Did Lockdown Work? Doesn’t Look That Way

Most of my “friends” are convinced the virus and the vaccine [and man-made global warming] are real.  When I corner them on why, they tell me they are “believing the science”. When I ask them for the science they are believing, they cannot give it to me. They admit they are just believing the “best looking” (most convincing) talking head like Fauci who changes his mandates like the wind. They have been told that the vaccine is the only way to stop the virus. They can’t believe the media and government would lie so boldly. When I give them alternative info, they dismiss it and me, saying things like, “let’s agree to disagree”, like it is some religion (which it is) and you can choose which you follow based on faith and presentation, not facts.

Here are excerpts from an August 2020 paper by Christian Bjørnskov of Aarhus University and the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm.

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Did Lockdown Work? An Economist’s Cross-Country Comparison

I compare weekly general mortality rates in the first half of the year in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 in 24 European countries that took very different policy measures against the virus at different points in time. Estimating the effects of these policy measures as captured by the Blavatnik Centre’s Covid 19 policy indices and taking the endogeneity of policy responses into account, the results suggest that stricter lockdown policies have not been associated with lower mortality.

While weekly mortality counts all actual deaths in the country, Covid 19-related deaths are counted as deaths where the deceased tested positive for the virus but where the death is not necessarily caused by the virus.

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