A Requiem for QAnon

A sign that we’re still in the proverbial fog of war is that theories of all manner of plots and plans abound, giving people hope that even though things look bleak, we’re headed toward that happy ending. And much of the encouraging news online comes from the mysterious, still anonymous “Q” and his cadre of analysts who unpack his cryptic messages for the trusting Q followers.

You see, according to Q, Trump, along with trustworthy military personnel, has been playing 4-D chess all along in order to oust all the Deep State criminals, try them in military tribunals, and sentence them to serve their prison terms in Guantanamo.

And when things turned dicey after the election, Q assured his followers that Trump was in control and was just giving the traitors enough rope to hang themselves. Key Q spokesmen including Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele, and Simon Parkes predicted “The Storm” would come on January 6th—not the storm that actually came, but one that would assure Trump remained in the White House. When that backfired dramatically, it was surely to come on January 20th. And when that failed, Trump was to be inaugurated on March 4th.

With a nod to humorist Dave Barry, in whose decades-long syndicated Miami Herald column he frequently wrote entertainingly wacky stories and then vouched for their accuracy in the same words I’m about to use: I am not making this up.

You’d think the QTards would retire in disgrace after all these false promises, but noooo. The various Q spokesmen assure what may be their millions of followers that Trump will be inaugurated once more on…wait for it… July 4, 2021!

Funny, I thought Sleepy Joe was the de facto President now. I must have missed something.

QAnon’s Redo of America

Now, I recognize that hope is a good thing—even a necessary one. But it needs to be based on reality. So let’s examine a few of Q’s claims to see if they pass the credibility test. But before we do, let me summarize the mismash of QAnon theories, promises and predictions circulating on the Web for at least the past couple of years, but now escalating into the promise of a Brave New World.

According to Q et al., in 1871, Congress sold America to the international banking cartel—an earlier version of what we have today—thus removing the United States  from the Constitution as the law of the land, and creating, in place of the Republic, the Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  The proof? The use of all capital letters and the changing of the preposition from “for” to “of”, i.e. the Constitution for the United States of America, versus the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Got that?

Where’s the good news, you ask? Hold on! It seems President Trump declared the Corporation bankrupt, which may sound bad at first, but then he restored America back to our original Republic so we get to start fresh…and with no debt! And Trump is still the President, though not the 45th—that was for the Corporation—but rather the 19th.

Guess he’d have to change all those “Trump 45” logos on posters, T-shirts and such. And just imagine the confusion for students studying history when they’d learn that Trump was the 45th President, and later the 19th President. On second thought, given the idiosyncrasies of Common Core math, maybe this would make sense to them.

Trust the Plan!

Not only that, but Q assures us that the military is in charge. Huh? You mean as in a military dictatorship? When, historically speaking, has that turned out well for the public? Oh, but these are the “white hats”—i.e. the good guys. And they have a “plan.” “Trust the Plan!” says Q, over and over again, along with “Watch the Show!” and “We’re in control, patriots!” In other worlds, Q, who won’t even reveal his name, posts cryptic messages in the bowels of the internet saying patriots should sit quietly at home eating popcorn while Q and friends save the Republic. Does that reassure you? Me neither.

And what exactly is this “Plan”? Nothing less than a worldwide sting operation to take down not only our domestic coup plotters, but also an international ring of pedophiles, and assorted “black hats”—i.e. bad guys, not to put too fine a point upon it—while ushering in a new Golden Age. I mean that at least quasi-literally, since another part of the “Plan” hinges upon NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act), a bill supposedly signed by former President Clinton that creates a debt Jubilee—total debt forgiveness—and a return to the vaunted gold standard, with one hitch: by means of blockchain technology, i.e. cryptocurrency. I haven’t seen an explanation of how Clinton could have signed onto the blockchain part, as it hadn’t been developed back in the 90s, but why quibble with genius.

And Q continues to assure us, through his many mouthpieces, including former Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Steve Pieczenik who once worked in intel under Kissinger, the X22 ReportCharlie WardSimon Parkes, and many others, that “The Plan” is well under way, there are hundreds of sealed indictments, and the bad guys will soon be arrested.

They’ve been telling us this since Robert Mueller was named Special Prosecutor, only back then, Q’s advice was to “Trust Sessions” and “Trust Mueller.”

After we learned Sessions nearly terminally hobbled Trump’s administration, and Mueller was a Deep State fixer, did Q’s followers abandon his leaky ship?

Well, this one did! Yes, I know whereof I speak, as I was intrigued by QAnon in early 2018, and can tell you it was a brilliant and highly addictive psy-op. Much to my surprise, however, instead of Q vanishing shamefacedly in the night after dozens of false predictions and disingenuous promises, the psy-op is still going strong!

Now why might this be? In fact, as I understand it, Q himself has not “dropped’ any more of his cryptic “breadcrumbs” (i.e. posts) so far this year, yet his acolytes are still going strong.

Apart from the possibility—some would say likelihood—that Q’s mouthpieces have nefarious intentions, they may well have a strong pecuniary incentive. Consider that they have amassed myriad followers as internet “influencers,” which generally means big money. In fact, Charlie Ward claims to have over 13 million followers! If they’ve been reaping a monetary harvest, the Q spokesmen may be loath to relinquish their cash cow. This of course means they’d have to keep spinning stories out of whole cloth, in the manner of an ongoing soap opera. Luckily for them, it seems their audience is always ready for the next episode.

So what is the Qsters’ current claim? Trump will resume his presidency; OK, that’s an easy sell, as 90 million of people or more want this to be true. But note how the Q promoters keep moving the goal posts for Trump’s 2021 inauguration: from January 20th to March 4th to July 4, 2021. Hmmm… And how is this to happen, pray tell? With the assistance of…wait for it… JFK Jr., who didn’t really die when his plane crashed two decades ago.

Again, I am not making this up. My imagination is just not that fertile.

A word about Simon Parkes before we move on: Mr. Parkes claims he was abducted by aliens, knows some of them quite intimately, and believes in lizard people among other alien life forms. Interestingly, none of this has lowered his credibility with his followers, but they did give him flack for claiming to have spoken to the real “Q”. This they found to be beyond belief, so he had to back-pedal. Apparently, no one gets to talk to the man behind the curtain.

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