It Is Time for a Serious Discussion About Secession

The red/blue divide could not be more apparent or visceral, and yet the naivety of the Conservatives/Religious Right is on full display. Once again, they are putting all their marbles in the national election basket, or in a political savior (Trump, DeSantis, Paul, Abbott, etc.). They seem incapable of thinking any other way. Why?

Brutus is the pseudonym I use because Brutus did not confine himself to a status quo box – when he saw trouble, he took out his quill and got busy. I will do the same. 

It is time for many others to do the same as well, to call forth new leaders to take the baton and blaze a trail to a better future instead of chasing the whole (control over all 50 States) and we lose it all. These nationalist leaders can no longer be trusted. We need leaders who see the table below and say, as Bobby Kennedy once was purported to have said: “Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream of things that never were, and say why not.” Where are the leaders who will pivot from the status quo (national elections and political personalities) and paint a better path forward, a path that will lead back to freedom in some parts of the United States. Where are the leaders who can be mature enough to abandon the all or nothing one-size-fits-all pseudo-solutions and press towards political and cultural homogeneous federations.

The idea of secession has come and it offers a beautiful path forward, where ideological divisions are embraced and valued, rather than ignored, leading to a kind of forced unity under some silly notion of a federal (central) government. We must abandon the immoral idea behind unity by government force and toss it on the trash heap of other failed political ideas.

Secession paints a road filled with possibilities, a hopeful future. Consider Trump and Biden as the ideological dividing line for purposes of illustration. Trump won somewhere around 27 States, Biden, around 23 plus the District of Columbia. I use the term “around” because there are a number of election audits on-going and while the election appears to be over, there are questions swirling about regarding election integrity.

Leaders must emerge who will promote the beauty and safety of the data points in the table below. Imagine if Trump were to call for a national divorce based on completely irreconcilable differences; we would at least have a shot at peacefully separating along these Trump/Biden fault lines. And Trump would seal his legacy as a man who sought peace and freedom.

Once free from one another and neither side competing for control of the whole via the federal government (in this scenario, the federal government ends), trade can commence. Mutual defense pacts can be negotiated, and travel and immigration can be defined by each federation of States. Governance and government can be determined based on general cultural and political homogeneity vs. the heterogeneous political wars we fight every four-years now. 

Tensions will decline and both sides will have the economies and military to defend themselves against the other as well as external threats. Trumponia could pull out of the WHO, UN, WEF, and set its own Covid-19 policy based on science vs. politics. In doing so, they could lead a total reversal of the current globalism effort and soon, other countries around the globe would follow and the existential threat by the government that we face would diminish. No one would be able to stop Trumponia with Trumponia in control of 3 Naval Fleets and plenty of other military assets. Not even the bankers, if crypto became our medium of exchange eventually.

There would be plenty of agriculture, energy, and water resources for both sides, plenty of GDP for both sides to absorb social security liabilities and other liabilities created by the former federal government. Trumponia could reopen for business, and even invite crypto-currencies to set up shop in the new federation. We could once again dream of a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. A Trumponia could lead the world out from under the cloud of darkness we are currently under. We actually could become a city on a hill, a beacon of hope

Secession is not perfect, there will never be a perfect process to decentralize political power closer to the people. There will be hurdles; I am not Pollyannaish about this idea. But it will be a giant step away from the current trajectory that may very well lead to either totalitarianism or bloodshed. It is a hopeful idea, based on real data points. And it calls into question the very essence of a central authority over a vast, diverse, pluralistic society.

Secession along very well defined fault lines gives both sides what they want, to live as they say they want. A discussion about secession, in the end analysis, is a discussion about why cultural and political homogeneity matter when it comes to building a society. The last eighteen months proves this point.