Birth of a Movement: The March in Washington, DC, To Stop the Steal

November 14, 2020 was a glorious day in history: it was the birth of a new movement and I knew I had to be there. It is a movement based on love for God, liberty and humanity. The atmosphere was palpably infused with an overlay of the spiritual battle between good and evil which transcends politics as an estimated one million individuals peacefully assembled at the Million MAGA March and rallies in Washington, D.C. This account is based on my observations, discussions with others, and reading articles and watching videos of the event. The protesters, mostly Americans, were joined by freedom lovers who flew to the U.S. from Japan, Poland, Germany and other countries. All participants exercised the right of free speech, the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances as guaranteed in the First Amendment.

The rally/march was planned in less than a week and was a spectacular success no thanks to censorship by social media, an attempt by the Republican Establishment to hijack the event, and smears by the fake news media. Facebook took down the page promoting the event. Eventbrite did the same, falsely claiming the march had been cancelled. Mailchimp refused email delivery service to rally organizers. The fake news media predictably attempted to discredit the event in advance by falsely claiming white supremacists and far-right radicals were behind it and that a disappointing turnout of a few thousand was expected. I believe the actual turnout was closer to a million based on my own observation and that of others; the opinion of several organizers; and aerial shots. One organizer said he had hired a faction of the D.C. police for security and one veteran member of the force who had provided security at the 1995 Louis Farrakhan Million Man March ascertained the MillionMAGAMarch crowd was larger. The attendance may be attributed to the fact that, rather than the rally being centrally controlled, a coalition of individuals and groups had informed their audiences of the upcoming event. Donald Trump Hat 2020 ... Buy New $9.99 (as of 07:12 EST - Details)

The historical significance of the rally/march was the massive turnout and the display of people power and the promise that it could lead to political change not just impacting the outcome of the presidential election but on the emerging technocratic globalist agenda. We know the anti-capitalists, anti-Trumpers, Marxists, and democratic socialists on the left are well organized, but this time libertarians, classical liberals, conservatives, patriots, liberty lovers, nationalists and anti-communists showed up in large numbers to rally and march in our nation’s capital. Few people wore masks and every person I spoke with said they disagreed with President Trump on vaccines and opposed mandatory vaccines and masks and the globalist agenda to trace and track and control us.

The primary motivation of the rally participants varied. They were there to support the U.S. Constitution, demand transparency and accountability in the election process, show their love of country and for the truth, demonstrate their support for President Trump, and/or oppose the radical globalist agenda of Biden-Harris and the violence of Marxist Antifa and BLM. Most individuals I spoke with thought the Trump campaign had an excellent chance to win their legal cases.

Weather-wise, it was a perfect day: sunny with a clear blue sky, temperature in the 50s, with a perfect breeze sustaining the thousands of patriot-held U.S. flags and banners embossed with Trump 2020 and Don’t Tread on Me; a sea of baseball and cowboy variations of Trump and MAGA hats; and handmade signs expressing an assortment of sentiments including Stop the Steal. Vendors enjoyed swift sales of a huge variety of flags, banners, hats, buttons, posters, and other memorabilia.

Sugar home Portable Me... Best Price: $14.93 Buy New $17.99 (as of 07:12 EST - Details) The day before the march, a rally was held near the White House, or as close as you can get to it these days. The crowd was kept quite a distance from the White House behind a tall fence that has been put up since protesters nearly broke through the lower fence closer in to the White House months ago. This newer fence has been plastered with BLM, Biden, and Democratic Party signs and posters, many of which were ripped down by Trump supporters. Owen Shroyer of Infowars, who had led a caravan of vehicles to D.C. for several days from Austin, Texas, holding rallies at state capitals along the way, bull-horned his speech to the crowd. His presentation explained how Trump was the true winner, then swing states stopped counting, and how with massive ballot dumps Biden’s vote count magically went straight up on the chart. Every encounter I saw between Trump supporters and their opponents was initiated by the Antifa/BLM/Biden faction. Trump supporters either argued back or walked away. When an exchange escalated, the D.C. police lined up with their bicycles to separate the opponents, advising either side to disengage.

The next morning protesters gathered at Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue. The music started playing at 7:30 outside my hotel window. The establishment GOP, led by Women for America First’s Amy Kremer, refused to let Alex Jones of Infowars on stage to speak, so he got a bullhorn and fired up a huge portion of the crowd with chants while less compelling speakers on the main stage tried to compete for the audience’s ears. I later learned the night before Jones, National Organizer for Stop the Steal Ali Alexander, and Roger Stone were told they were not going to be allowed to speak. Kremer had gotten a permit for the rally for 10,000 people after Infowars had planned the event, coordinating a grassroots coalition with Ali, Stone, Groyper Army leader Nick Fuentes, Mike Cernovich, and others and announced their plan to caravan to D.C. Stone cancelled his trip to D.C. and instead spoke at a rally in Florida, one of many held simultaneously around the nation. Alexander created the in-house infrastructure and one of the largest social media distribution networks within 48 hours to organize patriots to attend the rally. Caravans also came from San Diego and southern Florida. I saw one video taken by a couple driving in the opposite direction of the road of a massive line of vehicles – they were moving fast and I counted about 500 vehicles with American flags and Trump banners on top – heading to D.C.

