Letter From Tennessee

Writes a Mom:

I asked my 15yo homeschooled Zoomer to write an essay comparing and contrasting socialism and capitalism. Here is what he said…

Socialism is only the means to the end, which is death and destruction. Capitalism is the answer, the antidote to socialism.

Most Americans today do not want socialism and believe it to be a bad ideology and horrible practice. Plenty of people alive today in America have witnessed socialism back in their homelands, and they want capitalism, never socialism, or its offspring, communism

Socialism, itself, is not the final quest of socialists. Socialism is the means through which socialists install something worse, whether communism, Leninism, Maoism, Bolshevism, or whatever.

Recently, I saw a video with this statement , “Don’t blame me if you have no money!” from a lady selling buttons and pins at a table on the street. Her statement has become a meme for capitalism. Trump: The Art of the ... Donald J. Trump, Tony ... Best Price: $5.63 Buy New $8.22 (as of 10:41 EST - Details)

Lenin reportedly said, The goal of socialism is communism.
True. Socialism is the ideology, the method, the way, the pattern, the template. Socialism is the means to the end goal. Socialists want to make everyone underneath them “equal”, taking labor from the productive, and giving its fruits to themselves and the unproductive and underproductive. Did Stalin not eat well on the wheat that Ukrainian peasants grew, that wheat which he denied the Ukrainians when he starved up to 60 million of them in the Holomodor? Did he not in is reign of terror murder tens of millions of innocents? Did Castro not ride in limousines, as the rest of the citizenry had to heroically fabricate parts, including those to maintain taxis from the 1950s? Did FDR help farmers when he ordered them to pour their cow’s milk onto the ground or when he forced them to watch his government agents slaughter American families’ livestock by the hundreds of thousands? Did the current government, an amalgam of Democrats and Republicans over the last hundred years, help the country by having millions of farm animals destroyed after the economy crashed (also government-caused) late in 2019 and demand for the milk crashed as government further shut down the economy over the Covid fear mongering? How many milk cows were slaughtered for meat because of government controls? Everything the government touches is tainted, maimed, or destroyed.

Socialists ultimately become hypocrites and genociders. They seek power. They achieve power through the taking over and expanding existing government. Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan... Best Price: $37.96 Buy New $32.30 (as of 05:05 EDT - Details)

And there it is: Socialists must use violence to achieve their goals.

The important difference between capitalism and socialism: Socialists can not achieve their goals without the iron fist of government, without “taking over” the government, because the only way they can force a man to give up his labor for lesser or no value in return is to steal it from him. That is not capitalism; it is socialism. And that takes the government and its extralegal laws and its hired guns to steal from the productive citizen.

Capitalism, on the other hand, is not what we have today, from the top down, in government, Wall Street, and corporations. What we have between corporations and government is obviously fascism.

Capitalism starts with the creative, productive individual and organically works its way upward, growing only through freely made contracts and exchanges of ideas, goods, and services, not through centralized planning, suppression of thought and speech, or “free” distribution of the wealth. Capitalists offer and then move on, or go out of business, if they have no investors or buyers. Socialist ideas and machinations have to be propped up by the government, by the taxes (money stolen) from the labor of the productive citizens.

Super B Complex Vitami... Buy New $16.37 ($0.18 / Count) (as of 05:33 EDT - Details) It is socialism that usurps power and “takes over” governments to crush the people, making them enumerated units of centralized production by stealing their labor and making them impoverished. Socialism always fails, and it has killed millions, perhaps billions, along its way.

Capitalism is alive in America’s small businesses, Main Street, and in the free and voluntary exchanges between people.

Keep your labor! Keep your wealth! Keep your life and liberty! Engage in capitalism and stomp on the neck of the deadly viper, the inhuman ideology of socialism!


1) Steven Crowder videos

2) Peter Schiff videos, including this one, which prompted the essay: “Peter Schiff Argues with Marxist Richard Wolff“, published 28.September 2020.



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