Buy Gold And Silver Coins Instead Of Lottery Tickets And Turn The Tables On The Bankers

A Synopsis Of “Financialization And The Road To Zero”

Originally posted as a 62-page report at by “ICE-9”

I recently learned more about something that happened 149 years ago and it has everything to do with what our country is facing today.

For 149 years Americans have been living within a great hypothecation, that is, a collateralization.  The entire United States was offered up as an asset to pay off debts incurred after the Civil War in case the US was not able to pay back its lenders.  The U.S. citizenry has not “owned” its own country since then.

The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 incorporated and privatized THE UNITED STATES when the country was bankrupt due to its insurmountable Civil War debts.  It was at that time that the United States was switched from a country “for the people” to a country “of the people.”  The new owners of the U.S. have never been revealed.  They likely are bankers. Buy Gold and Silver Sa... Eberhardt, Doug Best Price: $12.99 Buy New $12.95 (as of 07:02 UTC - Details)

A dual Constitution was established at that time, without ratification of the States.  Since 1871 the true ownership of the United States has remained unstated.  “We the people” do not own our own country.

I’m reading all this from an author who goes by the pen name “ICE-9” who posted this at THE BURNING PLATFORM dot com in a mostrous 62-page  (20,000 word) report entitled FINANCIALIZATION AND THE ROAD TO ZERO that I’ve shortened to ~2000 words

To help understand collateralization, the following example is provided.


It was recently reported that California cities are collateralizing their city streets as an asset so they can borrow funds to meet their obligations for employee pension plans.  The city streets are leased to a financing authority which will pay the city up-front money and “rent” the streets back to the city for 25 years in order pay off the bonds.  This could result in residents of these cities having to pay user fees to drive on city streets.  This is a way of getting around bonds that require voter approval.

Collateralization is nothing new.  ICE-9 writes that public civil infrastructure at all levels of government – – water corporations, passenger rail services, storm drain networks, hospitals, sewage plants, highways, government buildings, have been sold off at cents on the dollar and turned into quasi-bond issues that are paid for my public use fees.  Our nation has been “strip mined” by bankers.  ICE-9 says every conceivable thing of any perceivable value has been commoditized, collateralized, leveraged, re-hypothecated and securitized.  There is nothing left to hypothecate.

And government must collateralize.   Pension plans are about 30% under-funded.  And municipalities and State governments have over $6 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities and another $13.9 trillion in unfunded Social Security obligations over the next 75 years.

Four ages of the U.S. economy: mercantilism, capitalism, financialism, globalism.

The Last Gold Rushu202... Haynes, Bill Buy New $28.00 (as of 04:04 UTC - Details) ICE-9 teaches the U.S. has passed through four financial eras: the age of MERCANTILISM, an economic theory that foreign trade generates wealth as cheap goods go through a value-added process as they are sold from importer to distributor to wholesaler and retailer and eventually to consumers; to an era of CAPITALISM where private owners of trade and industry profiteer rather than the state; to an era of FINANCIALIZATION where profits are earned mostly by financial institutions and very wealthy oligarchs who pass papers (credit default swaps, stock buy backs, futures and equities/stocks) between each other to accumulate profits without any real productivity; to the current INFORMATION ERA where nothing is created and only the information creators control the portals of profitability.

Inflation = the illusion of prosperity

ICE-9 writes that the “illusion of prosperity” is created by inflation.  Inflation without wage increases and we reach a point where people experience starvation.  This happened in London in 1815.  The entire investment economy is dependent upon ever increasing inflation driven by ever-increasing Federal debt sales.

Debt-based money

Yes, the U.S. also creates money out of debt.  Our foreign trading partners end up with U.S. dollars and America ends up with their products (shoes, cars, cameras, etc.).  Those U.S. dollars need to return to the U.S. so we can buy more foreign goods.  So, the U.S. issues U.S. Treasury Notes (IOUs) for the money + 2% interest.  So much of our paper money – – a ten-dollar bill, let’s say – – is a promise to pay back China or Japan + 2% interest.  A ten-dollar bill really represents minus-ten dollars + 2% interest.  Debt-based money.

Borrowing from our future income

Americans also owe nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt.  So, we have even sold off our future income.

