If You Do Not Want the Experimental Vaccine Send This to HR

A reader writes: 

Dear Allan,

I am writing to you in regards to your essay you had written “Employer wants me to get the Vaccine! What do I do?” 

I received the mandate in email that our enterprise would require vaccination with an approved vaccine by October 15th 2021. I unfortunately knew this day would come since the roll out of the COVID vaccines.  I would only guess that you have many emails such as mine requesting help with employer mandates such as this one.  I have read the essay multiple times trying to understand the path I need to take. 

I have printed off our COVID vaccine policy and enclosed with this email. I have also reread both documents multiple times and honestly I don’t see much legalese within either document that would make it difficult to read. The one policy “MGB COVID 19 VACCINE Policies” has information regarding exemptions from the vaccines. 

In your essay you wrote to ignore the employer form and not to mention it unless it has been mentioned to me first. Unfortunately It has been mentioned in the original email and in multiple team meetings. I have actually sent you a picture of the form. But in case the picture does not open or is removed because of antivirus I have also supplied the text of the information requested. 

Should I still write a letter or do I complete this form? 

This is unfortunately uncharted territory for me and for many others like me who believe we are being coerced into taking untested and dangerous gene therapy. I still plan on speaking with my manager about the mandate. 

I welcome you your opinions and recommendations

— An Man Who Will Never Take Another Shot 


Thank you for this note. You are in a common situation. There is no one size fits all approach, but let me give you a few suggestions for your situation and which apply to many other situations as well.

No One Has A Crystal Ball 

Would you have believed a month ago that the Taliban would be in Kabul with perhaps 10,000+ American hostage and $80 billion+ of American weapons, while world leaders call Hillary Clinton for advice, the White House ignores phone calls, Biden is back in his basement in Delaware eating ice cream, and the illegitimate President of the US and illegitimate Vice President play chicken with each other for days on who will address the compliant media first?

Me neither.

My point is this — a lot can change in a month.

Time Is On Your Side & Their Narrative Is Crumbling  

It is almost 60 days until you need to take this shot. A lot can happen. I strongly recommend that you turn in zero paperwork until as close to October 14, 2021, as you can. Zero. Nothing. Follow the policy. October 15, 2021, is your deadline. Treat it as your deadline.

Time is your friend. Eventually, enough self-righteous condo association Vice Presidents will develop Bell’s palsy and enough high school all-conference athletes will suddenly have the myocarditic heart strength of an 84-year-old stroke patient for the vaccine side effects to be impossible to ignore. People in the thousands, in impossible to ignore positions in their communities, are suddenly developing weird conditions after taking the vaccine. It’s not just easy to ignore grandmas in Cuomo’s murderous and criminal nursing homes getting strangely sick from the vaccine now. Anyone willing to consider correlation is encountering acquaintances and friends of friends with very strange conditions after taking the vaccine. Causation will soon follow. The “safe and effective” narrative around this vaccine is quickly crumbling.

What Your Policy & Many Policies Say About FDA Approval — A Loophole, For A Time 

The policy you sent also says this:

“1.) Acceptable vaccines and vaccine schedule.

a) Any vaccine that is currently approvedfor use by the US Food and Drug Administration and/or the World Health Organization is considered acceptable.” 

I do not expect the bought and paid for industry-controlled FDA to come through for you, but if some lowlife bureaucrat hasn’t gotten his pharma payoff yet and is still holding up the process of full FDA approval, or if that approval has been retracted, then on October 14, 2021, you are sending this:

Dear Dave in HR,

Per the policy, I am to be vaccinated with a vaccine that is approved by the US FDA. 

“Any vaccine that is currently approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration and/or the World Health Organization is considered


Please send a list of approved vaccines. 


Allan Stevo 

You can send this and have useful results because the unsafe, ineffective, experimental Covid shots are largely not “FDA approved.” They are largely under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). FDA approval doesn’t say much anyway. Vioxx, which killed more than a hundred thousand Americans, was under FDA approval too. It’s just useful to take note of this and keep it in mind as a possible way around your employer’s policy if the path to full FDA approval has a hiccup.

Currently, well-respected and well-connected county public health officials are giving public comment that approval is expected by Labor Day, September 6, 2021. The Monday, August 23, 2021 approval was the most ridiculous “approval.” Robert Kennedy and Dr. Meryl Nass have an excellent piece of analysis that highlights the deceitful process being reported in the media as “full FDA approval.” It is very important to not believe a single secondary source in the media nor to believe a single claim made in the media and to instead read the primary source material. The media has been deceitful on the very smallest topics through this all and has lost all credibility. Anyone who believes the media should be treated as not credible as well.

I wish you didn’t need to do so much reading to understand the trick the captive FDA, captive media, your employer, and big pharma were trying to pull on you, but that is the time we live in.

