-managed thinking and to objectively consider what I have sent you and assuming that you had a still-functioning brain with the capacity to exercise critical thinking and logic, then you would, or should have come to the logical and intelligently-thought-out conclusion that we are currently in the midst of the biggest hoax in human history. But as I have pointed out above, you clearly do not have the capacity to read through a substantive article or watch in its entirety a substantive video chock full of real information. And thus in your “idiot-box”-managed thinking, you accept the “big lie”.

(4) Were you to dig deeper, you would find that what is behind the current hoax is what may clearly be described as a fully Nazi agenda. There are in fact many concrete connections between all elements of the current crisis and what went on in Germany, Austria, etc. in the 1930s – 1940s, as well as the documented Nazi connections of key players vis-à-vis the hoax, such as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, a chief orchestrator of the “big lie” and one of its current main drivers. (Nazi-thinking and behaving Klaus descends from a very prominent Nazi family who used slave labor during the Hitler years.)

If you had any in-depth understanding of what has really happened in the West since the early years of the 20th century, you would know that the Nazis were never really vanquished; they simply went underground, resurfacing in countless institutions inside and outside the USA, including back on their European home ground. There are many present-day German industrial entities with Nazi roots. Prominent Nazis were installed within the American CIA just as the CIA was first getting established in the post-WWII years and Nazi practices continue to exist in this criminal “intelligence” network (to this day, the “rogue” [Nazi] element in the CIA exercises significant control over the global media — see “Operation Mockingbird”). Prominent Nazis were put into place at NASA in the post-WWII years and became driving forces there, but all of the above is just the tip of a very big iceberg. The fact is that Nazi “descendants”, straight out of 1930s – 1940s Germany/Austria, are still alive and kicking. Globally.

(5) So then, in refusing, for whatever reason (either by lack of will or capacity), to dig beneath the surface (i.e., the propaganda machine), you are left with only the “big lie”. And because you consequently do nothing to speak out against it and do nothing in your behaviour and/or actions to withdraw your support from it, you end up in the final analysis offering it your full-fledge support (in terms of support for this kind of thing, there are no “grey” areas, it is either “support” or “non-support,” — in baby Bushes words, “You are either for us or against us”).

The modern day Hitler (or, more precisely, the modern-day Dr. Mengele) is Anthony Fauci, as evidenced in his undercover (at the Wuhan lab in China) development of a „bio-weapon“ masquerading since early 2020 as „covid19“ and in the dominant role he has played in the development of the „bio-weapon“ „solution“ (covid „vaccines“) to the bio-weapon that he created. Add to this the recent revelation of Fauci’s oversight of research involving absolutely unspeakable and beyond-the-pale animal cruelty and the picture is crystal clear.

In your thinking and behaviour and in your „lack of action“ and whether deliberately or non-deliberately, you, dear Mr. „x“ offer an „idiot’s support“ to this modern-day Hitler/Dr. Mengele and its dark, dark agenda. Even before the “Fauci Virus,” you engaged in distinctly Hitler type thinking by way of your inclination to throw people into “categories,” through which you then downgraded them as “inferior” human specimens.

With enough support and without enough people standing up against today’s “big lie,” it may very well reach a point where we find ourselves in a fully-operative “totalitarian” reality (we are actually already 90% there), where many will already have succumbed by way of death and incapacitating illness (via the Fauci Trojan horse bio-weapon [„vaccine”] and the unwarranted and criminal mass “testing” of healthy people [via harmful material in test swabs]) and where the remaining will be turned into “biometric slaves” (through ongoing, regularly scheduled forced injections of gene-altering chemicals).

Welcome, dear Mr. “x,” to “the Great Reset” of Nazi, Klaus Schwab, courtesy of the World Economic Forum.

This could be your reality, dear Mr. “x” in the not-so-distant future. This could be your daughter’s reality for the rest of her life. But your daughter is not to blame. You are.

That is why I had to speak out.