How Lincoln Created Two New States for Partisan Political Advantage

The Democrat party hopes to add Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico as the 51st and 52nd states of the American union.  Since both are completely dominated by Leftist politics and politicians, that would guarantee four more Democrat senators, additional Democrat members of Congress, and additional guaranteed Democrat electoral college votes in future presidential elections.  If they succeed, they may well give up all of their belly aching and complaining about the electoral college and threats of abolishing it.  It will become yet another constitutional rubber stamp of approval for any and all acts of governmental tyranny.

If the Democrats, who I prefer to label Demo-Bolsheviks succeed, they will be following a precedent established by Lincoln and the Republicans during the War to Prevent Southern Independence.  Lincoln first orchestrated the addition of the last slave state to enter the union – West Virginia.  His policy was always that any state could keep its slaves as long as its citizens kept paying federal taxes and obeying Washington, D.C.’s dictates, especially those that called for higher taxes.  West Virginia was explicitly exempted from the Emancipation Proclamation right in the text of the documnt, as were all other areas of the South where the Union Army was in control at the time.  This guaranteed that the Proclamation would emancipate no one. The Problem with Linco... DiLorenzo, Thomas J. Buy New $29.99 (as of 11:50 UTC - Details)

The way in which West Virginia was created was blatantly unconstitutional, but then so was nearly everything else Lincoln did, from shutting down opposition newspapers in the North, imprisoning newspaper editors and owners, suspending the writ of habeas corpus and mass arresting and imprisoning without due process tens of thousands of Northern-state political dissenters, and committing treason by invading the South.  Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution defines treason as “only” levying war upon “the United States” or giving aid and comfort to “their enemies (emphasis added).  The word “their” signifies “United States” is in the plural, meaning the individual, free and independent states — as they are called in the Declaration of Independence — and not something called “The United States government in Washington, D.C.”  Lincoln’s levying war upon the Southern states was the precise definition of treason in the U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution allows for the creation of new states and even the carving out of a state from an existing state.  However, it requires a vote of the existing state legislature as well as the legislature of the proposed new state.  Article 4, Section 3 states:  “No new state shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other state; nor any state be formed by the junction of two or more states, without the consent of the legislature of the states concerned . . .” (emphasis added).  The Confederate government in Richmond did not approve the confiscation of Western Virginia from Virginia.  It was stolen from the state of Virginia literally at gunpoint, as soon as the U.S. government gained an overwhelming military advantage in the region during the war.

Yankee Leviathan: The ... Bensel, Richard Franklin Best Price: $12.99 Buy New $25.76 (as of 03:54 UTC - Details) Pennsylvania Congressman Thaddeus Stevens spoke the words of the tyrant when he represented the position of the Lincoln Republicans on this matter.  The creation of West Virginia was obviously unconstitutional, he admitted, but “the absolute power which the laws of war give us” supposedly justified it all.  That was always Lincoln’s novel theory of the Constitution as well:  that it needed to be destroyed in order to save it because military might makes right.  When cornered with mountains of historical facts that demolish their Lincoln idolatry the Lincoln cult always retreats to the military might makes right mantra.  As I said, these are the words of tyrants and their court historians.

The new puppet government of West Virginia was then run by the Republican party out of Alexandria, Virginia, guaranteeing the Republican party two more senators, additional members of Congress, and most importantly, more electoral college votes in the 1864 election.

Lincoln obviously felt compelled to rig the 1864 election in this and other ways since, as historian Larry Tagg wrote in The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln, during his lifetime Lincoln was by far the most hated and reviled of all American presidents by his own citizens, i.e., people of the North.  He had only won 39% of the popular vote in the 1860 election, which he nevertheless claimed gave him a mandate to invade the Southern states.  It goes without saying that he was hated even more by the Southern civilian population, which he waged total war on for four years, killing them by the thousands, bombing their cities and towns into smoldering ruins, plundering their property, and worse.

Lincoln Unmasked: What... DiLorenzo, Thomas Best Price: $6.58 Buy New $46.41 (as of 04:52 UTC - Details) Then there’s the case of Nevada, which became a state on October 31, 1864, just in time to add a few more electoral college votes for Lincoln in the following week’s election.  Happy Halloween!  Nevada was a last-minute addition to the union despite the fact that it only had a population of 40,000 when all other states had been required to have 60,000 people as a condition of statehood.  For several years Lincoln had been flooding all of the state and local “territorial official” jobs with Republican party political hacks, guaranteeing that they would do whatever he instructed them to do.  They dutifully rewarded their benefactor with three more electoral college votes with Lincoln’s opponent, General George McClellan, breathing down Lincoln’s neck advocating an end to the most murderous war in American history (to this day) and the resumption of peaceful relations with the South.

Lincoln’s creation of new states and other heavy-handed vote fraud tactics, such as having ballots printed in different colors for different political parties and posting armed soldiers to intimidate Democrat voters with the “wrong” colored ballots in their hands, brought him his electoral victory.  The Republican party would essentially monopolize national politics in America for the next half century.  In his book Yankee Leviathan, historian Richard Bensel wrote that such a political monopoly was only rivaled by the Bolsheviks in Russia in the twentieth century, or perhaps the Mexican government’s political monopoly of that era.  That of course is the openly-stated goal of today’s Demo-Bolsheviks as well now that they have discovered the recipe for vote-frauding all future opposition party presidential candidates.