Dr Simone Gold Bombshell: Pence's Next-Level Betrayal

During the recent America’s Frontline Doctors speaking tour in Tennessee, Dr Simone Gold, an LA-based physician with a law degree from Stanford joins self-described “hillbilly” broadcasters, Tim Greer and Brad Barton to talk about the experimental vaccine, Big Tech censorship, the FDA and more.

Dr Gold publicly reveals for the first time a meeting she had in July 2020 with Vice President Mike Pence, in which she explained to him how the way to win the Election in November was to have the President sign an Executive Order to make Hydroxychloroquine an Over-the-Counter (OTC) drug, available without a prescription in the US, thereby bypassing the horrifically unethical Big Pharma-financed attack on a safe, WHO-designated Essential Medicine, approved in the US since 1955.

Hydroxychloroquine is OTC in the tropical countries where COVID-19 cases and mortality rates are found to be the lowest, due to the drug’s proven effectiveness, both against a range of early-stage viral infections and as a prophylaxis to prevent such infections.

Dr Gold informed Pence that if the American People were given access to this drug, the cases would go down to zero, which would make Trump look like a hero and guarantee his re-election.

She told Pence, “Once it’s Over-the-Counter, there’s nothing Congress can do, there’s nothing the doctors and pharmacists can do to stop it…They were going to hold this coronavirus thing over him [Trump], so if the death rates went down to zero, it would have been beautiful.

“I didn’t understand how I met obstruction at every level…It’s tragic that the President never heard this. And the reason that it’s tragic is I know that the President, himself was an advocate of hydroxychloroquine.”

Dr Gold hired a legal team to create a draft of the legislation. “We actually presented it to the Vice President.”

The two Tennessean hosts shake their heads in dismay. Brad Barton says of Pence, “That takes his Judas to a whole ‘nother level…It’s a bombshell!”

Dr Gold continues, “I’m a doctor and a lawyer, so I was upset for the patients…and then, on the policy level, it would have changed the outcome of the world.”

Reprinted with permission from Forbidden Knowledge TV.

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