Your intuition that this is bad for you is all that is needed. You can walk away from these creeps anytime you want. The contortion of abiding by these contorted policies in order to remain unsullied by the Covid shot is only required by those who seek to continue living a life surrounded by these creeps.

What To Do If WHO & FDA Are Not In Agreement 

Your employer’s policy is broadly written to arguably include the WHO as a loophole if the WHO and FDA are not in agreement. If there is WHO approval, but not FDA approval, or vice versa, you can try something like this in reply to the response to the above.

Dear Dopey Dave in HR, 

Thank you for your note. 

Can you tell me more about why the corporate policy allows for WHO or FDA approval? As you might imagine, with the track records of the two governing bodies, I am far more comfortable with those shots that have FDA approval. 


You could alternately write the same invoking the WHO as your preference.

If the above is not the case, and that loophole in the policy is not accessible to you when your deadline comes, please do this:


The process I’m going to go through is how to comply with the policy, but not too obediently, so that you can 1.) never take the Covid shot, 2.) keep your job, 3.) keep your private info private, and 4.) lengthen this process for as long as it takes for someone with decision-making authority to come to their senses, lose interest, or determine you are not worth the trouble, while also not being worth firing.

This Process Isn’t Ideal. Ideal Is Frank Conversation. 

It’s not ideal. The ideal is to say to your boss, “Cut the crap. I’m not taking this shot. Either make this stupidity go away or fire me, but quit wasting my time with this nonsense.” For those who don’t feel in a position to say that, this process exists to get you through this day and to help you build muscle to fight bigger battles. If you choose to use this process, please ween yourself from it soon and move toward frank conversations with everyone in your life.

A Note On Job Performance 

This will work much better if you are a valuable member of the team with good reviews, and it will be another strike against you if they were looking for reasons already to fire you.

A Note On Privacy 

While I realize that you did not mention a particular concern for privacy in your letter, I’d like you to embrace privacy as much as possible in this process. If you cannot, your lack of boundaries on important issues of personal health and belief will be used as a method by which to whittle away at your resolve and to back you into a corner in which someone with authority is eventually saying to you “Is it really worth all this trouble to you not to take the vaccine?”

An Email For Vaguely Invoking An Exemption 

This is approximately how your first email should look.

Dear Dopey Dave in Operations,

Thank you for sending me the policy. 

In accordance with that policy, I will be invoking an exemption. 

Please confirm receipt of this. 


Allan Stevo 

1.) This should ideally be sent the day before it is due, no sooner.

2.) Call them by their first name, ask that you be addressed by your last name, not necessarily by saying that outright (which might be considered hostile), but sign everything first and last name, no matter how many times they call you by your first name or even by a diminutive of your first name. These are ways our guard can be cajoled into being let down. Stay on guard. Don’t get comfy. The person calling you “Jimmy” by email, the same way your mom did, wants to give you a vaccine that will have medical consequences for you. They have no business calling you what your mom calls you.

3.) The goal of this email is to provide as little information to them as possible while complying with the policy.

An Email For Keeping Private Details Private 

They may ask whether it is a medical or a religious exemption. Don’t answer. None of their business. The following email is useful for that.

Dear Dopey Dave the poor excuse for a liberty loving COO,

Thank you so much for your note. 

As far as I can tell, my note fulfills the criteria listed in the policy. If it doesn’t, just show me what I’m overlooking. 


An Email For Not Filling Out The Form

They may not like your email. They will ask for you to fill out the form.

Dear Dopiest Dave,

Thank you for your note. 

As far as I can tell, I have already invoked an exemption. Any form that would exist fundamentally seeks to identify who is invoking an exemption.  

The form you have sent me is rather intrusive, and I’m surprised to be receiving this requirement from you that I fill it out. It is certainly a break with prior company policy and industry policy to ask for such personal information.  

Pushing this issue and trying to get this personal information from me feels somewhat adversarial. Our company is notably not adversarial in the way we interact with each other. In the spirit of every accommodation, I’d like you to not have a bias for or against accommodating the request and to honor the exemption I have invoked with the information I have provided. 

I’d like to figure out how to invoke a legitimate exemption under this policy without providing this personal information about myself or any further personal information. 

The information I’m being asked for is sensitive, and it is important to me that it be kept private.


An Email About Government Policy 

After that, you can go with this one.

Dear Dave the Dastardly Dope, 

Thank you for your note. I have a few other questions about the policy. 

Is this new policy based in a governmental requirement? 

If so, would you please send that written governmental order to me? 


Each of these emails can be turned into numerous back and forth emails clarifying your request.

An Email Respecting Internal Protocols 

Then this one:

Dear Dopey Dave,

Thank you for your note. 

The information being requested is quite sensitive to me, information I consider private. 

Can you show me some kind of guidance from legal that it is appropriate to demand this information from me? 

