Survival Currency

HOW TO CREATE SURVIVAL CURRENCY: Just a short note to alert readers at that the investigative journalist James Corbett of CORBETT REPORTS, in his Episode #394, presents helpful and practical information on how to create survival currency.

Corbett says any system of exchange you come up with requires community before currency; you need a community of people who agree as “freedom cells” to participate in a way of exchanging goods and services.  The ideal is to find a community where you all agree to produce essentials for life and use precious metals as the medium of exchange.

One example Corbett provides is a local currency established in a small Greek town.  A community of 900 exchange a currency that is local.

Check Amazon for Pricing. Another example: The town of Woergl in Austria during the great depression created scrip that was backed by schillings.  The scrip became higher valued than the schilling.

Another idea is to create a list of businesses that accept precious metals as payment.

Other resources:

App: A bartering app

Something to read: Money : Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.