Americans are saving and their wealth is being diminished

Americans have stashed ~$9 trillion in savings accounts.  The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in Americans depositing ~$2 trillion in bank accounts.    In an economy that is 70% consumer goods, savings and paying down credit card debts result in a sour economy. Stack Silver Get Gold:... Hunter Riley III Best Price: $13.44 Buy New $1.99 (as of 10:56 UTC - Details)

What is good about savings is that Americans are not spending and therefore, the full brunt of inflation isn’t being experienced.  Otherwise the trillions of dollars of COVID-19 bailout money would result in run-away inflation.

Economist John Williams at estimates the real rate of inflation is ~4-6%.  The illusion of wealth is created by the fact we have the same dollar amount in the bank but it can purchase less goods and services over time. Interest on banked money is less than 1%.  So, Americans are losing ~$450 billion a year in the purchasing power of their banked money.  Mindless bank depositors have nowhere else to park their money outside of buying precious metals.  If they knew they are getting fleeced there might be a bank run.

Americans put good money into Social Security in their working years and get back devalued money back to live off of in their pension checks decades later.  I once calculated the average Social Security check in 1980 was ~$321 and today it is ~$1503.  But calculated for inflation ( inflation calculator), it should be ~$6741/month!

ICE-9 says: “Federal debt issuance (printing money) could theoretically go on indefinitely and fund Wars, Waste, Wall Street, and Welfare forever despite the country producing next to nothing of true value.”  But wages would have to rise, and that isn’t happening.  Today’s real average wage has about the same purchasing power it did 40 years ago.

Even our debt is sold

What happens when foreign trading partners refuse to buy U.S. debt notes, which actually happened at the start of 2014?  ICE-9 says not buying US Treasury Notes is in effect a declaration of war.  Japan and China, each holding over $1 trillion of US IOUs (US Treasury Notes), fear they may never be paid back.  That is why, since 2019, the Federal Reserve System has been frantically buying up its own debt to save the Wars, Waste, Wall Street and Welfare, says ICE-9.  How does a country offer IOUs (U.S. Treasury Notes) and then buy them back with its own phony paper money?

Pray for deflation

The common man should be praying for deflation.  In a deflationary period, goods and services cost less.  But then Wall Street will fail.  It’s never OK for the too-big-to-fail banks to crash, but OK for the little guy to be forced into bankruptcy. Egg Spice Jar, 2 PCS S... Buy New $12.99 (as of 07:02 UTC - Details)

When the Federal Reserve bank sets the target inflation rate at 2.0% it is aiding the wealthy.  As stated above, the actual inflation rate is much higher.  Assets (property) rise in value in an inflationary period.  ICE-9 says deflation can grind the financialized economy to a halt as its entire workings are dependent upon inflation that drives an increasing national asset “value” as a never-ending barrage of US Treasury bills are issued that drives the inflation. But with deflation US Treasury bill issuance stops, the aggregate national asset “value” shrinks, which means no more Wars, Waste, Wall Street, or Welfare.

Inflation is the secret ingredient that makes the wealthy rich

ICE-9 writes that inflation is the secret ingredient that drives asset prices ever higher and makes the wealthy asset holders even wealthier.  “But the cost of inflation is borne primarily by those who do not hold assets and cannot afford inflation.” Deflation on the other hand, although “the bringer of immediate economic carnage to a financialized economy, is over the long term the ultimate re-distributor, the bringer of equity and equilibrium, and the destroyer of the wealthy.”  So, “financialization is, by design, socialism for the rich, says ICE-9, and deflation is thus the unwinding of this socialism.”

So, ICE-9 says when private economic endeavors are squashed through regulation or competition between corporate entities and the majority of the national citizenry are welfare recipients, discretionary capital spending will end, growth will cease, and real economic activity will grind to a halt.  When we hear talk of guaranteed income, of doling out free COVID-19 bailout money, when we hear of Medicare For All, then we have reached zero.  Gross Domestic Product then becomes a measure of welfare, not productivity.

You may be voting for your own demise

What has become the Democrat Party stock-in-trade, buying votes by giving away monopoly game money, is the end of the road.  Lights out.  We hear inane talk of reparations to relatives of the slave trade in the 1800s, $14 trillion of reparations.  But the wealth the slave owners made was really debt we’ve been paying back ever since the Civil War.  The United States went into deep debt to abolish slavery and had to sell off its soul to do it.  The U.S. can’t figure out how to pay its current and ongoing pension obligations let alone a penalty for slavery practiced over 150 years ago.  The Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds hold nothing but worthless IOUs (U.S. Treasury Notes).  Where would that $14 trillions in reparations come from?  I guess just $14 trillion of worthless paper money printing, with concurrent inflation.  Kind of like shooting oneself in the foot.

