The West in Crisis: Civilizations and Their Death Drives

The behavior and motivation of the hard left has been long source of puzzlement to many people. To begin with, the kind of claims that leftists make almost always run contrary to reality. They say, for example, that the United States is a deeply racist society that institutionally discriminates against black people. This is simply not true. The exact opposite is, in fact, the case. Not only are black people not discriminated against in the US, they enjoy special rights and privileges that are unavailable to the rest of the population. Affirmative action, racial considerations in government contracting and employment lowered academic standards in university admissions are just a few we can quickly mention.

Or take the left’s assertion that Western societies are oppressive toward women. This claim is likewise patently untrue which everyone in their right mind can easily see. Western women are decidedly not oppressed. On the contrary, they enjoy opportunities and liberties that women in other civilizations could only dream of. Here is what the great Candace Owens had to say in her book about the situation of women in the US:

“The truth is that as a woman in America today, I am now not only on equal footing, but in fact positively discriminated in favor of, by employers over men. As a woman in 2020, I have a greater life expectancy, a greater probability of receiving a college education, and in many professions a greater likelihood of employment with more years to enjoy my pension and a greater array of benefits available to me than a man.”

The West in Crisis: Ci... Kohlmayer, Vasko Buy New $7.99 (as of 04:41 UTC - Details) Western women are the freest and most liberated women that ever walked the face of this earth. And the same applies to other identity groups such as homosexuals, transexuals and so on that the left tries so hard to turn into victims of alleged western oppression and ruthlessness.

Contrary to the left’s claims, western societies are neither racist, nor discriminatory nor oppressive. They are, in fact, the most humane and compassionate societies in history. This is testified to, among other things, by the countless people from other cultures who are desperate to come and live in our midst. If western societies were as bad and oppressive as the left tries to paint them this would surely not be the case.

So why does the left make such absurd and derogatory claims against their own? Why do they slander and denigrate the societies in which they live, which – although not perfect –   happen to be the best that have emerged from the current of history? Why does the left harbor such obvious aversion toward western values and the way of life? Why are so many leftists so angry and bitter? And why do they so often speak of a revolution against the freest, most democratic and affluent socio-economic system that has appeared on this planet?

Many people have been bewildered and confused by this over the years. I try to explain the apparent mystery of the left’s motives in my new book called “The West in Crisis: Civilizations and Their Death Drives.”

Blackout: How Black Am... Owens, Candace Buy New $16.73 (as of 06:22 UTC - Details) In this book I posit the existence of a civilizational death drive that runs through every society’s collective psyche. In the process I explain how it operates and how it arises from the discontent of individuals who come to blame the system in which they live for their personal pain and suffering.

I have named this civilizational death drive Atropos.

This drive owes its existence to the psychological energies emitted by those who come to believe that the unhappiness they experience in their lives is the fault of the society in which they live. Believing that the system is somehow responsible for their personal pain and misery, they instinctively become bitter, angry and resentful toward it. Being the perceived cause of their suffering, their society becomes an object of dislike and hatred. This feeling naturally gives rise to an urge to take action against it. The psychological motive behind this impulse varies from the wish to exact revenge to the desire to eliminate the source of one’s torment. People with this psychological mindset usually operate from and congregate on what is commonly called the hard or radical left.

Their actions take various forms. They range from crude physical violence against societal symbols to formulating sophisticated arguments that seek to delegitimize the values and institutions that have made one’s society what it is.

The MAGA Doctrine: The... Kirk, Charlie Best Price: $9.99 Buy New $13.50 (as of 04:42 UTC - Details) I believe that the riots that have convulsed this country this year represents an eruption of the dark destructive energies of Atropos. I have used the turbulent events of the last eight months to observe the workings of this drive in real time as I was writing my commentary for This book pulls all of it together and provides an explanatory framework which will enable us to understand why these events are unfolding the way they do and the psychological forces that drive them.

I would like to thank Lew Rockwell for giving me the platform to present my writing and thinking. Knowing that a man of his caliber would read and publish my material was a great source of strength and inspiration.

I would also like to thank many of my readers who wrote with words of encouragement as we travel together on this tumultuous journey that America and the whole of Western civilization are currently on.