Natural Health Fakers; Their Scam and Their Fear

In a small American city, a supermarket caters to locals who’ve lived in the area for a long time.

Because the political authority has mandated masks, most of the shoppers wear them. But some don’t. The store employees ignore those who don’t. There’s no harassment.

Across town, a major health food store presents a quite different scene. Everyone is wearing a mask. Shoppers keep their distance from one another. If a daring shopper walks the aisles with a naked face, there’s a good chance a masked marauder will shout at him: PUT YOUR MASK ON. Store employees will definitely descend on him and hold out a mask. If the outlier refuses, the employees will promptly kick him out of the store.

What’s going on? Why are these supposed natural health devotees behaving like germophobic storm troopers?

Why are they suddenly worshipping at the altar of Fauci?

Why are they supporting the mainstream/government medical model?

Indeed, as it turns out, why are so many eagerly lining up to take the vaccine, which is actually a genetic treatment, when they’ve been attacking Monsanto/Bayer for genetically modifying crops?

Why do they squeeze that germicide goo out of a machine on their hands before they enters the store, when they believe Nature (their goddess), in her wisdom, has dispensed trillions to the trillionth power microorganisms all over the planet?

Once upon a time, long ago, natural health advocates went to the wall for Health Freedom, the right of every human to decide how to take care of his own body. Big government and big medicine were the enemies.

In 1994, I ran for a seat in the US Congress on a platform of Health Freedom, and I met some of these people. They were true (not fake, not compromised) libertarians. Their vision of freedom was crystal clear. And inspiring.

However, the present generation of natural health people (certainly not all, but many of them) are working an entirely different program.

Its bottom line is:


It’s a full-blown wall-to-wall fetish.

They see themselves as “successful in life,” and as such—no matter what platitudes and virtue signals they broadcast publicly—they consider themselves a class apart from the great unwashed masses.

For them, the lower masses are definitely unclean. And in order to build and maintain a wall against close contact with those proles, the new “natural health” proponents will take every measure they deem necessary.

Masks? Wonderful. Wear at least one, maybe two. Socially distance? Of course. Forget about six feet. Six miles, at least, if at all possible. There must be no class mixing.

Shame and attack the unvaccinated? You bet. Those virus-laden dirty super-spreaders must be stopped at any cost.

Suddenly, Mother Nature is a goddess who bathes in a tub of Purell twice a day, and rubs various oils and creams and gels and lotions on her body, to ward off the dirt and grime and ooze of The Streets. She does internal Cleanses at an upscale resort-retreat.

And if you could probe down below all the fancy memes and slogans these new “natural health” advocates adorn themselves with, you would find the conviction that THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, AND DEPOPULATION IS A MUST.

Otherwise, contact with the UNCLEAN is unavoidable.

And that is how these present-day Soldiers of Nature secretly join up with the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, various elite “radical environmentalists,” and other eugenicists, on behalf of The Great Reset, which ultimately demands Culling the Herd.

—Although, short of torture, you could never wring such a confession from one of these contemporary “natural health” persons.

The unwritten history of the last 40 years involves the transformation of the Health Freedom movement, from the radical I DECIDE to ELIMINATE THE UNWASHED.

As I say, not all those who still stand for Health Freedom now are on the side of Big Government and Big Medicine, but a disturbing number are.

As they stalk the health food stores wearing their masks, searching out offenders, they vaguely remember their freer days, long past—but now they’re the Stasi and the KGB. And they have no idea how that switch happened.

Meet the new androids.

If you actually took them to meet Nature, up close and personal, on an African plain where hungry lions were attacking the dead carcass of an antelope, pulling out the entrails, ripping away chunks of flesh, vultures circling overhead, stench-ridden dogs trotting in the background waiting for their leftovers, thousands of flies gathering on the corpse, they would flee back to their jeeps.

For them, the ideal wished-for dream of a natural environment would be the back seat of an air-conditioned limo cruising silently through Beverly Hills, the interior air sweet with the scent of lavender sanitizer.

For all but a few of them, that vision is a shore too far. But it’s a comforting fantasy.

Meanwhile, they can patrol health food stores and harass the unmasked. They can shout: VIRUS. They can imagine they’re wearing black uniforms and have guns in their hands.

Or syringes and needles. Or blow darts.

“Hold that disgusting man down! I’m going to shoot him full of Moderna! Then I’m going home, taking three showers and testing myself. Call Dr. Fauci and tell him I’m on the case. Achtung! We will destroy the Unclean…”

Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s blog.