A Contrarian View

The Bug’s Birth

There are certain news commentators who seem determined to have us believe that the Covid virus (if it exists!) is of Chinese origin. They seem obsessed with this idea even referring to the virus as the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan virus.” Perhaps they protest too much! Maybe the virus is of U.S. origin!

I have no scientific basis for this belief—nor any other basis. Rather, it is based upon the common presumption that if A consistently accuses B of being a thief, may A himself is the wrongdoer. Oddly, those most vehement in asserting the Chinese origin of the virus are fond of telling us that the Democrats accuse the Republicans of what they—the Dems—are guilty of. Maybe the U.S. is using the same tactic.

Why would the Chinese invent this virus? If it was created as a weapon, it is a pathetic one, with a mortality rate of less than one percent among its “victims.” There already exist many much more dangerous organisms with which to wage germ warfare than Covid-19. And so far as I know, it’s impossible to train a germ to infect only your enemies, and not your friends. Attacking your enemies with germs is a dangerous, risky, business.

Cui bono?

So let us think the unthinkable: maybe the U.S. is the creator of the virus (if it exists!) Using the virus as an excuse, our Rulers have had us wear masks,( greatly increasing our carbon dioxide intake, while reducing oxygen intake)  keep six feet from one another (not 5.7 feet, or 6.8 feet) and quarantine ourselves (although through history it was the sick who were quarantined, not the healthy). Did the Rulers know these measures were of little, if any, benefit? Of course they did, being malign, not stupid. There were no such restrictions during the swine flu, or the bird flu. So why now?

The time is ripe for the Resest, the arrival of Soviet America. The Rulers have satisfied themselves that the people will obey orders, even if given by those without authority to do so. They will even enthusiastically accept a “vaccine” of mRNA—a genetic modifier— that will do far more harm than good. Government doles keep thousands out of work, because it’s silly to work when you’d earn less than you get on the dole. Creating dependency on government is a program near and dear to the hearts of the Rulers. The ultimate aim is grandiose: the eradication of Western Civilization, especially Christianity. A profound revolution is underway right before our eyes, and many do not see it. Sadly, many religious leaders are complacent about this. Might they be recipients of government benefits? Certainly the Catholic bishops are, closing churches on the order of some bureaucrat, without demur while accepting millions from the Rulers for the Church’s social programs.

One cannot serve God and mammon. In the present struggle for men’s souls, mammon is clearly winning, and Covid has given him the weapon with which to clinch his victory. He is assisted in his work by those Lenin described as “useful idiots.”

What of that remnant who resist orders from the mayor or governor and questions the veracity of the Rulers? Ah, for that there is war. In wartime we must all work together, shoulder to the wheel, united for a common cause—the defeat of a deadly enemy. We’re being indoctrinated to regard China as that enemy, and as the Covid restrictions show, we’ll believe what we’re told. And war puts a lot of people to work. War never fails to satisfy the needs of the Rulers. It’s waiting in the wings now, to be brought onstage when and if our Rulers deem it necessary.