The First POWs of the Second American Revolution

Since January 6, Our Rulers and their partners in the corporate media have tirelessly exploited the Patriots’ rally in DC. Indeed, between them, these twin evils have refined the “false flag”—and the slaughter those fakes require—into oblivion. Hereafter, the propagandists at CNN, ABC-NBC-CBS, Bloomberg, Fox News, et al, need no actual event. Their treatment of January 6th proves that if they only lie, fabricate, mislead, exaggerate, quote sources stunningly biased in favor of officialdom, and pooh-pooh as baseless all facts that contradict their falsehoods, they can fool half the country. But then, Progressives are a notoriously gullible herd: they swallow Marxism’s nonsense, so why not the government-media complex’s?

And that complex has dished up a heaping helping of absurdities the last three weeks. It’s spun the groundswell of outrage at an obviously stolen election into a “riot,” a plot to kill congresscritters, an “insurrectionlinked to the deaths of five people” (intriguingly, the propagandists seldom mention that 3 of those fatalities resulted from “medical emergencies,” while trigger-happy cops slaughtered the fourth), and a demonstration of strength from “white-supremacists.” The demonic duo has zealously ginned up hysteria over the alleged assault on the Holy Capitol and its totalitarians.

Amazon eGift Card - Pa... Check Amazon for Pricing. Naturally, Leviathan craves vengeance on the “rioters”; the beast is nothing if not vindictive. And so the Gestapo–sorry, FBI is rounding up any Patriot who naively Tweeted, snapped a selfie, or otherwise proved his presence in or near the Holiest of Holies.

One such political prisoner, who’s among “the first to face conspiracy charges, some of the most severe charges so far for those who breached the Capitol,” hails from the idyllic village of Woodstock, Ohio. There she and her fiance own and run the Jolly Roger Bar. Our heroine is 38 years old, a veteran of the military, and the sort of capable, sensible, and principled woman everyone wants as a friend or neighbor. Her name is Jessica Watkins.

How capable and principled is she? Well, “in late 2019,” Ms. Watkins “set up a small self-styled militia her boyfriend says she created to help neighbors if tornadoes hit.” Since then, “the ‘Ohio State Regular Militia’ has patrolled 12 protests in total to ‘protect people’ and treat injuries to Black Lives Matter activists or MAGA types alike, [Ms. Watkins] said. … When Louisville[, Kentucky] responded in outcry after a grand jury failed to indict any officers in the death of Breonna Taylor [sic for ‘When riots rocked Louisville’], OSRM was there, as they were for protests [sic for ‘riots’] in Cleveland, Columbus and Pickerington as well as a ‘MAGA Caravan’ in Champaign County. …”

Jessica Watkins and OSRM headed to Mordor earlier this month as did a million or more other Patriots. And she was near enough to the Capitol to enter with the crowd. “She described the scene inside the building as ‘patriotic’ and rife with ‘USA! USA!’ chants until it devolved into carnage and chaos.

‘To me, it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw until we started hearing glass smash,’ she said. ‘That’s when we knew things had gotten really bad.’

“She had a mixed take on events. She said it was a peaceful protest that turned violent. Antifa perhaps infiltrated the crowd to agitate the mob, she claimed without evidence.” Yeah, right: no evidence at all.

Jessica also “dismissed characterizations of the riots [sic] as insurrectionist or violent as media spin.” Told you the lady is sensible. “She said she and several other militia members who she entered the complex with saw the invaders marveling at the art and architecture of the Capitol like tourists. … Betsey Johnson Stone L... Best Price: $19.00 Buy New $27.98 (as of 01:14 UTC - Details)

The police, she said, sent mixed signals. Inside the Capitol, she said she personally witnessed them offering directions to the invaders and giving no warning signs of improper conduct.”

Your Intrepid Reporter has explored innumerable historic homes and “national monuments,” including such “working” ones as Faneuil Hall in Boston. Without guidance, it’s easy to stray into prohibited areas—particularly when cops are motioning to and opening gates for visitors to entrap them.

