Why This Reader Wears A Face Mask. I Hope You Are Not Telling Yourself The Same Story

Dear Allan,

I work for the U.S. Postal Service. I refuse to wear a mask in stores, restaurants, other people’s homes, etc. Not once have I worn a mask, except at work.

My job, like almost all postal jobs, is basically manual labor, it just pays better than almost all other manual labor jobs.

My wife and I made the decision this past year to remove my 8 year old son from the public school indoctrination system, one of the things people like you on the dissident right likes to tell the proles like me that it is imperative that we do. I don’t disagree, obviously, but I’m trying to make a point. My wife had to stop working to accomplish this feat, so we are a single income family now.

I don’t work at a fast food joint or a retail store. I can’t quit my job and readily get another for anywhere close to the same wage. Postal jobs don’t teach you skills that are in demand in the workforce. They teach you no skills. I’m basically a manual laborer with an inflated salary. That’s how they trap people in this miserable operation.

Now they say we have to wear the face covering. There’s even a presidential executive order to enforce it. I would gladly sacrifice anything for myself in this struggle against government control and massive propaganda, but it’s not about me. It’s about my son.

There are a lot of people out there just like me. How do we protect our children from the propaganda machine without an income? How do we have an income without a job? How do we work a job without the face covering, especially a job on federal property? It’s a catch-22.

I know you don’t have the answer. Again, I’m just trying to make a point. It’s easy for you to tell people to resist when you’re not in their position.



Miabella 18K Gold over... Buy New $59.00 (as of 03:06 EST - Details) Dear G.G.,

First of all, thank you for this note. Thank you also for the steps you and your wife have taken for your family and for your son. I’m going to ask you to do more.

You and your wife are clearly a team able to strive toward shared goals and to accomplish much together, and I am confident that you can rise to this challenge that you present.

My opposition to the mandates of 2020 is full-throated, and I expect the same of everyone else who says they stand for freedom.

I don’t know what’s most fitting in your situation, but a note from a doctor and a conversation or two with your union griever, in many jobs, is likely to allow you to 1.) go through your workday 100% maskless, 2.) get full paid leave, 3.) get early retirement, or 4.) end up a plaintiff in a lawsuit against your government employer that will pave the way for many others to fight back against these government mandates based on fake science.

My suggestion is to seek option 1 as the preferred route, but I don’t know you. Your preference may be something else.

If you can’t say “no” to the mask today, you will be one of the first forced to take the experimental Covid “vaccine.”

Either you are a man of values or you are a man of preferences. I am understanding from your letter that you have preferences. You and I may be fully in alignment about many things in life, but on this specific topic, I consider you part of the problem if you ever wear a mask.

You are part of the reason a second and third mask are being talked about. You are part of the reason an anal swab is being talked about.

Because Of The Peacetime Sacrifice Of Others, We Enjoy Such Freedom & Prosperity

Sir, you may not understand the great cost that it took to get us to this stage in history we now live in that allows you the freedoms that you have. Miabella 925 Sterling ... Buy New $16.90 (as of 03:06 EST - Details)

You speak to me about a job.

I speak to you of the Protestant ministers who were sold into slavery because of their faith and placed on galleys. Do you have any idea what the life of a galley slave was like? Protestantism did not disappear.

I speak to you of the Puritans who crossed an ocean just so they could practice their faith. Puritanism did not disappear.

I speak to you about the centuries (ten or twenty generations) of Christians who were fed to lions, flayed, stoned, crucified in “civilized” Rome, before that place became the seat of Christianity and later Catholicism. Catholicism did not disappear.

I speak to you of the Orthodox Christians who were allowed to build churches as long as they didn’t use nails. They had to, by law, build their churches of combustible material. They were not afforded the safety of the city walls, and in an era where that safety was vital. Orthodox Christianity did not disappear.

I speak to you of the men who were hung because they stood up to the king. Opposition to the king did not disappear.

I speak to you of the men whose wives and children were raped and then murdered because they stood up to the king’s soldiers. Opposition to the king’s soldiers did not disappear.

I speak to you of the men who lost their tongues because they spoke up, who lost their testicles because they acted too bravely, who had their backs cracked in two because they stood too upright. Speech, bravery, and uprightness did not disappear. Miabella 925 Sterling ... Buy New $18.99 (as of 03:06 EST - Details)

I’m talking to you about a man being force-fed his own stones because he stood up for freedom, and you are talking to me about a job.

Do you know what would happen to a wound like that in the year 1300? Burning at the stake was a kinder punishment.

Many cultures have horror stories of the tortures and abominations visited upon the men and women who stood up to authority.

Their sacrifice in the name of virtue built cultures of freedom that supplanted the preceding tyranny. This is the very opposite of the virtue signaling of our day, which comes at no cost, but rather with a benefit. Truth is often costly to the speaker. Deceit often pays.

Sir, a great deal of pain has been endured so that freedoms can be passed to us. And you speak to me about your job and your pension as if I am supposed to then call you a man for such a piddly excuse?

Red Herring Alert: No One Is Asking You To Quit Your Job. I’m Asking You To Have A Conversation And To Navigate Relationships And Rules

If that was needed, that’s what I would ask of you, but that’s not needed and it’s not what I’m asking of you.

I don’t want you to give up your job and your pension. I just want you to do the thing I’ve been asking everyone to do.

1.) Read the rules that apply to you.
2.) Identify the exemptions that apply to you.
3.) Invoke the exemptions that apply to you. Ross-Simons Italian Le... Buy New $59.00 (as of 03:06 EST - Details)

That may require a few minutes or a few hours of educating yourself and a few uncomfortable conversations. At this point I’m not sure anyone can claim that they can wear a face mask safely. There are so many studies from 2020 that show the harm done to the mask wearer.

