Remember When the Democrats Challenged the Electoral Vote Count in 3 Elections Over 20 Years?

What do 2001, 2005, and 2017 have in common?  We inaugurated three GOP presidents, and Democrats challenged their electoral vote each time.  Yes, three for two, or three times for the last two GOP presidents sworn in.

The Democrats are back from the other side of the field.  They are appalled that GOP House members or a U.S. Senator is questioning the 2020 results.  Check out Senator Van Hollen:

Why We Need the Electo... Ross, Tara Best Price: $14.06 Buy New $13.99 (as of 07:20 EDT - Details) Sen. Hawley’s actions are grossly irresponsible. He’s attempting to undermine our democratic process, fuel Trump’s lies about voter fraud, and delay the certification of Biden’s win.  In the end, this reckless stunt will fail, and Joe Biden will become President on Jan. 20, 2021.

Okay, so why is Senator Van Hollen so concerned?  Let Senator Hawley make his case, along with others in the U.S. House.  The case will either stand on its own merit or collapse immediately.

For two months, the Democrats have been saying this election is over and should not be challenged at all.

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