Is it Selfish To Refuse the Jab??

Are you “selfish” for asserting self-preservation by refusing to risk a dangerous and ineffective mRNA jab?

It’s just the opposite: If you really care for others and society, you should refuse to take the risky jab because it could not only kill you, depriving others of your companionship, knowledge, skills and information, but disable you and make you a permanent burden on society, completely dependent on others to keep you alive.

And there are safe, inexpensive and effective treatments which have   been kept from us.  They make COVID much less dangerous.  Further, if you’ve had even a mild case — (you can get an antibody test to find out) — you’re already past the risk phase and have vastly superior and more adaptable natural immunity and so obviously shouldn’t risk a dangerous mRNA jab.

And a very important question, given the above — and especially since children rarely get COVID-19 or infect othersWhy Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?

So, jab or no jab? Prudent and altruistic – – – or just misinformed?

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