First, Do No Harm . . .

Remember that one?

It was – once – the prime directive of medicine, enshrined in the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors were enjoined to treat their patients conservatively, in a manner that presented the least risk to them. People who weren’t sick weren’t enjoined to take medicines they didn’t need, especially when there were safer alternatives in the event they did become sick.

This fostered trust in doctoring, which was once upon a better time an honorable profession.

It has become a mercenary and political profession – driven by the lash of HMOs and fear of the American Medical Association, beholden to corporate McHospital chains and conglomerates  that are, in turn, financially beholden to the same corporate cartels that push the products of the pharmaceutical cartels upon the populace, initially via the TeeVee – ask your doctor about Zipthoria – and now via government and the corporate employer matrix that is effectively the same thing as government except worse because you can’t vote for a different one.

All of the above explains why so many doctors – not all, but a lot of them – now practice the reverse of the Hippocratic Oath and urge risky “vaccinations” upon their patients, including children – who are at little, if any risk from the sickness it is claimed to prevent (and which it is now painfully clear it does not). They do not warn them of the risks – and they often deny the results – of the “vaccinations.” (Here is one of the latest such.)

They amen “mask” wearing by healthy people who cannot get anyone sick and which “masks” they know perfectly well have never been shown to serve any medically useful purpose outside of the context of a hospital – especially when worn in the manner most people wear them – and given that most people aren’t wearing the type of “mask” that could at least theoretically serve a medically legitimate purpose.

The only possible explanation for all of this – given the facts about the suppression of facts about the risk of the sickness and of facts about the risks of the “vaccines” – and the uselessness of “masks” – is that the doctors who prescribe it all are under the same economic pressure (their continued employment) that is being used as a cudgel to coerce the populace to roll up its sleeves and efface their faces.

Only in the case of doctors, the pressure is greater because of the prospect of being defrocked. An ordinary workman can always find new work, often of the same type, working for another company. To hell with your “masks” – and your jabs!

But a doctor who is defrocked cannot legally practice his trade anymore – anywhere – and that not only means not working as a doctor it means probably not being able to pay off what was incurred to become one.

The choice is employment – or poverty.

This is a strong incentive for doctors to toe the AMA (and McCorporate hospital conglomerate) line. Largely gone are the independent family doctors – like this writer’s grandfather – who owned their practices, often run in the same home the family lived in. They could practice medicine rather than politics.

Or religion, for that matter – which is what this is all about and which by now any person not a member of the cult can clearly see.

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