Sometimes Life Really is Like a Bad Dream

When you think of the US Supreme Court, it’s probably the image of its august Greco-Roman façade, expressing the conjoined ideas of democracy (ancient Greece) and a republic (classical Rome). Or else, you might imagine the grand courtroom inside — always featured in drawings, because photos aren’t allowed — which is the ultimate performance space for the law of the land. But there must be quite a backstage area, offices for the justices and their clerks, and surely some kind of boardroom, or even a comfy lounge full of overstuffed leather club chairs, a fireplace, and a sideboard with the cut-crystal sherry bottle. Would you suppose that the nine justices, or, at least the two divisions of them, get together there and palaver informally over dockets and cases? I would.

Now imagine they are palavering over the current case at hand brought by Texas with what… eightteen other states now, plus the president, in for backup? Is the court really reluctant to take the case, as the media gossip says? Maybe. But if they do take it, would they eventually rule to not disturb the current disposition of the election — even as alleged to be rife with ballot fraud — out of fear of venturing into a constitutional wilderness, as other gossip has it. Maybe. But what happens then…?

Hey, whatever you think of Donald Trump, he has been POTUS for four years, with access to whole lot of non-public information about his colleagues in government, including who among them has been playing footsie with the tentacles of China, and lots more. Accordingly, and prompted by four years of non-stop seditious harassment by a deranged Democratic Party, would you suppose he had a plan to meet some version of what played out on November 3? I would. Living in the Long Eme... James Howard Kunstler Buy New $24.95 (as of 10:56 UTC - Details)

I would suppose, for instance, that Mr. Trump’s military intelligence allies saw, in real time on election night, all the packets of internet data that Dominion vote tabulation machines in the USA sent across the Atlantic to the Dominion server lodged in the CIA’s Frankfurt, Germany, cyberwarfare station. This, you understand, when those Dominion machines in the USA were forbidden by law to be connected to the Internet. If you’re a regular reader here, you will recall the recent report of a US Army special forces operation going into the Frankfurt CIA station directly after the election and seizing servers there. Assume that they underwent forensic dissection afterward. If you were President DJ Trump, would you suspect that the CIA might be playing dangerous games with you (and by extension, the nation)? Are you aware that China has a 75 percent investment stake in the holding company that now owns Dominion? Are there grounds to suppose that China somehow interfered in the election? With assistance from an eager Democratic Party and the CIA?

Would Mr. Trump, of all people, let such a thing stand? Especially considering the evidence that the putative “winner” of the election, Joe Biden, the kid from Scranton, PA, was up to his eyeballs, with the rest of his family, in Chinese funny-money? (Not to mention money from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and other lands?) Note: information about this evidence gleaned from Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop was deliberately suppressed in October by the major newspapers and cable news stations, with help from Facebook, Twitter, and Google, along with a claque of “fifty former and current intel officials” led John Brennan, who denounced the reports from The New York Post in a public letter as “Russian disinformation” — yet another seditious conspiracy among the swamplings.

Are you aware that in the weeks since the election there have been unusual movements of US military aircraft around the country, including C-130 “Hercules” troop carrier planes? And that the navy has two carrier groups out along the Pacific Coast and three strung along the Atlantic coast? That’s what I hear. Remember, the president cleaned house at the top of the Pentagon this fall, and probably not for nothing. Sounds like preparation for something… some extraordinary executive action to prevent the national security risk known as Joe Biden from being sworn-in as president — in the absence of anything else in a strictly constitutional way that would keep that from happening, like a Supreme Court decision that would order the rare passing on of the disputed 2020 election to the House of Representatives for resolution, with a strong statistical likelihood that the body would re-elect Mr. Trump.

These are the sorts of things I imagine the Supreme Court justices might be palavering about and weighing over their sherry in the comfortable back room of their august clubhouse. There is, of course, the likelihood that such a momentous decision to send the vote to the House would provoke a violent, batshit crazy response from the Democratic Party’s street warriors, BLM and Antifa — thus the C-130 flights perhaps deploying troops around the country. This time, expect the Black Blocs to get their asses kicked, and swiftly. Expect also a mind-blowing raft of arrests of political celebrities on charges like treason. Does it sound like a bad dream? Yeah, kind of does. But there it is.

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