It seems inconsistent with my experience at our company, to request information like this, and I want to make sure all internal protocols are being followed. 


An Email Vaguely Invoking California & EU Privacy Policies 

Then this one:

Dear Dave, Chief Among Dopes, 

Thank you for your note. 

As you and I both know, our company has had considerable challenge from hackers accessing internal databases — both through our own IT properties and our third party vendors. 

The information being requested is quite sensitive to me, information I consider private. 

Could you please share with me information on how this data is going to be used and who it is shared with? 

Also, how will it be stored? 


Sometimes Respond Quickly, But Don’t Always Respond Too Quickly 

I would continue to draw out this process, responding no more quickly than every 12 hours, and continuing to ask questions. Don’t respond on weekends, during travel, or days off. Sometimes take 2-3 days to respond in order to break the rhythm of daily back and forth.

After you’ve drawn out this process as long as you can, see what policy exemptions continue to exist. I recommend a religious exemption over a medical exemption if all else is equal. Almost no medical exemption will be approved and someone will eventually go after your doctor with intimidation. A religious exemption requires nothing but an attestation from you. Do not give any written or spoken information about any of your religious reasons for invoking a religious exemption. It is no one’s business.

An Email Invoking A Religious Exemption 

After dragging out the process, if they still want to know if you have a medical or religious exemption, go back to the first note, adding only that one additional detail and make them struggle with you for that information.

Dear Dopey Dave in Operations,

Thank you for sending me the policy. 

In accordance with that policy, I will be invoking a religious exemption. 

Please confirm receipt of this. 


Say no to all testing. Say no to all masking.

Negotiate Tougher By Refocusing The Conversation 

Every time a study comes out, mentioning spike proteins, I recommend you take that as an opportunity to negotiate tougher.

Dear Dopey Dave,

A recent study, attached here, shows that those who have taken the shot may be shedding Covid spike proteins in their daily life in numbers many times higher than those who have not taken the shot. 

Would you please provide me with a list of all vaccinated individuals at my work space? 

Also, would you provide me with a written policy of how the company is keeping the office space safe from the shedding among vaccinated individuals. 

After the amount of effort the company has taken to vaccinate the staff, this is a very troubling realization that the vaccinated pose a considerable risk to others. 

Please give this matter your highest level of attention. It is my desire to see us have a safe workplace for all employees. 


After that, they may be happy to leave you alone. Keep pushing the issue any time they bother you about your own vaccination status.

If they finally say to you “Get the shot or sign this letter of recommendation,” you can go this route, which I can’t imagine myself ever doing, because I find it cowardly.

A Move I Don’t Recommend, But Which Will Work For Some — Disingenuously Agreeing To Get The Shot 

You can agree to get a shot and then not get it by answering along these lines every time that Dopey Dave checks in with you. Each instance should buy you at least two weeks.

1.) My doctors says I need to be tested because I have some childhood allergies that may cause a problem for me to take the vaccine.

2.) The lab is backed up due to Covid.

3.) The lab is still backed up.

4.) My doctor has been hard to get in to see because of Covid. Not sure about results.

5.) My doctor says I need more tests. He thinks there could be an allergy. He will not write me an exemption because he says he has written his maximum amount of allowed exemptions for the year already, so he wants to be really careful.

6.) The doctor’s lab is backed up again.

7.) Still haven’t gotten results from the doctor.

8.) The lab botched the test. I need to go back to the lab next week. What a drama.

9.) I’m thinking of getting a new doctor.

10.) Still looking for another doctor.

11.) Finally found a doctor. I was able to get a new patient appointment with him six weeks from now.

12.) See #1 and go back through the list.

Find Friends 

You need to find people to collaborate with. Now is no time to be alone. There is at least one person who agrees with you at work. Find that person. Do that and you double your numbers. No matter how much it may be your tendency to be a loner, do not be a loner right now. I have heard so many stories of three employees, five employees, or ten employees shifting policy and not having to worry about any of the nonsense above. The maskholes don’t want to lose their valued people.

Start Job Hunting 

Be ready for them to fire you. Have a backup in place. Be very clear with your backup job that you will not be taking the vaccine under any conditions.

Just Tell Creeps Like This To Get Lost 

You might like many parts of your job, while a few vaxholes are making it miserable for everyone. If that is the case, it might make sense to take this approach. If that is not the case, and you are surrounded by a company of 40,000 vaxholes, I think that “future you” will thank “present you” for getting fired and starting a new life surrounded by good people and entirely devoid of creeps, because you demand no lower of a standard than an entirely creep-free and dope-free life.

Never wear a mask again. “Face Masks in One Lesson exists to help you do that, as do these pieces, and the email newsletter at  full of quick, easy to watch videos on how to make that and other bold steps a reality in your own life.