Bravery, Beaten Out

A comment worthy of note, by Jordan Peterson during his conversation with Douglas Murray, beginning here.  The punchline, which comes a few moments later:

“She’s a very brave person, and I’ve had a fair bit of that beat out of me, I’m afraid.”

Peterson is speaking of Abigail Shrier, who wrote a book: Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

Later in the conversation, a lot of talk about the recent US election, Trump, the radicalization of both left and right, etc.  But the focus was on letting go of Trump: if you believe Trump won the election, you have to believe that every institution in America is totally corrupted – and that Donald Trump is the only pure player on the stage.

First of all, it is a false choice – you don’t have to believe either / or.  But second, this was said in the sense of mocking the conspiracy theorists.  I just wonder: is it so hard to believe that every institution in America is corrupt?  I know it is scary to believe it.  But is it hard to believe it?

QIANSE Valentines Day ... Buy New $24.59 (as of 02:56 EST - Details) These comments came after a long discussion about how totally corrupt the American media is – a point on which they both agreed.    The American media – which cannot even find the morality to defend Edward Snowden or Julian Assange – certainly won’t hold American institutions to account.  Yet if it isn’t the media holding the institutions accountable, who, or what is?

In any case, there was much discussion around this.  What there was little of (none of, as I recall) was any statement that said the truth matters.  Instead… “it’s up to everyone right now to maintain their faith in the validity of the institutions.”  Truth – whatever one believes of this election or the one four years ago – apparently, is no longer relevant.  Just have faith.

There is already plenty of tension in the air, what with the covid pandemic (which they both seem to take quite seriously).  Everyone needs to calm down, wait for the vaccination, then we can get back to normal life.  “Don’t burn the ship just before it gets into port.”  In other words, let go of all the conspiracy theories and just believe as you are told…by the corrupt media.

Two people whom I normally find quite worthwhile to listen to.  I couldn’t finish listening to this video.


Jordan Peterson is right.  He has had his bravery beaten out of him.  I can’t blame him; he has gone through quite an ordeal.

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.