So few American voters even know where money comes from.  Vote for more money printing and the global digital currency and see more Americans enter the poorhouse.  Coins and paper money are now being withdrawn from supply.  Banks are closing branches under the guise tellers are fearful of COVID-19 and won’t go to work.  Americans are going to be coerced into accepting digital money, while the very wealthy hold all the assets. Guide To Investing in ... Maloney, Michael Best Price: $5.98 Buy New $11.69 (as of 07:20 UTC - Details)

Buy gold and silver instead of lottery tickets

Says ICE-9: “The holders of accumulated fiat paper money, they discovered how to transfer the bulk of a society’s real wealth – land, gold, labor, and raw materials – into their own possession for free, using this fiat money of no intrinsic value to purchase things having real inherent value.”

The rich have their stock market, the poor invest in lottery tickets.  On a per capita basis Americans purchase ~$1000/year in lottery tickets – over $73 billion total.  If the poor invested that $1000 in gold or silver (real assets) instead of the lottery it would be turning the tables on this whole game that only enriches the rich.

Can you imagine a politician running for office, not by making false promises of handing out paper money or even digital money, but by encouraging voters to buy gold and silver?

Bankers don’t like gold and silver because they can’t use it for their reserves.  If you think you would earn more than 1% by buying gold or silver coins, you would be faring better than a savings account.  A CD (Certificate of Deposit) only pays 1.5%.  Americans under 50 years of age can invest a maximum $6000/year in a Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Account) for 10 years that yields 6% interest – – a $60,000 investment becomes $79,000 in a decade.  But you still end up holding paper money, not an asset.  Investment advisor Peter Schiff reminds us that paper money only represents money, only gold and silver are real money.

According to a report published at, for a two-income couple who put in 40 years of labor and turning 65 in 2010, they would have paid in $600,000 in lifetime Social Security Taxes and receive only $579,000 in lifetime benefits.  By comparison, had this couple purchased $600,000 of gold @$1000/ounce average over 40 years of labor instead of contributing to Social Security, they would be holding 600 ounces of gold @~$1700/ounce, or $1,020,000.  They would have an asset they can readily turn to cash (liquidity) and not be left holding a piece of paper we call money whose value is eroded by inflation.

Until Americans realize they are left holding a piece of paper while the bankers end up holding all the real hard assets, Americans will only achieve imagined wealth.

The many home mortgages that are going to default in the COVID-19 crisis are going to be bought up for pennies on the dollar by bankers and rented out.  Americans are willingly becoming a slave and debtor class by their ignorance.

Here is what ICE-9 writes:

Thus much of the national angst that has accumulated since 1971 (when America technically went bankrupt as it ran out of gold) can be explained as the conflict between the true national owners and those who believe they are its owners (you and I).  And much of the national citizenry still believe they are the national owners because they have yet to perceive that The United States “for the People” has transformed into THE UNITED STATES “of the People” and is now nothing more than a bank with a standing army.

Our complicity in the crime: patriotism to a fault

ICE-9 writes:

“We are all familiar with the sustained and incessant propaganda campaign that we experience every day.  That unsolicited red, white, and blue bunting on city streets, the spectacular 4th of July fireworks display, the F-35 flyover at the football game, and a special appearance by Uncle Sam on Stilts at this year’s patriotic flag waving parade.  But what we often do not perceive is our willing participation in these displays, the need to be drawn into rituals that block our subconscious knowledge that something really is seriously wrong with the nation, and these things that are seriously wrong will never be fixed.  So, as this collective subconscious block grows, the more manufactured and elaborate these patriotic displays become – the harder we wave those flags, the louder we sing the Star Spangled Banner, the more ferociously we vote, and the more vigorously we do what effectively amounts to nothing.  It is when this collective block descends over our collective impotence that we then enter the final stages of financialization and the police state.”

What now?  Zero sum game

ICE-9 predicts gloom.  “The dissenting and disenfranchised will find themselves branded as ‘terrorists,’ gathered up into box cars, and shipped away to be disappeared by the millions.”

ICE-9 predicts: “When Wall Street has sucked up every last penny, our trip down the Road to Zero will be complete.  That is when the salvation of Globalism (and a global digital currency) will be forced upon us.”   Only then will we “discover too late just how few bullets would have fixed things early, how little blood need be shed to derail this Road to Zero.”