Stop Trusting The News. Go To The Primary Source

Stop reading the newspaper or watching the news. It is full of lies told by knaves and half-truths told by imbeciles. Go to the primary source. We live in the Internet age, so the primary source is always accessible. When it isn’t, we have the gift of the Freedom of Information Act, which makes information available to you at a speed no one could have imagined two generations ago.

That takes work. But you know what, a little work is so much better than getting hung after watching your family get raped. We live in an era that expects so little from us to defend our freedoms, yet so many of us when asked to pick up the phone to a manager or a bureaucrat say “give me peace in my day,” a response that will ultimately leave our children and grandchildren in a land where getting hung after watching their family get raped is their fate because their forefathers couldn’t be troubled to carry on an uncomfortable conversation.

Couldn’t be bothered to spend a few nights reading laws. Couldn’t be bothered to hunt down a lawyer. Couldn’t be bothered to fight the fight that was in front of them to preserve liberty in their own lives, and by extension the lives of others.

We can return to hard times like that or we can structure our individual lives to provide for greater liberty. We must not lie, however, and say that our current trajectory is a good one for liberty. Status quo will return us to hard times.

I do not know the specifics of what that looks like in your own life, but you have written me an email that indicates you aren’t willing to figure it out any more than you have already done. I’m not claiming it will be easy, but what it will lead to, this exercise of your liberty, this defense of your values, what it will lead to is even more liberty and even more defense of values. There is never enough. The work is never done. Life is not static, but dynamic. The alternative is to condemn your heirs to so much worse.

Maybe our generation will even see that fate. But seldom is it the cowardly that truly feel the pain of their inaction. It is often those who come after who must bear the brunt of the tyrant the coward helped empower.

Biden’s “Mandatory” Order Is Not Mandatory, Read It Yourself Instead Of Listening To The Media

The illegitimate Biden wrote an executive order calling for mask mandates on federal property. Based on the more media-based, dispirited tone of your email, I suppose you have not read it. Please do. His 1,620 word January 20, 2021 executive order 13991 “Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask-Wearing” is hardly mandatory.

It uses the word “exception” four times and the word “exemption” once. Whether the reportage comes from Fox or The New York Times, I seemed to miss that detail being reported in the press when his “mandatory” face mask order was being covered. The media exists to dispirit. The quicker that can be accepted and the media scrubbed from an individual’s life, the better off the individual is.

This “mandatory” order is further weakened with additional stipulations, such as twice stating “consistent with applicable law,” twice stating “to the extent permitted by law,” and once stating “public health best practices.” These are all additional avenues that allow anyone subject to this order to demonstrate applicable law or best practices.

Do I want you out of a job? No.

Do I want you without insurance? No.

Do I want you without your government pension? No.

I want you to have all those things and to have them maskless.

I want you to be maskless and to thrive. I want you to walk strong and brave like a free man. I want you to have generations descended from you that prosper. And if you can model that bravery and freedom, especially in their formative first years, then I believe they will have an important role model and be more likely to do the same. But the actions you describe are actions of he who would have his descendants live as slaves: those who own nothing, not even themselves, and are happy enough not to rise up.

Klaus Schwab Has A Plan For Your Kids

A man named Klaus Schwab recently indicated he had this in mind for your children and you seem to be in support of that plan.

I have given up more in 2020 than what you mention in your letter, and I have learned so much about my fellow freedom fighters: hardly one in ten thousand value freedom enough to act.

I want you to act.

Posterity needs you to act.

AOC knows not the evil that she does, you know exactly what evil you do.

Are you a man of preferences or a man of values?

It’s that simple, Sir.

Your response tells me everything I need to know to answer that question, but how foolish it would be to try to sum up a man from a hastily written email.

Now Is The Time To Build Your Defenses

At the very least you owe it to yourself. If you can’t say “no” to the face mask, you won’t be able to say “no” to the vaccine. You won’t have done the practice and won’t have put in the hours to build the muscle capable of standing up to worse. If you can stand up to the face masks in your own life — every corner of it — you can stand up to anything.

Sir, if you, or anyone else telling themselves a similar story, has children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, I can’t imagine what stashes of money you might leave to them — maybe $30 million each, maybe $80 million each — that would be able to make up for the impoverishment of liberty you left them and modeled for them.

There’s hardly anything more precious you can leave them.

I don’t know what to say, Sir, other than: you owe them better. And you owe yourself better.

We already see this doesn’t end here. As the moments pass and you normalize face masks, lockdowns, mandatory tests, mandatory vaccines, you perpetuate the next round of evils.

No one needs you to be Superman and save the world from a meteor. We just need you to be the Superman you can be and save yourself and those entrusted to you from the tyrant.

In this era, so little is needed of you in order to accomplish that.

Three External Resources For You & A More Valuable Internal Resource

I wrote Face Masks in One Lesson  for exactly someone like you — someone who sees the evil and doesn’t know how to negotiate it. I’ve written dozens of LewRockwell.com articles on the same. I welcome people to write me about the same. Really, you need none of that though.

The thing most needed of you, is to resolve to stop being so obedient and empowering to such tyranny, and the first step in doing so is to never again wear their mask.

People Who Failed Their Children

In 1948, in stolen election after stolen election, giant portions of the globe came under communist rule. There was opposition, but it wasn’t effective.

For the next 41 years many children suffered. Some children quietly and contemptuously wondered why their parents didn’t do more. Every parent had an excuse. Some even made their children the excuse. Obviously, no one bothered to ask what 41 years of tyranny would do to a child.

They failed. We don’t have to.