CDC Libertarians

The greatest threat to liberty and property for the past year and a half—and the foreseeable future—is the response of government at all levels to the coronavirus “pandemic.”

This threat is turning out to be the most intrusive, comprehensive, widespread, and tyrannical control of human beings and their interactions, commerce, health, and movements in recorded history.

But as I pointed out here, some libertarians are aiding and abetting the state in its destruction of society as a result of their ambivalence or their stupidity.

I call them CDC libertarians. I have written briefly about them here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Here are their defining characteristics:

CDC libertarians were for lockdowns, quarantines, face masks, travel restrictions, capacity limits, social distancing, and the vaccine before they were against them.

CDC libertarians never denounce Dr. Fauci by name as a liar, a fraud, and a propagandist.

CDC libertarians believe that face masks have been an important tool in slowing the course of the “pandemic.”

CDC libertarians never characterize the government response to the coronavirus as tyranny, fascism, or authoritarianism.

CDC libertarians have reservations about what the CDC says about the dangers of second-hand smoke, but fully embrace what the CDC says about the dangers of Covid-19.

CDC libertarians hesitate to trust the government—unless it is talking about Covid-19.

CDC libertarians believe that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective.

CDC libertarians believe that everyone should get the Covid-19 vaccine.

CDC libertarians believe that the Covid-19 vaccine has saved millions of lives.

CDC libertarians believe that if everyone will just get vaccinated, then life can return to normal.

CDC libertarians have no problem with the government paying for Covid-19 vaccines.

CDC libertarians have no problem with the government campaign to get all Americans vaccinated.

CDC libertarians believe the Great Barrington Declaration is fatally flawed.

CDC libertarians don’t like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis because he has made it difficult for government agencies and private businesses to require masks and Covid-19 vaccination.

CDC libertarians are glad that the FDA has begun approving Covid-19 vaccines.

CDC libertarians believe that children aren’t being hurt by wearing masks.

CDC libertarians would never say that putting a mask on a child was a form of child abuse.

CDC libertarians never question the accuracy of Covid tests.

CDC libertarians have no problem with school boards mandating the Covid-19 vaccine for staff and students.

CDC libertarians report Covid-19 dangers, variants, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths just like the mainstream media instead of regarding it as fake news.

CDC libertarians rarely open their mouth about the right of business owners to discriminate except when it comes to them discriminating against those who have not had the Covid-19 vaccine.

CDC libertarians reluctantly acknowledge the right of Christian bakers to refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, but wholeheartedly support the right of businesses to require the Covid-19 vaccine for employees and vaccine passports for patrons.

CDC libertarians view pharmaceutical companies as model capitalists.

CDC libertarians are more concerned about the rights of sex workers and those in the “LGBTQ community” than they are about the rights of Americans to go to work without having to wear a mask or get the Covid-19 vaccine.

CDC libertarians think that businesses requiring vaccine passports is an example of the free market at work.

I am not saying that every CDC libertarian accepts every one of these things. And neither am I saying that if a libertarian wears a mask or gets a Covid shot then that makes him a CDC libertarian. CDC libertarians know who they are. We’ve got their number. And as long as they are aiding and abetting the state, we’re coming for them.