At noon on Saturday, protesters began marching toward the U.S. Supreme Court 2.8 miles away. I looked to my left and saw I was marching alongside a Buddhist monk holding a traditional Tibetan meditation bowl. There were Catholic priests wearing Roman style cassocks. There were Amish. Many anti-communist Chinese were marching, loving the freedom they have enjoyed in America. They knew what this was all about. There were Black Voices for Trump who don’t want America to succumb to a technocratic dictatorship. There were Latinos for Trump who love their small businesses and liberty. There were families, people of all ages. Besti Make America Gre... Buy New $14.95 (as of 04:37 EDT - Details)

At the Supreme Court, temporary fence barriers and a lineup of D.C. police successfully separated Trump supporters from Antifa, BLM and Biden protesters holding up the signs “Pagans Against Fascism, ” “Fascists Out,” “Biden-Harris” and “No U.S. Troops on U.S. Streets.” Verbal altercations ensued but physical fights were avoided. I was squashed in like a sardine and couldn’t move an inch. I looked around and noticed I was surrounded by a Chinese family.

When Dr. Taylor Marshall, on the advisory board of Catholics for Trump, was not going to be allowed to speak, Jack Posobiec put in a word on his behalf. Marshall later said neocons and RINOs didn’t want the crowd to hear the message of the Great Reset. Marshall read part of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s powerful letter to President Trump in which he warned that “the fate of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity. A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations.” The letter in its entirety.

“This march is the start of the second American revolution” an intense Alex Jones of Infowars implored. “This is just as important as July 4, 1776. President Trump by every measure won this election. There is an awakening all over the world as free humanity dreams of a better future not under Bill Gates and the New World Order. You are the tip of the spear. We are unified by the spirit our God made and our connection to the Creator of the universe and our children. On this beautiful day that God has appointed the second revolution to commence, I want you to look at your soul  and realize how amazing it is you made the trek here and that your spirit and what you’ve ignited here will turn against these degenerate globalists.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), one of the few Republicans who have assisted in the effort to stop the steal of President Trump’s re-election, warned the audience that the psychological operations used by U.S. intelligence agencies and the mainstream media to overturn elections overseas have now been turned against Americans.

Donald Trump Make Amer... Buy New $9.99 (as of 07:12 EST - Details) America First Radio’s Sebastian Gorka noted that while Trump has been called a white supremacist, an anti-Semite, an Islamophobe, and a misogynist, he still got 10 million more votes than “sleepy creepy Beijing Biden. They have to take Trump down because they don’t own him. The only fascists in America are Antifa and BLM are racists. The path to victory is the electors who have not voted. The election has not been certified. Send legislators a message that if you certify a fraudulent election, you will never ever get elected. If neither (Trump nor Biden) get 270 elector votes, it is a contingent election and goes to the House of Representatives. The Republicans in Congress will elect Trump to a second term.”

Newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said, “The Democratic Party is no longer an American party. They are the party of socialism, riots, burning businesses, AOC’s Green New Deal, murdering babies up to birth, and the party that wants to take away our guns.” Greene opposes mandatory masks and vaccines and the lockdowns.

Rep. Vernon Jones (D-GA) said, “When I think of Biden and Kamala, I think of cactus and kudzu. The liberal media has done more to interfere with this election than China and Russia put together.” Since the rally, Jones has played a critical, effective role at the grassroots effort to try to stop the steal in Georgia.

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) said, “This is red, white and blue America. It is up to us to decide who is the next president of the U.S. 45 is still alive. It all starts here today when we show up in these numbers. This is the most important time in our history.”

Conservative activist Scott Pressler said, “This is a truth rally and to speak the truth is an act of love. This is a movement based on love. You are going to go home and call your legislators. You are going to demand an audit in every single state. I am going to Georgia and we are going to hold the Senate.”

X Strategies CEO Alex Bruesewitz called the so-called “election” of Joe Biden “the greatest scam in the history of our nation. We are never going to accept Joe Biden as the president of the United States.”

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell said the greatest thing Trump has done is that he “smashed the tool of political correctness.” The American Conservative Union’s Matt Schlapp chastised the media’s coronation of Biden as the president-elect: “You don’t certify elections, you cover them. You don’t get to make the news, you’re supposed to cover the news. TV personality Rose Tennent said, “The battle we find ourselves in now is every bit as great as the Revolutionary War. We are fighting for the same thing that we fought for back then and that is liberty.” funibini Stop The Stea... Buy New $19.99 (as of 07:12 EST - Details)

Throughout the day the happy patriotic crowd sang the National Anthem, prayed and chanted: USA, USA, USA; Trump, Trump, Trump; Stop the steal; Trump won, and many others.