No wonder Ms. Watkins insists, “I didn’t commit a crime. I didn’t destroy anything. I didn’t wreck anything. If they want to charge me, that’s fine…”

She also testified on social media, “We never smashed anything, stole anything, burned anything, and truthfully we were very respectful with Capitol Hill PD until they attacked us … Then we stood our ground and drew the line.”

The FBI considers that statement incriminating. Yep: that’s the weakness of their case against this Patriot. And who wouldn’t have reacted as she did? There you are, entering the Capitol at officers’ behest, gawking at the luxury your taxes buy in a site open to tourists—when suddenly, the welcoming cops turn hostile. Do you hold your position, especially when you’ve done nothing wrong? Or do you bolt like a rabbit?

While cops assaulted Ms. Watkins and her fellow Patriots, Seniles and Reprehensibles in their respective chambers either fled or dove for the floor in fear for their worthless hides. And therein lies the Patriots’ “crime”: they showed Our Rulers for the gutless wonders that they are. No pomp and pageantry here, just cowering curs terrified they’ll finally meet with the horsewhipping they so entirely deserve. These wusses became global laughingstocks as pictures of their humiliation sped around the world.

UNY Jewel Twisted Cabl... Buy New $18.78 (as of 04:02 UTC - Details) Ought we to marvel, then, that “FBI agents turned up early one morning [sic, no doubt, for the middle of the night] to arrest [Ms. Watkins] for her alleged role in the January 6 insurrection [sic]. ‘We could hear so many sirens. And then we heard them yelling for her to come downstairs with her hands up and she did not,’ said Emma Dixon, who witnessed the pre-dawn [I’m right again!] raid from a home across the street. …”

Ms. Watkins didn’t come down because she “was not there. Her boyfriend, Montana Siniff was. He told CNN disorientating flash-bangs were used.  A window was broken. It remained that way days later. …” I’ll bet the Feds never do pay for the damage.

Convinced that she had prevented, not committed, crimes, Ms. Watkins turned herself in. She now molders in the Montgomery County Jail near Dayton, Ohio, 50 miles from her home. Her betrothed, Montana Siniff, who describes himself as “an avid lewrockwell reader,” tells me that Jessica “is in solitary right now (for ‘safety’) …”

Of course. Because a woman who challenged the State is in mortal danger from inmates that State cages.

Mr. Siniff continues: “…they are denying Jess medical attention (a simple splint for an arm that was broken before the 6th), laundry, and recreational time because of ‘non-compliance’” with orders she couldn’t hear thanks to “faulty electronic equipment…”

The Montgomery County Jail confines another member of the Ohio State Regular Militia in solitary, too, on the same bogus charges as Jessica. Mr. Siniff reports that while he hasn’t yet spoken with his friend, Donovan Crowl, “from what he has written he is getting similar treatment. [He and Ms. Watkins] are both only ever allowed out for their phone call after 10 PM, whilst [authorities tell] them a lawyer needs to contact them, not the other way around.” To that end, Mr. Siniff has “set up rallypay accounts for their legal defense and bail:

Jessica’s —

Donovan’s —

Small Round Dangle Ear... Check Amazon for Pricing. He’s also “talking to [an attorney] that was recommended to me … to see about setting up a meeting; you’d think the domestic terrorism bill has done been passed and implemented. Murderers and rapists get rec time, people who didn’t kill anyone but supported the ‘wrong guy’ get torture.”

Precisely the sort of Marxist dystopia Jessica Watkins, Donovan Crowl, and fellow Patriots were trying to prevent.

Historians may one day point to the rally of January 6 as the spark that ignited the Second American Revolution, just as Lexington and Concord did the first. Alas, Leviathan seems to have triumphed for now: not only does the government’s false narrative prevail, but its forces have also captured “more than 140” Patriots like Jessica Watkins and Donovan Crowl. These brave souls await trial in corrupt courts that thumbed their noses at President Trump’s overwhelming evidence, let alone that of “throwaway” Deplorables.

But eventually, Our Rulers will provoke more battles, just as the British Redcoats did. Please God, we’ll have learned enough from our mistakes by then to win the war.