Deprogram Yourself From The Mistaken Belief You Have No Immunity Against Pathogenic Viruses of Any Kind And Must Totally Rely on Vaccination To Avoid Death

Write the following on a chalk board, or type it at your computer, or write it out in long-hand fifty times so as to de-program YOURSELF from the false notion that you need to solely rely on vaccines to immunize against any and all pathogenic viruses and bacteria.  Here is your deprogramming script:

(N A M E) have come to realize I have a built-in immune system that is able to respond to every strain of pathogenic virus or bacterium and will provide natural long-term immunity for me against the COVID-19 coronavirus and other pathogens that are now circulating in human populations around the world;

… that all prior human societies would have vanished from the Earth if humans were not internally equipped with an overwhelmingly powerful immune system.

…that the highly infectious laboratory-produced/ five-times gain-of-function/ coronavirus, which in reality is a bio-weapon, has already infected most societies and produced herd immunity with accompanying antibodies, which diminishes the value of vaccination, and as I now recognize, needlessly exposes me to problematic vaccine side effects;

…and more important, that I probably have already developed long-term immunity against this pathogen and therefore may not require nor benefit from vaccination.

…Furthermore, I realize zinc-dependent T-memory cells produced in the thymus gland, predominate over antibodies and are the chieftains of immunity;

…and that dietary supplementation with the trace mineral selenium will help thwart any mutant strains of this and other viruses;

…and that I realize the immune system does not work optimally without essential nutrients such as vitamins (A, D, C, and trace minerals (zinc) which should supplement a healthy diet;

…and that the amino acid L-lysine serves to stop the replication of most viruses (herpes, corona, influenza, others) and may be used prophylactically to prevent infection or therapeutically to quell active infection.

…Therefore, I do so solemnly pledge to myself that I will overcome my misplaced fears and recognize exposures to all pathogenic microbes are beneficial in regard to development of natural immunity (no one is dying of COVID, but everybody who is dying is succumbing to a weak immune system, not lack of immunization), and therefore, social distancing and face masks are of little importance and even counterproductive;

…Additionally, it is possible that my immune system may over-respond or never shut off (autoimmunity), therefore, I have learned to augment my diet with vitamins A, D, zinc and resveratrol to normalize my immune response.

…I do testify I am of sound mind and am not an anti-vaxxer, but realize even the best vaccines don’t work without a functional immune system;

… and furthermore, I am a victim of a medical/political complex that has conflicts of interest in perpetuating the now antiquated cow-pox-like mandatory vaccination programs that pervade our schools and society at large; and that I personally embrace what I have written today on this ___ day of 2021.   Signed: ____________________

Now write, type or say this 50 times.  Undo the brain washing.

According to a report by Children’s Health Defense, The Centers For Disease Control’s aggressive efforts to vaccinate every American is uncalled for given that most people have already acquired natural immunity.

According to a report posted at LifeSite News, previously infected Americans are “unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination.”

Unexpectedly, a study in Israel, a well-vaccinated country, found natural immunity from infection was superior to protection offered by currently  available vaccines.

Among healthcare workers who experience more than average exposure to COVID-19, there is zero risk for reinfection after natural immunity is developed.  “Not one of 1359 previously infected subjects who remained unvaccinated had a COVID-19 infection over the duration of the study.”

Drs. Jeffrey Klausner and Noah Kojima, writing in an OP-ED column, state it is time to quit ignoring natural COVID immunity.

The New York Times even concedes “natural immunity lasts for years, maybe forever.”

Another headline report reads: “Had COVID?  You’ll probably make antibodies for the rest of your life.”

Even the National Institutes of Health posts a report saying “Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19.”

Unconscionably, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Infectious Disease, warns the public of a variant “East Indian Delta” variant of the COVID19 virus which he says poses “the greatest threat to defeating the pandemic,” actually registers a 99.9% recovery rate.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, an ex-drug company executive, says “natural immunization being the ultimate form of vaccination, and that vaccines would most likely not save very old patients with advanced immune senescence.”

A report in The Washington Post boldly said “people who previously had COVID-19 should go to the back of the vaccine line.”

When so many come to the same conclusion, they call this scientific consensus, something you won’t read about from news sources.