Washington, D.C. looked like a ghost town compared to its pre-Covid days due to the Democratic mayor’s imposed lockdowns and the fear that has been instilled in its residents by the fake news media and politicians. The streets were virtually empty the night before the White House rally. Many businesses are boarded up, and most were open are boarded up with a sign informing patrons “We’re open.” The Trump Hotel was open for business with high security allowing only registered and invited guests inside.

Antifa and BLM brazenly began their violent activities during broad daylight when the speakers had finished and Trump supporters walked from the Supreme Court back to Freedom Plaza, restaurants for dinner, their hotels or vehicles. The D.C. police deliberately led Trump supporters into BLM Plaza who were then attacked by Antifa. The violence escalated as night fell. Antifa targeted the elderly, women and children. In every instance I either saw on video or witnessed myself, Antifa and BLM were the aggressors and Trump supporters or the Proud Boys reacted in self-defense. Antifa threw bottle rockets, mortars and roman candles at Trump supporters dining outside at the historic Willard hotel and other outdoor cafes. Jack Posobiec captured Antifa starting fires at Freedom Plaza on video. A grey-haired man on his bike wearing a Trump shirt was surrounded by thugs at BLM Plaza, and they spewed vulgarities at him, poured liquid on him, hit and kicked him. Trump supporters were screamed at, beaten, sucker-punched, maced, and had water bottles thrown at them. One woman wearing a Trump banner and holding an American flag, had obscenities hurled at her, her hair was pulled, and she was shoved. Families walking down the street were verbally badgered by Antifa and BLM causing the frightened children to cry. These terrorists think Biden won yet they are still full of hate. One black woman wearing a Trump shirt, strolling her baby and with two other children by her side, fended off verbal harassment by a black woman holding a “Trump/Pence Get Out” sign while another got in her face. The man at the black mother’s side, possibly her husband, tried to defend himself, then got shoved by Antifa into a road barrier, crushing a young child beneath him as he fell. At this point the police got involved, pulling him – the victim – aside for questioning. One grey-haired Trump supporter chased after an Antifa member who was obscenely bull-horning Trump supporters. He fought off a number of attackers but was then sucker-punched. He fell to the concrete, his head bleeding as Trump supporters helped him up. His attacker was a BLM activist and convicted child sex offender. There were many arrests both nights for aggravated assault, incitement of violence, and possession of guns.

Treefrogg Apparel MAGA... Buy New $13.99 (as of 07:12 EST - Details) The Proud Boys, demonized by the FBI and fake news media as terrorists and white supremacists, marched during the day and patrolled the streets at night from 6 pm to 6 am. One night they walked across the National Mall and raised their arms up to touch the Washington Monument with reverence. “This is all about love,” said leader Enrique Tarrio, “love for your fellow man and for our country.” Tarrio is Cuban, an anti-communist whose parents experienced the tyranny of communism first-hand under Castro. Antifa had barricaded three Proud Boys in a convenience store, throwing incendiary devices inside. “I hope we’re inspiring the next generation of Americans to stand up and take their country back,” Tarrio said.

I saw one confederate flag, always portrayed by the leftists/globalists as a symbol of racism and hate. Actually, I was surprised to only see one among the thousands of flags and banners. When I saw it I immediately predicted it would be used to portray the event as racist. Sure enough, just one instance of this: Greg Palast created a video with its first image that one confederate flag. Interestingly, Palast, who has been fighting vote fraud disenfranchisement on the side of the Democrats, confessed on Twitter that he recommended the use of Dominion voting machines in the U.S.

President Trump acknowledged the rally and march the day before in a tweet, hinting he might stop by and say hello. He did a drive-by, smiling and waving, while MAGA fans scurried alongside his motorcade to see him.

Days after the MillionMAGAMarch, as a demonstration of how this new movement could lead to political change, rallies were organized in Georgia for four days at the state capital and governor’s mansion to stop the steal. This action was taken in anticipation that Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger and Governor Brian Kemp were going to certify the election in spite of the use of the suspect Dominion machines and the many voting irregularities and suspected fraud. Stop the Steal’s Alexander and his team, Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes of the Groyper Army, Jay Dyer, Michael Coudrey, Mike Cernovich, the Proud Boys and others organized and spoke at the protests which was attended by thousands of protesters. Women for America First tried to piggy back the event and then cancelled their plans when they discovered who was there, claiming they couldn’t assure safety for their followers. The police successfully kept Antifa at bay. As a result of this grassroots public pressure with the threat of possible legal action by Trump’s attorneys to sue these officials for knowingly certifying an illegal election, which President Trump has acknowledged his awareness of in his tweets, Kemp has called for an audit of the signatures. That’s not enough. Stop the Steal is calling for a press release from Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, both facing a runoff election in January, to demand that Kemp schedule a special session of the state legislature to investigate the fraud and select electors.