A Warning for Vaccine-hesitant Truth-seekers: The 0.01% Have It in For You

This article is designed to expose the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the WHO, the CDC, the NIAID, even the Mayo Clinic, etc, etc for their profit-minded, corporation-corrupted pseudoscience, their abandonment of medical ethical principles, their vaccinology-illiteracy and/or their deception concerning the declared pandemic.


There is a new, and particularly nefarious money-making scheme that is described below. It is based on the wide-spread – and FALSE – assumption that the new, fast-tracked Covid-19 vaccines (or any vaccine, for that matter) are effective in both preventing 1) getting infected with the intended virus and also 2) becoming contagious after getting inoculated!! Neither outcome has been proven with the published clinical trials. All of the new vaccines are likely useless on both counts.

H2H Mens Knited Slim F... Buy New $37.99 (as of 03:22 UTC - Details) In fact, none of the Big Vaccine corporations that are making these potentially dangerous, synthetic genome-modifying vaccines have actually made the claim that their vaccines are effective in preventing infection or contagion, even after getting the required two inoculations – much less the initial shot!

The only claim these billionaire-owned pharmaceutical corporations (most of all of which are members of the World Economic Forum) make is that a certain percentage of vaccinated individuals are capable of developing some uncertain level of serological immunity (ie antibody production). But it is well-known that intramuscular injection of vaccines are incapable of stimulating cellular/mucosal immunity, which is the other, unmentioned by industry, but most important part of human immunity. Cellular immunity is only possible with sufficient exposure to a natural infectious agent via inhalation of a sizable number of viral- or bacterial-infected droplets,

It also must be emphasized that true “herd immunity” cannot be achieved by vaccinations. Herd immunity to infectious respiratory diseases can only be achieved by natural exposure to infectious bacterial or viral agents. Intramuscular vaccinations cannot produce both serological/antibody immunity and cellular/mucosal immunity. Claims by those corporate-controlled entities (such as the WHO, the CDC, the NIAID, the FDA, the AMA, the AAP, the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, the Mayo Clinic [a WEF partner], etc) that claim that vaccine-achievable herd immunity can be achieved through vaccination campaigns – are liars, dupes or vaccinology-illiterate – or all three.)

Interestingly, the vaccine corporations or the government pharma-co-opted bureaucrats involved in pushing the BIG LIE about vaccine usefulness do not actually make any statements about whether or not these vaccines are capable of developing even partial immunity to any of the common coronavirus mutations that have been found (and then conveniently used as propaganda tools to keep the level of fear about Covid-19 at panic levels).

Shame on the Mayo Clinic for trusting the untrustworthy, profiteering establishment entities of Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Media, entities that are telling the Big Lie of “95% (ie, ‘relative’) effectiveness” rates for Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines rather that scientifically looking at the only reliable measure of vaccine efficacy: the “actual” or “absolute” effectiveness rate, which is actually 0.8% for both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines, neither one of which has yet been proven to be safe or effective long-term. Raymis Peruvian Womenu... Buy New $69.99 (as of 03:22 UTC - Details)

Sadly, the once medical science-based Mayo Clinic has seemingly joined forces with the Big Pharma-co-opted entities that are connected to the World Economic Forum’s virology-illiterate Bill Gates. The WEF-involvement of so many of America’s profit-oriented medical trade associations, clinics or hospitals – has revealed its blindness and/or ignorance about vaccinology. These revelations, if true, should provoke serious concern about Mayo’s ineptitude or its willingness to reject traditional medical ethical principles about fully informed consent or its commitment to the Hippocratic Oath.

Read the following article to decide for yourself if people who are vaccine-hesitant should concerned about the Covid Passport plan.

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