Really Bad Poetry

ISIS-K wants the US to stay;  MICIMATT agrees, just one more day.

Who advised Afghans to mass at the airport, creating the mother of all soft targets?  Some say the Pentagon told Sleepy Joe, and, well, he forgets.

It’s a great way of life, Americans moan.  Unless you have no cash or gas, and can’t get a payday loan.

Why bother to end the Fed?  In the end, we’ll all be dead.

OK, OK, even I can’t stand it!

The chaotic situation – to use a word Joe Biden used twice in his “where’s my stretcher” address to the nation – is metastasizing.  That is, the chaos is transforming into something worse than simple chaos.

A global war is on, yet no one declared it, and no one said anything.  But it’s on, just the same.  The glimpse of an astoundingly NOT chaotic transfer of power from the US to the Taliban is already fading, despite the media’s attempt to massage and stretch it like a good mozzarella.  Afghanistan, now ruled by the majority of Afghans in the form of the hardened, wizened and administratively-improved-by-35- years-of-civil-war-Taliban is going to be a breath of fresh air in the region.  The rise and role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is just one part of several decades of actual peace coming to this part of the world.

By the way – why do I think the Afghan takeover of Kabul is not as chaotic as your typical fall of a corrupt unpopular government when the colonial masters sneak out in the dead of night?  I don’t know, pick your Burma, Congo, Liberia or Guatemala…

It isn’t your uncle’s Taliban.  Much smarter, more grounded in reality, and with actual allies this time.

It’s the US government that is in chaos, and that’s the only chaos that should concern us.

We are led by our very own homegrown Konstantin Chernenko, if Chernenko had had the benefits of modern pharmacopoeia.

The war is already home, and it’s between broke-ass federal and urban governments (and their debt profiteers) and anyone left standing with a taxable paycheck.  MMT notwithstanding, the war is on.  Like all wars, it means one side wants complete control over the other side’s assets – if we are lucky, those assets will include “we the people” as living producing beings; otherwise, we will indeed see mass casualties.

It’s not a fair war, if there is such a thing, but it is a continuation of the concept of the US Civil War, whereby one part simply insisted that the other part comply with its rules, stop with the attitude of ungratefulness, and turn over property.  The Confederacy wanted out; the Union wanted resources.

Today, a rough parallel exists between the Washington establishment – the MICIMATT and the global banks seeking assets to match the real costs of living under undeclared MMT for so many decades now – and those in this country who are not in agreement with the Washington Establishment.

If you like hard money and gas engines – you’re the enemy.

If you believe “My Body, My Choice” is a fine rule for living as a free person, and have the temerity to suggest your life is simply not subject to tyranny from afar – you’re the enemy.

If you are starting to see that the ideological billionaires and their government cohorts – delivering your communications and your supplies and your food and your news – may not actually be working in your interest all the time – you’re the enemy.

If you are an enemy of the state, and the state is waging war on you, your mobility, livelihood, liberty and property, what can you do?

One thing you don’t want to do is mass around the airport, holding your babies and some paper money.

If you listen to the state propaganda, that unending litany of Scarients Alpha, Gamma, and Epsilon, do so from a safe distance, as if you are gathering intelligence – objectively, analytically and curiously.

If you interact with your community, remember it’s Vichy out there.

A lot has been written about the “benefits” of war, and there are few.  But a lot of people are thrill seekers, and there is nothing more thrilling than some healthy competition, especially when your life may be on the line.

A fun rule the Soviets had, since they all worked for the state, was “We pretend to work and the state pretends to pay us.” More fun than that was the shared view that in a socialist utopia, what belongs to the state belongs to me.  Literally.  Every American should have the keys to one or more armories.  Why not?

What appears to be state-promoted chaos is just a calculated method of national torture, complete with bright lights, blaring Metallica, cold water hoses and black bags over 300 million heads.  Once you see this for what it is, it’s not chaotic at all.  It’s the death throes of an empire, chickens home to roost, and a tumor of statism across the body politic that has turned on itself and its host in that metastization that Joe Biden mentioned.

Seriously, somebody ought to make an mRNA shot for that.  Meanwhile, I suspect that the 35% of the population that isn’t interested in listening to and complying with the authorities is going to do just fine, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.  You know it, I know it and the collapsing governments in the US and elsewhere know it.

Let the pig wrestling begin.