Rush to Vaccine Judgement

The Rush to Judgement and the Singular focus that only an injection of RNA into humans will save humanity from extinction because of a virus labeled Covid19 is ludicrous when you step back and analysis how this concept has been sold to the world governments and has created a fear level of dying never seen on this scale. Having this happen cannot be out of ignorance, but by design.

It is unfortunate and intentional that medical knowledge that properly puts the Covid crisis into perspective is ignored, criticized, and hidden from the general public unless you search for the knowledge.

The White Paper published by a distinguished group of astute physicians puts it all into the proper perspective.  White Paper on Experimental Vaccines for Covid-19* (

The experimental mRNA injections (m=messenger) trick the immune system into allowing the RNA to enter human cells and reprogram the cells to produce a protein that supposedly will then instruct the immune system to produce antibodies to protect from the specific virus. This is EXPERIMENTAL and has not been evaluated for safety.

What appears to be happening is that the immune system will not recognize the VARIENTS of the ever-morphing Covid and the cycle of deaths from Covid will increase as more and more humans are vaccinated.

In the Frontline White Paper, this event is addressed as a possibility.  Here is a summary of the issue:

VI. COVID-19 Experimental Vaccines & Antibody-Dependent Enhancement A well-documented and serious side effect of vaccines is known as pathogenic priming or antibody dependent or immune enhancement. It is difficult to prove, with doctors and scientists and the public tend to initially deny its existence by saying a person(s) has “a worse virus.” One way we learn that ADE is a real effect is by comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. If entire populations are immediately vaccinated with these experimental vaccines, the true incidence of ADE will never be known, as many cases will just be falsely described as a “new strain” or “more severe strain.” Although most readers have never heard of it, antibody-dependent-enhancement is so well known, it even has its own Wikipedia page:    screenshot date December 8, 2020. Note that coronaviruses are commonly implicated.

Already, they (CDC etc) are warning of a fourth wave of Covid cases and death are on the horizon.  They are also saying that a THIRD mRNA vaccine will be required.

So the basic issue becomes:  Is the fourth wave due to the variants infecting those who have been vaccinated, or those who never have been vaccinated.


If you are vaccinated, you can still get the infected by the Covid virus.

If you haven’t been vaccinated and get the Covid and recover you have antibodies that protect you from future exposures.  Only 1% of the population is at risk of dying and the risk is minimized by known proper medical treatment.


Is the dying from the fourth wave being accelerated by the fact that those who are vaccinated have NO Defense when exposed to the variant Covid strain since it was made in the Wuhan Biowarfare Lab where they figured out how to weaponize the virus with what is called “Gain of Function” ?

They have done experiments on animals and have reinfected them after receiving a mRNA injection and all the animals have died.

Dr. Sanja Gupta from CNN has announced he believes the virus was man made in the Wuhan Lab. How will they silence his viewpoint?

Will those who are vaccinated live in fear that they will acquire the Covid variant and die decide they must stay isolated and wear masks the rest of their lives?

From the beginning of this crisis, I have voiced my opinion that the approach to managing the Covid crisis has been poorly managed.  The true statistics of this crisis has been ignored in guiding a more concise and coherent approach. The singular approach that only an injection can save you has been the goal.

I encourage all thoughtful humans to read the white paper and decide what the real issues are.

My thoughts for the day.

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